Soori gets shocked on knowing about Devi | Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum Climax Scene

Aiyo…! From what you say, I get the feeling
I am watching a Bhagyaraj film This morning you told me
‘Autograph’ influenced you So you’ve come to invite
your ex-girlfriends Now you changed your story and claim
your fiancee asked you to invite them Is there any other twist
to your love story? Nothing else, bro I know this for sure You won’t attend my wedding But remember this, bro You are the 1st boyfriend in my life Yuck! Will anyone in their right mind
befriend you? Boyfriend it seems! – See me off in the bus
– No…don’t – No…no
– Listen, buddy Just 1 minute He is so fond of you Send him off, go Just 1 minute? Do you have any idea how many lives
he has ruined in that 1 minute? Bear mouthed fellow! Fine, I’ll go Not because he paid you – Kattappa
– Yes – I’ll go because of what you said
– Cheers! But 1 condition Until he waves goodbye to me… …he shouldn’t talk
to a single soul Especially He should not
talk to me at all Okay, anna I just now said you shouldn’t
talk to me at all Zip your lips! ‘Peace be unto you’ He will hook at least 10 girls
before he reaches Chennai Wonder what they see in him! – Hello, dear
– ‘Where are you?’ – Mattuthavani
– ‘What are you doing there? – I came to send off someone
– ‘Why?’ ‘Can’t he board on his own?’ Look here, Saroja,
I’m already upset ‘What happened?’ A whacko came to
our house this morning He came looking for
the tenant in the ground floor ‘I am getting married
I want to invite them’ he said He asked me to help him
find that tenant’s address He looked decent
I thought I would help him I took him to our landlord
in Tirumangalam to find out Now I can’t meet the owner
or trace the address I am still stuck here ‘The tenant below our flat?
What’s her name? That girl’s name- – Hahn! Lavanya
– ‘Lavanya?’ ‘Don’t you know Lavanya?’ Who is Lavanya?
Do you know her? ‘She is Malaysia Mani’s daughter’ He built a new house in Melur and
invited us for the housewarming You attended that function ‘That’s right, dear’ That girl, huh? ‘Yes’ I didn’t know her name Where is her house in Melur? ‘The lane opposite the bus stand
If you go in, 4th or 5th house’ ‘The house is called
‘Gemini House’ I remember’ Gemini? – Who is that?
– Lavanya’s son ‘Can you hear me?’ Listen Your task will be completed I traced Lavanya’s address She lives close-by in Melur Shall we go there to invite her? Let’s push the pedal to the metal But I must tell you this You deceived all of them Priya still has your watch
as a love memento Lavanya… …has named her son
and her house after you That is the best feature
of true love Your conscience must be pricking you Give me the invitation for Lavanya
I will deliver it in person ‘Sir, the bus is here, get in’ Okay, get going I understand now I didn’t believe Pooja
when she told me Though I behaved in the most underhand
disgraceful way, they still remember me Girls always score over us I trust you now You’ve turned over a new leaf Let me take your leave Please attend my wedding You’re asking me to come? I will be the one to preside
and conduct your wedding ‘Go now’ Take care Give my regards to Pooja – Gemini
– Yes, bro? Give me the invitation
for Devi too When I invite Lavanya… …I’ll find out where Devi is now I’ll go and invite her in person – Give
– No need, bro Don’t feel bad
I don’t mind doing this Won’t I do this for you? Hey…hey! Why are you crying now? Even when I was hiding in the alleys
from those who lent me money… …I didn’t shed a single tear Don’t make me cry now Hey Don’t interrupt us Give us a minute Listen The bus is about to leave – Give me the invitation
– No, bro – Why not?
– I saw What did you see? I saw Devi You saw Devi? Where? Dai! Where is she? Where did you see her? Where? Didn’t I tell you to wait?
Why do you keep bugging us? Bro, there’s a girl
standing in front of the bus What is he blabbering now? ‘She is waiting for her lover
with the sacred thread in her hand’ ‘For the past 6-7 years,
she has gone mad, poor thing!’ Look at her Look at this! Aren’t those tears for the culmination of
all your sins right in front of your eyes? ‘Let me tell you
in this temple’ ‘Whenever the day maybe…’ ‘…I’ll be the one to tie this
sacred thread around your neck’ Tie the sacred thread
around Devi’s neck now! She isn’t my Devi ‘I am getting married, it’s all fine
Ding dong the bells are going to chime’ Aiyo…! Surulianna? Even an electric shock won’t affect me
I’ll walk away pulling up my collar Every single shock from you
is beyond my endurance limit Where is that Devi? Dai! Tell me before you board the bus I feel my head
will explode otherwise Where did you see that Devi? – Here, brother
– Be clear, where? I saw her in your mobile Loony fellow! In my mobile? You can’t find any photo other than
my wife Saroja’s photo in my mobile She isn’t your Devi She…she can’t be your ex, right? She’s my Saroja My wife Your sister-in-law She’s my Devi, brother Saroja Devi ‘Instead of you finding his address
he will make you ‘c/o road’!’ SURULI ANNA! Don’t kill yourself! ‘I shouldn’t meet you
in this birth hereafter’ ‘At least in my next birth
I wish to be born as your brother’ Subtitled by rekhs
Assisted by harini, seth&usha I want to go up to the stage
to be with my mummy Surulianna
Thanks a lot I’m so glad you presided and
conducted my wedding as promised Who is this kid? My son and heir! Is that so?
What’s your name, kiddo? Uncle- Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar No, uncle
My name is Ganesan ‘Let the cat out of the bag!’ ‘You and I share the same name, huh? ‘Who is this now?’ ‘She isn’t even on that list’ Who is this? – Lavanya, Devi, Amrita, Neha
– Seems never ending! Megha! When did this happen?


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    Kitty murali super

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