SmarterU LMS: Knowledge Base

Along with courses you’ll also want to
maintain and make available for your learner’s resources and documents. You
can use our knowledge base to facilitate this. Within the knowledge base you can
develop a structure which consists of folders and files, and those files can
consist of PDF documents, YouTube videos, videos that you upload, as well as wiki
style articles that you can configure. Your learner’s can easily access the
content within the knowledge base on whatever type of device that they’re
using, or do a deep text search that will search through Word documents, any
documents from Microsoft Office, text documents, etc. You can configure
permissions so that you can determine which learner’s are able to view or edit
which folders or documents within your knowledge base. There’s also a powerful
administrative side; let’s flip over to the admin view. On the admin view you have
a couple of options for managing your knowledge base. First of all, depending on
the account type, you may have the ability to create one or more knowledge
base, and at the knowledge base level you can configure certain default
permissions, whether or not the files are available external to SmarterU, or
whether somebody needs to be logged in in order to be able to access them,
whether or not the files should be available for download, and you can
configure the default permissions. For each knowledge base that you have
configured, you have a very streamlined administrative view which allows you to
see all the different documents that you’ve uploaded, maintain them, and get
full drill down reporting on usage. You can see who has viewed, downloaded, and edited files over time. The SmarterU knowledge base is a great compliment to our extensive course management functions. We think your users will
really appreciate having easy access to resources and documents within the same interface.

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