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Mike Sarge here for and some of you care way too much about what
other people are saying or thinking when it comes to you your art your gifts and
your talents and we need to talk about it as though ways today’s episode is
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and hit that subscribe button let’s work salutes to that so when I first
started music I wasn’t different than anyone else in the fact that I wanted
people to like my stuff and that’s anyone I mean you want people to like
your content you want people to like your music you know your products
whatever you got going whatever you’re trying to present to the world so what
was the problem as I was going on doing my thing doing music I started to notice
that if people didn’t give the reaction that I was really expecting or I felt
like you know the type of music that I was releasing wasn’t the type of music
that they were listening to I ultimate felt well I ultimately felt like you
know my stuff wasn’t good enough and the truth is I began creating not from the
heart and what I really felt I started creating for the approval and the
thoughts of others which can be super dangerous whether you know it or not
creatives just like me you do this on a regular basis and it’s something we
really got to stop doing for example there are people that I know that you
know they’ve made it pretty clear they want to do a song with me some of these
people are pop artists others you know rappers and singers etc now while some
of them wants to actually collab and just make really good music others they
have a different idea in mind the real reason why some of the others may want
to collab with me isn’t to make dope music but it’s because they believe that
if I’m on their music if I collab with them it validates them as a creatives
when the truth is I don’t give your art your gift your talent any worth you do listen stop basing your actions on other
people’s validation I mean to be honest with y’all to be real if I listened to
or cared about even half of the opinions that come my way from half of the people
that I come in contact with I wouldn’t be where I am right now I wouldn’t have
the platform that I have I wouldn’t be an award-winning artist I wouldn’t be
traveling and speaking to creatives all over and doing what I love I don’t do
what I do for the approval of others I do it to help others I do what I do
because I love it I do what I do because I know my Worth and you have to know
your Worth matter of fact if I had to wait on other people’s approval it would
look something like this three weeks later many months later so much data
that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one you see what I’m getting at listen there
are people in school right now with student loans just to appease a family
member or a close friend not because they actually are going to school
because they want that particular degree or because they want to be in that
particular field there are people right now that are playing football because of
a family member when they know in their heart they really have a passion for
baseball there are people right now that are trying to be doctors just because
everyone around them is telling you hey it’s for the money that’s where the
money is at when they know deep deep down does they should be educators and
that they should be teachers in the education system look it’s not easy it’s
not easy at all and I’m not gonna sit up here and act like it is but the truth is
you got to step up you have to step up matter of fact let me ask you an honest
question do you think other successful people are worried about you for example
I know that there are people out there that don’t really like my stuff right
you know they don’t like you know my content my videos they don’t leave
comments they don’t share they don’t purchase and buy merch serves and things
like that and that’s okay and a lot of them I know by name now are some of them
friends acquaintances family members coworkers
yeah but is that gonna stop me from getting to where I’m trying to go nah
whatever look for you I will find you so what am i alternately telling you to
end this figure out what you want develop a plan and then spend the rest
of your life trying to get there stop worrying about other people cuz I could
promise you they share ain’t worried about you and
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