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Today we test our science knowledge
against a middle-school standard. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Thank your for making us a part – of your daily routine.
– We recently finished listening to the book “What If: Serious Scientific
Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” as part of the first ever Good Mythical
Morning Book Club, thanks to our friends over at All you had to do
was listen to the book, and one of the – things I picked up on…
– By the way, the book club continues. – We’re gonna talk about more of that…
– Right. – at the end. We’re picking a new book…
– Next book. that you can listen to along with us
and discuss along with us in Good Mythical More, like we’re gonna do with
this book in today’s Good Mythical More. Right. But one of the things that I
learned when I was reading this book that had a lot of, uh… you know… – Science. Physics.
– …advanced science in it was that I don’t remember much of the science
that I learned growing up. Yeah, I mean, we both have engineering
degrees. At least, we have, like, plaques – somewhere in some box.
– Diplomas. – We have diplomas.
– Yeah. But did we retain any of that knowledge?
Eh… (exhales) no. – Did we retain any of the knowledge…
– Some. – …from high school, or even…
– Some! – …middle school? Probably not.
– Little bit! So we thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun
to devise a test for each other to see how much rudimentary science knowledge
we’ve still retained. Stuff that kids are learning now and lots
of kids will know. And you know how in a lot of these
questions, uh… in school, they’ll try to make them
interesting by adding context… – Yes.
– …to the questions? So it’s interesting and grips your attention? – Well, we also did that today.
– We’ve done that. We have prepared four questions for
each other. We’ll be going back and forth as we play… – ♪ (intense music) ♪
– (Rhett’s voice, reverb) “Stuff That We Probably Should Still Know About Science
That We Probably Don’t Remember.” Okay, Link. Here’s what we’re playing
for. If you get three out of four of the questions that I ask you correct, you get
a “Wacky Lab,” where you, like this little – child on the back, can make a volcano.
– You know how much I like wacky stuff and science. And if you get three out of
four right, Rhett, I got you a special – “Deluxe Science Kit”, which is obviously
– Woo! – for adults!
– Hey, is it deluxe? It’s deluxe, for adults only. We’ll see how lux-key you can be. All right, you wanna hear my first
question? You wanna answer first? – Yeah, I do.
– Jim’s grandmother was complaining – of always being cold.
– Oh, yeah. (Link) So to apease her chilly knees, he built her a spaceship using tractor
parts and rocked her to hottest planet in our solar system.
Where is Jim’s meemaw now? Where is Jim’s meemaw now? – The hottest planet in our solar system.
– Jim called her “meemaw.” – Meemaw. I knew a meemaw.
– Yep. – He can work wonders with tractor parts.
– Are there multiple choices? – Oh, yeah.
– ‘Cause I need those. A: Mercury, B: Venus,
C: Jupiter, or D: the Death Star, which, when fully operational, has a
giant laser that can destroy – whole planets.
– Now, if I recall, in the model of the solar system that I keep on my brain
at all times… – (Link) Mhm.
– …Mercury is the closest planet – to the sun. But I know…
– Are you sure? …there is a runaway greenhouse effect on
Venus which may cause it to be hotter. But I’m just gonna go with the one that’s
closer is the one that’s hotter. – My answer is Mercury.
– Are you sure? (Link) Do you really wanna get that
deluxe set? – All right, final answer? Mercury?
– (Rhett) Yeah. Closer? (incorrect buzzer) Nope.
The correct answer is the afterlife. (Link) Meemaw is now in the afterlife.
She died. But I would’ve accepted Venus, which is
the hottest planet, with a surface temperature of 450 degrees Celsius,
842 degrees Fahrenheit. – But Mercury is closer, right?
– (Link) You’re right, it is… But I was right about my logic. I was
wrong about my guess. – Yeah… right.
– (Rhett) So I don’t feel too stupid. – You just feel stu–
– The runaway greenhouse effect – is something that exists.
– You should just — I don’t care — you just just feel stupid for not
listening to yourself. How about this? My uncle Lonald wanted
to be more like George Washington. So he pulled all his teeth out and
was planning to fashion some wooden ones out of driftwood, but couldn’t
because he lost his whittling knife – while jet skiing in Myrtle Beach.
– Highly likely. How many teeth did Uncle Jed pull?
A: 42, B: 30, C: 32, D: One giant tooth made to look like
a bunch of teeth. Lonald… he’s weird.
32 is what I’m gonna guess. – Okay. Link, you are…
– 32 teeth. – I don’t wanna take the time to count.
– …CORRECT! (correct ding) – Oh, okay! You just educated me.
– (stammering) Did you do a… I didn’t instantaneously count.
All right, so I’m goin’ ahead here. I’ve gotta get all three right to get
that deluxe scientist’s kit. This one’s complicated. If a train
leaving Philadelphia traveling at 50 miles per hour leaves at 2 P.M.
and a train leaving Boston travelling at 60 miles per hour leaves at 4 P.M.,
what is a plasma membrane? (both laughing) I kinda knew I shouldn’t be listening
to the details. – A: Is a plasma res-mem-rane…
– “A plasa-resmane.” The part of a cell separating it from its
environment, B: Is it part of a cell that replicates DNA, C: Is it the part of a
cell that shapes the nucleus, or D: Is it a rejected virtual reality
ride at Action Park, New Jersey. Wow, these are not easy. You next one
is super easy. – (Rhett) I’m giving you the heads up.
– Okay. Um, I thought this was stuff I was
supposed to know? – (Link) Plasma membrane.
– The cell membrane is what separates the cell from the outside. (stammering)
Is the plasma membrane another name for that? Or is there a membrane around
the nucleus? I didn’t know about this plasma membrane. Last time I went with
my instincts, and that was to just assume that the plasma membrane is the same thing
as a cell membrane, but I was wrong when I did that. I’m gonna go with that
again. Nope, I’m not. I’m gonna say… It’s not called– it’s
called a cell membrane. I’m gonna say the plasma membrane
separates the nucleus. Nope, I made that up.
(incorrect buzzer) It’s the part of the cell that separates
it from the environment. – It is the cell membrane.
– That’s called the cell membrane. It’s also called a plasma membrane. – Really?
– (Link) Yeah. You learned something – today, Rhett!
– I’ve lost, by the way. Already. – You want this? You want this deluxe set?
– I want it. – (Link) Get the next two right.
– I want it really bad. – It’s deluxe. If it was just premium…
– I’ll give you everything except – …I wouldn’t enjoy it.
– for the scales. – Everything bu the scales.
– Okay. – I get to keep the scales.
– After winning an all-expense-paid trip to Australia in a suntan lotion
eating contest, Gary Boogly decided to ride with the dolphins.
His new, underwater, mammalian friends took him in as one of their own and
pulled him out to sea to their secret, underwater castle, which also happens
to be located in the world’s largest living structure. What is is called?
A: The Great Coral Sea, B: The Great Barrier Reef,
C: The Giant Coral Reef, D: The Magic Coral Castle in the undersea
land of Dolphimania. – Oh, this is a tough one.
– (laughing) Thanks for going easy on me.
The Great Barrier Reef. – Oh, really? That’s incorrect.
– Yeah. Is it? – It’s the Great Coral Reef.
– AHH, really? – I’m joking. Of course…
– (laughing) (correct dinging) – Of course it’s the Great Barrier Reef.
– Okay, good! – You scared me for a second.
– Okay, what do you got for me? – There is no coral reef.
– There isn’t. – But it is. It’s just called a
– I mean, there probably is, somewhere. – barrier reef.
– It’s called a barrier reef. Burt and Martha were walking to the store
during a thunderstorm. – Oh, yeah. Because that’s what people do.
– Because they fear nothing and live – on the edge.
– Oh. Burt was suddenly struck by lightning
that melted his shoes into the pavement and made his hair fall out. Martha isn’t
into bald guys, so they broke up. How hot was the lightning that struck
Burt are ruined their relationship? (through laughter) Oh, everybody
knows this! (Rhett) Is “Great Barrier Reef”
one of my options? – Uh, A: Great Barrier Reef…
– (laughing) B: Is it 120,000 degrees Fahrenheit,
C: 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, eh? – Or D: So hot it became cold again.
– So it’s 54 or 120? – Yeah. You have a 50/50 chance.
– Is it hotter than Venus? Probably. Definitely. Definitely
hotter than Venus. Is that a choice? – Both of these are hotter than Venus.
– Uh… 54,000. – That’s right!
– Yeah! (correct dinging) – You knew that, right, Rhett?
– Yeah, ’cause I learned that a – long time ago.
– I don’t know that either. Kyle the chemist was riding on a train
to the Central Carolina Community – College Chemistry Competition…
– Alliteration. …making a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich. The train was a pretty bumpy ride, and he accidentally
dropped the jelly on the floor. The jelly inspired him to name the
sticky, semi-fluid material found inside cells. What did he name that fluid?
A: Nucleus, B: Cytoplasm, C: Endoplasm, or
D: Craptofactory Smellishium. (laughing) I think “craptofactory mellishium”
was already taken. – Yeah.
– I wanna say cytoplasm. – You want to?
– Yeah. I’m gonna say cytoplasm. – Correct!
– (dinging) Okay, i just… I don’t know what endoplasm is,
you know. Nothing? – I… I don’t know.
– This has a lot of your passions in it. – (Rhett) Okay.
– A boy and an alligator… – Mm.
– ..started a Scottish pirate-metal band, – called “Gnarligator.”
– Gnarligator. – Yeah, I’m familiar with them.
– They needed some hard-hitting vocals to cut through their thrashing
instrumentation, so they hired the world’s loudest animal vocalist. What
animal now fronts Gnarligator? – The loudest animal on earth?
– The loudest animal vocalist. A: The howler monkey, B: The blue
whale, C: The tiger pistol shrimp, or D: My mother-in-law.
She taught grade-school for many years, – so she has a tendency to yell.
– (Rhett) She’s very loud. – (yelling) She talks like this…
– (Link) Constantly yelling, “Kids!” – …when she just talks to you.
– It’s like she’s talking to kids that don’t listen all the time (normal voice)
but she’s talking to her brother – on the phone.
– A blue whale is the largest animal. That doesn’t it’s the loudest. I mean, they make a loud noise,
but does it travel a really long ways? – I’ve never heard of the shrimp.
– If not a blue whale, is it the tiger – pistol shrimp or the howler money?
– Uh. I’m going to go with a howler monkey. Um, ironically enough, I would’ve accepted
two answers for this one, and that’s neither one of them.
(incorrect buzzer) The correct answer is the blue whale: 188 decibels. It has the
loudest vocals. But the animal — I was – fascinated to find this out —
– Really? The tiger pistol shrimp produces the
loudest sound that any animal produces. It’s not a vocalization, however.
Get this: the large claw shoots jets of water so fast that it creates an air
bubble that, when it implodes, creates a shockwave that is louder than
a but whale’s call. It can kill other shrimp and fish up to two meters away,
but it doesn’t hurt our ears as humans. But you can hold it up to your ear and get
wax out, right? At least we can do that. The sonic snap emits tiny flashes of light
which monetarily cause temerature inside of the bubble to reach near that
of the sun. I wanna talk about Sir Spanky McMillan,
cause he consumed beans… – (laughing)
– …every day for 32 years without passing – gas. On his thirty-third birthday…
– Mm. – Sounds painful.
– …his body could not hold in the pressure any longer and he laid the biggest fart
ever recorded, – (laughing)
– which shot him into the sky, making him the first human to break
the sound barrier. How fast was he going when he broke
the sound barrier, Link? – Oh, gosh. Sound barrier.
– 832 miles per hour. – Fart barrier.
– 567 miles per hour. 768 miles per hour. A new measurement
of travel known as “the speed of fart: – 4000 miles per hour.”
– 768 miles per hour. Link, you went four for four.
You’re a genius. (correct dinging) BOOM! I was guessing
on that, too. – Really?
– But I’ll gladly take… – ♪ (brass fanfare) ♪
– Yeah, I just knew it wasn’t… – Will you share that volcano with me?
– …500. (stammering) I’ll let you watch me
play with this. – I got one.
– And then whenever I start playing with – this, you can’t. You can’t watch.
– Ugh. Okay. I’ll look into buying a
tiger shrimp for you. Uh, yeah. I would like to get one of
those. Okay, now we want to announce the new book for the Good Mythical
Morning Book Club. And, first of all, the way that you join the Good Mythical
Morning Book Club is just by going to and signing up.
Basically, you get your first book free. If you already got last month’s free,
well, you’re part of the club. You’ve gotta pay for this one, but you can do
that… – But so do we. And it’s worth it.
– …and you should do that. Yeah. It’s “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales
from the Making of The Princess Bride,” written by Cary Elwes, the guy who played
Westley, the lead actor in that. – You chose this.
– Once of the best movies of all time. One of my favorite movies. Lots of people
have seen it. If you haven’t seen The Princess Bride, you need to watch it.
But even if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this book
that features different cast members telling stories and just all kinds of
stuff that went down on the set of The Princess Bride, one of the
best movies of all time. – (Rhett) Remember, you can get a free
audiobook and a 30-day trial at, where they have over
150,000 titles to choose from. – The link is in the description.
– Thanks for liking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is. Hi, I’m [Amber], and I live from
California. It’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality! Remember, listen along with us as
part of the Good Mythical Morning – Book Club!
– click through to Good Mythical More, where we discuss the last book that we
listened to together, “What If: Absurd Hypothetical…” eugh… “Serious
Scientific Answers to…” – That.
– “…Absurd Hypothetical Questions.” I can’t even say the title. But we can
discuss it. – “Shout out to potatoes.”
– Shout out to you, po-ta-toes. (Rhett) You’re 80% water and 20% solids. (Link) Thomas Jefferson introduced you in
french fry form in the Americas – at the White House.
– (Rhett) The largest one of you that was ever grown was seven pounds and
once ounces, which is what I weighed – at birth.
– And if you put you in water, you start to grow like this sprout stuff
and start to look like a weird – kinda Sputnik thing.
– Gross. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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