Scholarships to study in Canada – International students talk about their experience

I’m from Brazil.
Brazil. I’m from Mexico.
From Ecuador. I am from Chile.
From Colombia. I’m from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
I am from Uruguay. I’m from Belize.
We are from Canada. We are from Canada.
I was a recipient of the ELAP scholarship to go to Canada.
I really recommend anybody to apply for a scholarship to go study in Canada. I could go to Canada through a program called ELAP that offers scholarships for undergraduate
and graduate students. It’s an awesome opportunity. Trust me, without
this scholarship I doubt I would have been able to go to Canada, to go to school, to
get this experience. It helped me to focus on school work because
it covered all my expenses And guys, you don’t need to worry. It is
a very simple process. I would definitely recommend the ELAP program,
it offers a chance for more human interaction. People are really open-minded and welcome
immigrants and people that come from other countries And I saw the different types of people living
here, living in unity, how they respect each other.
We love to meet new people. It gives you the opportunity to learn about
a new culture, to use different resources at overseas universities.
This experience actually gave me knowledge and input to actually bring it in Jamaica.
It’s a unique experience that really fills us intellectually and culturally.
Here there are so many different things, being in a whole different environment with different
people and there is a lot of opportunity everywhere. It’s easier here to do the things that I
need to do because of the buildings and equipment. You are able to experience all kinds of good
things that you would expect from first world countries. I really liked the sightseeing, a lot of places to visit The best experience of our life and you have to do it too. Come join us This is the best!

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