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Questioner(Shriram): Sadhguru, the next question
which we have I’ll just read it out for you
“It is believed that Srinivasa Ramanujam, could write mathematical equation as is he
had access to the whole universe. He also says that goddess dictates him those
mathematical ideas. How can I reach to that state?” So, that is the question. Sadhguru: First you must find a goddess, hmm
(Laughs). Sadhguru: All of you, do you use a phone? Participants: Yes! Sadhguru: Why? Why do you use a phone? Why did we first of all make a telephone? Because we can speak. If we had no ability to speak, would we manufacture
a microphone, a telephone, any of these things? Hello? Why did we come up with a bicycle? Because we can walk, but we wanted to walk
faster, so we ran. We ran, and we knew there’s a limit. We wanted to go faster than that, so we came
up with a bicycle. Suppose we were made like a tree, rooted to
one place, would we have invented a bicycle? No. So a telephone, a telescope, a microscope,
bicycle, automobiles, airplanes, everything – what? What faculties we already have, we want to
enhance that. We’ve not come up with any machine for which
we had no faculty, and suddenly we came up with something,
because we don’t even know what those things are. Yes? The faculties that we do not have, we have
no way to perceive that whether it exists or it doesn’t exist. Only faculties that we have, we are trying
to take it far. So in this effort, we came up with many machines. All machines here are only enhancing our existing
faculties. They have not come up with any absolutely
new faculty. In the same context, right from ancient times
in this culture, we came up with machines not made of material,
not made of mechanical process, but an energetic process. What does the machine with an energetic process
mean? See, suppose somebody is dead. You’ve seen any dead people? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Where did you see, I never saw. You saw dead people or dead bodies? Participants: Dead bodies. Sadhguru: Hmm. Dead body means what? Let us say, no accident happened, no murder
happened, no nothing happened , or let’s say,
somebody just suffocated and died. If somebody suffocated and died, heart is
in the right… heart is doing well, maybe not beating, but it’s fit. Liver, kidney, damn everything is all okay. Only thing is, the person is not alive. All the mechanical parts are okay. Only thing is that life energy is missing. So this (Referring to oneself) is also an
energy machine on one level, isn’t it so? Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: This is also an energy machine,
on top of it we’ve put mechanical parts to it. Even if all the mechanical parts are intact,
if there is no energy, this will not function. So from looking deep inside, we understood
we could create an energetic machine without mechanical parts,
because if mechanical parts come, they need a certain level of maintenance, and servicing
and works. But if you just create an energy machine,
it will simply function day and night. Suppose your motorcycle, or your car or whatever
you use… Let’s say your phone was just an energy
machine without mechanical parts, see it’s happening. From such a big phone, it’s slowly becoming
smaller, smaller. With less and less mechanical parts, it’s
becoming more and more efficient. Why do you think? Slowly it is moving towards a space where
it is becoming more energetic than mechanical. Isn’t it so? Do you remember old James bond movies? Such a big phone (Few laugh)! It was looking like a just born baby (Laughs). But today, it’s become this (Gestures) much. As… they are expecting in another, probably
ten, fifteen years, your phone can be just imprinted on your hand. Simply like this (Gestures) you can speak. Or you don’t even have to do this. If you simply do that, it will say what you
want it to say. So from being mechanical, now we are going
towards energy-based machine. From a huge earth-mover to a computer, this
is the big difference, that it’s more energetic and less mechanical. So we created energy machines which, in this
culture, we called as “deities” – or the English word is deity. Generally, we called them as “murtis.” That means a form. A form which has a certain ability to do certain
things, energetic forms. So some different forms are like windows to
the existence, you could open up different dimensions. All this is forgotten. Made into absolute nonsense today in the form
of superstitions. But otherwise, it was clearly prescribed. Because today people get identified with this
or that. They think they… their gods are about “belonging”
to them. No these deities… god is a wrong word for
this. These are deities or murtis, these were created
with specific purpose. If you want intelligence, you go to one kind
of deity. If you have fear problems, you go to another
kind of deity. You have love issues, you go to another kind
of deity. You have prosperity issues, you go to another
kind of deity. Like this, they made energetic forms, which
you must learn to use. These are not places of prayer. These are not places of worship. These are places where you learn how to use
the machine for your benefit. They were built in various forms and various
capacities. They were also connected to people’s genetic
information, which we called as Kula Daivas, where only for that genetic pool it will work. This is a very complex process. So Ramanujam comes from the South. Why I am specially mentioning the South is,
these things were there everywhere in the country. But the Northern belt of this nation has taken
too many invasions, too much disruption. South (Laughs) oh, we… you know South of
Vindhyas, we’ve been very well protected. Even today we maintain many things. We never had major disruptions as the North
had. Because of this, certain sciences are still
alive and active which could produce a Ramanujam. Ramanujan spoke about black holes nearly a
hundred years ago or more than a hundred years ago,
when there was no concept of black holes. He made mathematics for black holes when there
was no concept of black holes. Science always progresses like this. First the concept, then the theory and then
the mathematics. But he made the mathematics first, before
there was a concept, before there was a theory. And when… when they asked him… He was sitting on his death bed. And simply pouring out mathematics, notebooks
and notebooks of mathematics. Simply pouring out. People asked, “Where is this coming from? What is this?” He said, “My Devi bleeds mathematics”
(Laughs) (Applause).


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