Sadhguru – Move from belief to knowing, from religion to responsibility !

Now, the thing is… See, for a whole of people, they are not in
such a level of consciousness right now. If it comes to me, I am like this (Gestures),
I have no struggle within me for anything. So I don’t look up, because I know the planet
is round and its spinning. If I look up I am looking up in the wrong
direction. But for somebody else who is fearful, somebody
else who has not figured their life, for them just believing there is somebody up there,
gives them solace. They are going to open the psychiatry department,
but you will see psychiatry is very inefficient, because you can treat only one patient at
a time, and you need lot of furniture like this, you need a couch, you know? But now, “God is holding your hand, don’t
worry.” A whole lot of people, they are managing their
psychological balance, it’s true or false is not your question. The question is whether it is working or not
working. It’s working, on one level. Yes or no? A whole lot of people will be cracked up. If they don’t have something that they believe
they are holding on to, if that is not there, they will crack up. Because not everybody is on a spiritual path,
not everybody is so organized within themselves that they will handle things out of their
own conscious intelligence. They need something to lean on. Why people are leaning on… upon each other? Why people are making… See, freedom is the most valuable thing in
the world, but still most people are trying to build bondages among themselves, why? They need somebody to lean on, isn’t it? So, when all these people fail, they need
somebody else to lean on. So, what you call as religion is a certain
belief system. Belief is a very inexpensive and efficient
psychiatry, it helps people to stay. Most people will lose their mind if there
is nothing to fall back on, isn’t it so? But as a human being evolves from belief to
knowing, then it will naturally go away. The entire movement that I am doing right
now, is a movement from religion to responsibility. What this means is, religion means “god’s
will”. When is it “god’s will”? When things go wrong, yes? It’s also an insurance for failure. When things don’t work out, tch, “God’s
will” (Few Laugh). Otherwise failure will poke you and poke you
and poke you. In case she doesn’t respond – “god’s
will”. Yes (Laughs). No, it’s her will (Laughs). Now, if you take away this aspect from people,
a whole lot of people will get confused and suffer immensely. You must evolve with society, from religion
to responsibility. What this means is that you are willing to
see that your destiny is your making. It will take a certain amount of organization
for an individual human being to come to that. In this culture forever we have taught that. Because in this culture there is no the God
anybody, there’s never been. All the people that you worship in this culture
are people who walked this geography. Whether Rama, Krishna, Shiva, anybody you
take, they all walked this land at some time. And they were not even a super success. Nor did they do anything superhuman. They did not drop from the sky, they did not
fly in the air, they did not walk upon the water, nothing. Drudgery daily, all kinds of troubles in their
life daily, more trouble than any of you will go through. All kinds of things. You look at Rama’s life, he is still having
real estate issues (Laughter/Applause). So, even enduring his life he lost his kingdom,
went to the jungle, lost his wife, went and got her back, again lost her, almost killed
his children, then he never saw his wife. She means a lot to him. If he was that kind that if his wife was kidnapped
he found a local girl immediately (Laughter). I mean he is a king, he could have found another
wife, all right? Any man could have found. But he walked nearly 3000 kilometers down
to get her back. Fought a war, burnt a… burnt a beautiful
city, and got her back and again lost her. This is not a successful life. But the reason why we are bowing down to him
is, because no matter what life did to him, he stayed free. He did not become resentful, he did not become
hateful, he did not even become reactive to anything. Nor did he become a recluse, he participated,
fulfilled all his duties whatever he has to do, all his responsibilities as a king. He has personal grief, but that personal grief
never became a part of his consciousness or his actions in the world. To such an extent, when he came back after
killing Ravana, he wanted to go for one year of penance in Himalayas. His brother, Lakshmana, asked “Are you crazy? This man kidnapped your wife and after so
much difficulty we got her back, and now you want to do penance for having killed him?” So Rama said, “He had ten qualities, nine
are all treacherous qualities. I don’t mind killing them, but one aspect
of him was, he was a great devotee. Unfortunately I had to kill the devotee also. For that, I want to do one year of penance.” Because the man is free from all these things. When one is free, in this culture, we say
he’s attained to mukti or moksha. The highest value has always been liberation
not God, not heaven, always liberation. Freedom has been the highest value because
of that we worship him, look up to him. We didn’t say he’s the God. He’s somebody worth emulating because he
represents freedom, no matter what! See, this is something you must understand. You cannot decide what life throws at you
but what you make out of it is hundred percent yours, isn’t it? So the important thing is that you must grow. If you want to grow with god, please grow
with god. If you want to grow without god, you grow
without god. But you must grow – that is, you must grow
towards your ultimate freedom, that’s important. So what you call as religion never existed
in this land. Various kinds of spiritual processes and anybody
who emulated, who… who was worthy of emulation, we started worshipping all of them. Today lot of people are worshipping Tendulkar
as cricketing god. See it’s very appropriate for this culture. If somebody excelled in something, beyond
what you consider normally as human, we say he is a deva. Okay? Arjuna is worshipped as a… You know yesterday I was at the award ceremony. Arjuna award, Arjuna award for everybody. Simply because he excelled in archery in a
certain way, now we are saying he is a archery deva, okay? So if you excel in your micro bialo… biology,
we will say you are a micro biology. This is happening in the world. See, here, we are doing it culturally (Applause)
but is it not happening everywhere? People are almost worshipful about Albert
Einstein, aren’t they? People are almost worshipful about Mahatma
Gandhi, aren’t they? People are almost worshipful about Nelson
Mandela, aren’t they? Because when some human being exhibits certain
qualities, which is above… above what we consider as a normal human being, then we
bow down to that. This is not… Here it is consciously done. But in every culture, people will naturally
do it, isn’t it so? So this is a religion-less, godless land. Here we always told you, your life is your
karma. Did we? This means your life your making. There is no uparwala managing you. This is the only culture. Only thing is… Does it mean to say I created the whole universe? Obviously it was here before you and me came. So there is a dimension of intelligence making
this happen. Where is it? What did you… okay (Laughter). What did you have for lunch? I am sorry, breakfast? Participant: Chapatti. Sadhguru: Chapatti. See, does she look like a chapatti (Laughter)? She eats a chapatti and she becomes like this. There is an intelligence within you, which
can make a chapatti into a human being, yes or no? A simple dough, wheat flour and chapatti into
such a complex machine. Yes or no? Is there an intelligence like that here or
not? This is the biggest mistake we made in the
world. People went about describing “god means
love.” All the people who lack love in their life,
they said god is love. All the people who are fallen, they said,
“god is compassion.” All the people who are hungry, they said,
“god is food.” But, if you don’t subscribe to any of these
things, if you open your eyes and pay attention to everything in this universe, if you look
at this flower, if you look at this leaf, if you look at everything, you look at a tiny
ant, how it is made, if you pay enough attention, there is a tremendous intelligence, isn’t
it? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: But nobody said, “God is intelligence”
This is the biggest mistake we have made. The reason for human stupidity is just this,
we did not identify divine as the highest level of intelligence. But that’s what it is. If you don’t believe anything, if you just
pay attention to creation, do you see an intelligence beyond your brains everywhere in every leaf,
every flower, every ant, every microorganism, yes or no? You are looking into the microscope? Yes? Do you see tremendous things right there? Yes. If you pay attention to the universe including
your own body, you would see there is a phenomenal intelligence functioning right here, isn’t
it? If you identify with that intelligence, if
this intelligence which can make chapatti into a full-fledged human being like this,
if you even find conscious access to even one drop of that intelligence, you will live
magically, isn’t it? Not miserably. So, miserable people are always looking how
to fall back on something. They need a fall back. And those who ma… have made a misery out
of their life, they want to go to heaven. Yes? Those who have made a hell out of themselves,
they want to go to heaven. But I am asking you, is it true that all human
experience is coming from within or outside? Coming from within. What’s coming from within you, must happen
the way you want it. Yes or no? What’s coming from outside, I cannot determine
because somebody else, something else throws those things at me. What’s coming from within me must happen
my way, isn’t it so? What’s coming from you, I cannot decide. We don’t know what you will do. But what’s coming from within me must happen
my way. If this one thing is if you take charge, you
will live a blissed out life. When you are blissed out, you will not want
to go to heaven. Only those who have made a hell out of themselves
want to go to heaven. So religion has come out of these belief systems
simply because of the ignorance of how life is made. So the entire movement is to move people from
religion to responsibility. This does not mean we want to destroy some
religion, no. A whole lot of people right now le… need
that belief. If you take away that belief, they will be
shattered, yes or no? It is like, when you were a child – many of
you can say… answer this question. When you were a little girl or a little boy,
what did you play with? A toy? No, do you remember any one important thing? Usually in the West it’s all teddy bear
or something like this. You had a teddy bear? You had a teddy bear. When you had the teddy bear and hugged it
and walked around, it meant a world to you, isn’t it? At that time, if I came and snatched the teddy
bear and took it away, probably you would be scarred for life, isn’t it so? Or always you would remember this man came
and took away my teddy bear. Hurt deeply. But since then you have grown up. Do you remember where the teddy bear went? No. Somewhere as you grew up (Gestures), religion
should fall off like that. If you take it away, it’s going to shatter
people. It’s not good to do that. Because it’s se… serving a certain purpose,
it is serving a very important purpose in human societies. You can’t just take it away. If people grow out of it, it’s wonderful. But this doesn’t mean you become an atheist. See, there is difference between an atheist
and a theist. A theist believes something that he does not
know in a positive way. An atheist believes the same thing in a negative
way. Both of them are not sincere enough to admit
“we don’t know.” Actually you do not know, hello (Laughter/Applause)? There were two brothers, tch, there were two
brothers, little boys, highly energetic boys. When young boys are very energetic they are
in constant trouble. So they are always into some mess. Parents are very embarrassed, (Speaks in Hindi
– not transcribed) (Gestures) (Laughs).Very embarrassed about their children, because
everybody is discussing their children. So they want to fix them. But you know… you know how to reproduce
but you don’t know how to fix them. Tch, does anybody know (Few Laugh)? No. If you have the necessary love and commitment,
you can wait out their problems. Otherwise it will freak you. Children will freak you. Yes, they do. So they decided to take these boys to the
local parish priest. Because together they are strong, they decided
to take the younger boy first separately. So they took the young boy, made him sit in
the priest’s office and they left. The boy was sitting there (Gestures). Priest came. See all this needs a certain drama, otherwise
it doesn’t work. Long robes and a serious face, a very grave
face and he looked at the boy and walked up and down and up and down for effect. The boy sat there doing the ping pong act
(Few Laugh). Then the priest thought up a strategy. If I remind this little fellow that god is
within him, all his mischief will go. See, this is the whole problem with the world. People who never raised children they have
fantastic ideas (Laughter). Those who have raised children they know none
of the damn ideas work (Laughter/Applause). So he thought up this strategy and suddenly
with a booming voice he asked, “Where is God?” The boy was bewildered. He looked all over, because he must be somewhere
in the priest’s office (Few Laugh). Then the priest saw he is not getting the
point. So he leaned on the table, pointing at the
little boy, “Where is god?” He is giving him a clue, god is within you,
“Where is god?” The boy looked even more bewildered and looked
under the table (Laughter). Then he saw he is not getting it. So he walked around the table, tapping on
the little boy’s chest asked, “Where is god?” He is clearly giving a clue where he is. The boy just got up and bolted out of the
room. Ran to the place where his elder brother was
(Gestures panting breath), and said, “We are in some deep trouble” The elder brother
asked, “Why? What happened?” He said, “They have lost their god and they
think we did it” (Laughter/Applause). I am not taking away anything from you. When you say I believe something, you must
understand you made up something for a certain convenience. As long as it serves that convenience, it’s
fine. But if you are stretching it beyond that point
to divide humanity, you better (Laughs) (Applause).

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