Russian movies with subtitles (for learning Russian)

Hello friends! Greetings to all! How are you? Max is with you, and today I want to show you such a small collection of resources for learning the Russian language. These will be films with Russian subtitles, cartoons with Russian subtitles, tv-shows with Russian subtitles and with English subtitles. Yes, so the resources you can use. And also I want you to comment wrote the resources that help you. Let’s make such a base, huge collection of the resources with Russian subtitles, so that everyone can listen more, watch more of something interesting, something useful. Let’s start. So, number one is probably for everyone famous Russian show called “Eagle and Tails”. I think everyone knows, but maybe someone does not know what Eagle and Tails is. This show is about travel, super popular travel show. So let’s turn on, for example, here an example of this. So, is there any English here? So I see the subtitles. Fine. What about Russian subtitles? Great, there are Russian subtitles, super! So, I also see that there are English subtitles. Let’s turn on the subtitles. Yes, works great. I do not think every video has subtitles, but let’s see. Here is Fuji. Let’s look at Fuji. So what subtitles are there? Great, look. You can watch Fuji with English subtitles, with Russian subtitles. Oh, there are even such embedded subtitles. Super, yes, an excellent resource for learning a language, if you did not know then Eagle and Tails. I’ll write all the links below, friends, you will see them all. Please write your links too, okay? So, okay, heads and tails. The next is Masha and the Bear. This is enough too popular youtube channel. Let’s see what subtitles are here. Here, for example, there are no subtitles. Okay, what about for example, here is Halloween. Let’s see some new series. I see that there are subtitles. So, English automatic. Not very cool, not very cool. Let’s try another video. Here, too, unfortunately, there is nothing. But I saw, I definitely saw that some series have. And let’s do it this way, look “Masha and bear “- subtitles. Here is what you can do, friends. How to search for something with subtitles? Very simple. So, here is the “Caution Repair.” Let’s see if there are subtitles here. So great: English Great Britain, Spanish automatic and Russian. Listen, super. It’s strange. Sometimes there are problems that the subtitles do not match the voice. Such out of sync is coming. But it doesn’t matter. You can click here, here are three points and see the video transcript. Taram … Now, please see even if there is any discrepancy, you can take it farther and farther. What is farther, farther, closer, closer? You can see, you can translate all this quite conveniently. Okay. “Masha and the Bear”. Next comes “StarmediaEn”. “StarmediaEn” is also such a channel on youtube, where there is a huge- a huge quantity all sorts of different all content in English, but also in Russian. Let’s see. For example, here is “Remember your love”, what is it? In Russian or is it in English? the language Russian language with English subtitles And so Russians are only automatic. But here there are English subtitles, yes it’s not bad. here is “StarmediaEn”. “I love my husband,” a trailer of some kind. Let’s see. I’m not a fan at all of the Russian tv-series and generally such series, such soap operas, it seems to me, they make people Well, okay, maybe not dumber, but I don’t really like them. But for learning a language it is, of course, great content. So come on. Here is the Great Patriotic War. What is there? So, great, there are English subtitles. Unfortunately, there are no Russian subtitles. Only automatic. But ok, anyway with English subtitles some people like to watch movies. Here is the “StarmediaEn”. The next option is a website, this is a website called me go go dot ru me go go dot ru or me go go dot ru, I don’t know how you like it better. What is there? Yes, I see a movie here, films, cartoons, series. Let’s watch some movie, film. or, for example. Some movies are available by subscription, that is, paid, but there is something free. Let’s see, some kind of Russian film may be. So, the film “Where the sea flows.” Let’s see it. Well, there are Russian subtitles here. Hurrah! So, let’s see if they really are here? Good Everything works, this is Dmitry Pevtsov – famous Russian actor. Yes, here some films can be found with Russian subtitles, therefore me go go dot ru. Friends, you can use and look. Here are Russian subtitles, Russian translation, excellent, super. So, let’s next option. The next option is another website called Soviet & movies online this site too, it has subscription, that is, it is not free. However, here you can watch movies and for free, at least for me it turned out. Well, here, here are popular films like Stalker 1979. A very famous film by Andrei Tarkovsky, classic of Russian cinema. Let’s see. I see subtitles So. English, German, Spanish, French, Polish Portuguese, Turkish, Czech. just totally cool. Look friends We’ll turn on something now. So, here for some reason they don’t talk very much. Let’s see the Polish subtitles. So, well, Well, will you say smth or not? Fine, works. Here. Some movies can be watched for free. You can’t download, but you can watch. You can also choose something. Good resource, friends, let’s go further. The next is a single channel playlist on youtube called L.F.V. we and specifically there is a playlist with series, Russian series about Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes, This is a super-popular Russian series and pretty old soviet. AND many ppl say that it’s really really cool shot. I heard that even in England people say that The Russian version is very cool. Well, let’s see something. For example, The Hound of the Baskervilles Let’s see. So, turn it on. Ok, I see English subtitles, English subtitles. Yes, there are no Russian subtitles, but there are English subtitles. It’s also interesting who likes to watch with English subtitles. I think Russian subtitles it’s more useful, but sometimes you can just relax, to watch a movie and how to learn a little Russian, a little to watch a movie. Yes, that is, as it were This option is, in principle, okay. The next option is youtube channel called all soviet movies on RVISION RVISION I do not know what RVISION is. Apparently, this is also some kind of project. Now everything is project, projects have become everything. So what is there? I see The Big Spice Journey. Yes, this is probably some kind of Russian film. There are generally Russian films with subtitles also. Let’s see. This film, yes. “The Great Space Journey” Wow, everything is just friends, star trek is resting. Look, it’s like Star Wars, only in Russian. So what languages ​​are there? English is here, Russian is here auto. Let’s see how well it works. Now Dart Vader should come. No, there is no Dart Vader. Well, commander, well fine, commander-commander In general, friends, I think that you can also look for something here, see. For example, there are old-old Russians films, not even Russian at all, probably still Soviet films: some of 1928, some of 1981 year. Yes, see “Aladdin and the magic lamp.” I didn’t watch such a film, some kind of children’s film perhaps it will be easy to understand. So, unfortunately, there are no Russian subtitles here. There are only English and the description is also in English. Well, actually films with English subtitles. Let’s go further. So, and our last resource, this is also a playlist playlist on youtube. Yes, this is the Mosfilm Film Concern channel. And they have a playlist Russian films, Soviet films, Russian films with Russian subtitles. The best, I think. And there are quite a few of these films. Here is all the classics of Russian cinema. For example, the “White Sun of the Desert” – very famous movie Russian. Let’s see what subtitles are here. Oh, what a dude. No subtitles. Lies. And they are probably sewn in, friends. Let’s see. Yes, you see, there are subtitles, here they are Russian subtitles. Super, friends, super. Let’s see Love and Doves. Also a famous Russian film. You probably watched it, but if not, then here it is with Russian subtitles. We turn off the English, we look only with the Russians. That’s all, friends, that’s all for me. I hope that these resources will be useful to you in learning the Russian language. Please write me, share the resources that you know in comments so people watch them. And maybe we will find something else new, something cool that people don’t know. Oh kay? I say goodbye to you, see you in the next video. And I, perhaps, will look at some other Russian an old movie that I didn’t watch, for example, Love and Pigeons.

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