Roche Diagnostics | The power of knowing

From the moment we are born Our lives are filled with questions What’s this? Who’s that? Why am I here? Some questions become more critical Why am I feeling this way? Am I sick? Some questions can change lives Is it cancer? Is he having a heart attack? Is it preeclampsia? Today diagnostics can answer these questions Faster and more accurately than ever before Making healthcare sustainable At Roche Diagnostics we give you more The power to predict the care you need To receive the right treatment To prevent disease So you can take action today For a healthier tomorrow At Roche Diagnostics, we give you the power of knowing

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  1. Ooma HuntressProtectress

    April 21, 2018 at 6:03 am

    I like the 2nd half, the first half is simply too "typical cheesy pharma add" as well with some wierd moments in this one, one needs to step out from the crowd, the intro to a pharma add that breaks from the tired old standard we see so often from so many companies, something unique & new in style, that will attract attention to the company, and interest, something that feels real, and natural, something that gets the viewer to think about a new idea or in a new way, something that shows new possibilities thru skill mixed with effort&work, something that stirs the viewers own ambitions… While there were a few clips & scenes I enjoyed in the first half, such cannot make up for the overall disappointing quality, however, luckily pharma advertising to the public is not the most pressing issue faced, and much sales go thru medical staffing instead, yet, some quality public presence is important for a company too, and something to work on

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