Receptionist Career Information : Receptionist Job Description

State Farm providing insurance and financial
services this is Stephanie. My name is Stephanie Caldwell I am an executive assistant administrative
assistant for State Farm Insurance and I work in Provo Utah. To me a receptionist is sort
of the back bone of the office. My boss always tells me without my position the office could
not function. Basically when I come into the office I come in get everything going for
the day, turn on all the machines, make sure that they are ready and working, you know,
I change our little message greeting on the voice mail to what day it is and you know
if we’re in the office what’s going on, and then I come through and sort of check the
fax machine and change all our calendars, make sure the clocks are working, refresh
the cooler, go through all of those general maintenance items for the office. Then I come
over and I check my voice mail on my phone to make sure I don’t have any urgent messages
for the day. I go into my email on my computer and make sure that, you know, if there’s any
projects going on that I get a handle on them first thing in the morning I know exactly
what I’m doing. Then once I’ve done all that I have an idea of what my days going to look
like. I sit down, I write a to do list, in pretty much importance order of what I have
to get done first, what can wait till tomorrow, what things I have on my radar for the week
sort of speak, just so I know if anybody calls I can talk to them about some things that
maybe weren’t imperative for that day but I can get them out of the way if I happen
to hear from someone that day. Also I like to go in and check with my boss and coworkers
just to make sure that there’s nothing they need me to work on that day that maybe needs
to be done before lunch or for a certain meeting or conference call. I just like to touch base
with them and see what they have on their agendas for the day and see what I can help
with, what I can make easier for them since that is sort of my position is just to make
life easier for everybody else in the office and keep the office running smoothly or as
smooth as I can make it. Things that I do away from my desk are more checking on faxes,
sending and receiving faxes, and then I also often times take notes for my boss when she’s
on a conference call anything like that, just to make sure she doesn’t miss anything since
she is more participating in the conference call rather than taking the time to write
down notes. So that hopefully I don’t miss anything and she’s got all the information
that she may not have had time to write down between comments.

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