Protecting Your Information: Robins Financial Credit Union

Welcome back for our final video on avoiding
financial Scams and Frauds. We’ve talked about a number of different
scams to avoid, but today we want to drive home one golden rule for keeping your money safe: Don’t give out your information! Especially your digital banking login info. There is no reason to ever give someone access
to your banking accounts. Obviously, criminals will use this info to
drain your accounts, but even your family could cause all kinds of problems. We’ve seen many people lose tons of money
because they let their kids or other trusted family members know their logins. Either because the family member made unauthorized,
irresponsible charges, or because the relative fell victim to a scam that targeted a member’s account. Credit and debit cards are a different story. Clearly, you give out your credit card info
every time you make a purchase with the card. So you want to be careful to do business with
verified and reputable companies. And keep a close watch on your account activity
so you can catch any funny business right away. Thankfully, credit and debit cards come with
protections to help prevent fraud, and limit the cost to you if it happens. But if you let someone log into your bank
account, there’s no way of stopping them from stealing all of your money. So never, ever, EVER give your digital banking
login information to anybody, period. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about
avoiding scams and frauds. We need every member to be safe and smart
out there. As the financial world continues to change,
our commitment to member awareness and financial education never wavers. The more information you have, the better
you can protect yourself and your money.

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