Premio study – Maurizio Muscaritoli on prevalence of cachexia in cancer patients

The prevalence of cachexia and malnutrition in cancer patients may vary according to the type of tumor and the phase during which the patients are studied We now have data coming from a national epidemiological study we ran in Italy called the Premio study Premio means the prevalence of malnutrition in oncology which is quite a novel concept since we studied patients at their first medical oncology visit This was an epidemiological study carried on by the Italian society of artificial nutrition and metabolism and the Italian association of medical oncology and gave very interesting results since we found that 62% of patients undergoing their first medical oncology visit (so not treated before) already had weight-loss The prevalence of malnutrition and risk of malnutrition was high even in non-metastatic patients The highest prevalence of malnutrition is of course in patients with pancreatic cancer, gastric esophageal cancer and lung cancer and the lowest prevalence is in breast cancer patients Interestingly even in patients with non-metastatic disease the prevalence of cachexia according to BMI and weight loss was significantly high and this underscores the need to implement early pathways for the prevention and treatment of nutritional deterioration during the cancer journey These are patients who had not been treated previously and who are about to start the specific treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy which might further decrease their nutritional status

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