Do you want to experience God Of course you do. We doesn’t want to experience God I just know about God, but Experience God. Well, I’m here to tell you God wants you to experience him as well What he doesn’t always make it easy for that to happen, I think he wants to see how Driven we are to experience him German might be a Not the exact word to use but he wants to see just how much we want to experience him and I’m gonna be sharing a video clip here of a lady who has learned a key in how to experience God And I’m gonna share a little bit of a reveal clip and then I would encourage you if you want to hear more of what? She has to say then you can drop down into the description section below and I’ll put a link to her her entire Video she has a lot of wonderful things to share some really Valuable insights, especially for anybody who’s suffered abuse sexual abuse emotional abuse she touches lightly on Once she’s learned her identity It’s helped her so much and I’m gonna provide a link also after her full-length video clip or something that I wrote About knowing your identity in Christ. I I think of all of the things that we need so much is knowing our Position in Christ is born again Christians And God wants us to get it too and it’s not always so easy to get in a moment of time It’s something that we need to pursue God on something that we need to ask keep asking and trusting and believing that he’s going to give us Revelation of it because once we know who we are In Christ and or let me just said another one once we know who God the Father says Born-again Christians are in Christ Jesus It will transform everything It will bring God so much more precious into our being I can’t express it enough. Okay. Say it enough to encourage Christians To learn as quickly as you can’t ask God in prayer. Show me my position in Jesus Christ and ultimately what it means to show my position in God show me my position in God and when you begin to get revelation of that you’ll find out how Accepted you are in your relationship with God Because you’ve chosen to make Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior She doesn’t mention it in her video I’m gonna say something else. I truly believe that fasting is An integral part of learning to experience God I could share testimony after testimony of how God has honored my fasting and him Rewarding me to learn how to experience him better and that Experiencing has to do ultimately with a call that God has on my life to help others come to Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with him grow in their relationship with God So my friend do everything you can you can look at that link that I’m going to provide there other Links provided at the end of it This testimony that I’m going to share this lady I could say I’m just going to give you a small clip of it you can link on to her full-length testimony and realize that some of the best stuff she has to share or That some of the best stuff the Holy Spirit has given her to share is around Well, it’s near the end of her testimony because he shares some of her earlier life and abuse and how God has brought her through some of those trials but take the time to listen to Near the end of it Or at least the second half of it because that’s where you can get some nuggets of insight if you’re in tune to God And pray that God will make you in tune to him to to To not go over quickly a few of these nuggets that she speaks of briefly, but they’re priceless so Bless you and enjoy what God probably is gonna do if you follow up on this Thanks. I Began to cry out Oh God I want to know you not just know about you I want to experience your love not just believe about it. I Really want to know you? You know in Ephesians 3 it talks about in Paul’s wonderful prayer for the Ephesians it talks about Knowing the love of God though. It’s too deep and wide and high and Paraphrasing a little bit here essentially too wonderful for us to know. Well, how do you know something? That’s too wonderful for you to know Well, there is there are different levels of knowing There are different ways to understand prayer to me at that time in my life and four decades of my faith life prayer was essentially my talking and God listening and No one had ever told me I wasn’t bright enough to have just figured it out on my own No one had ever suggested that I make room to listen to God and That I paused prayerfully over perhaps just one verse or two verses and let Let the scripture essentially read me and Not just me read the scripture and so to discover things Like the importance of silence and solitude. Oh my word it was transformative The practice of silence and solitude for me has been life-giving To set aside a period to be still in the presence of God Knowing that the Living God the creator of the universe My Savior the one in whose presence I will spend eternity is right there with me Paying attention to me during that brief time that I’m Making an effort to give him my undivided attention Do I have wandering thoughts do do you think of course everybody does? but it’s a matter of showing up and Practicing the presence of God and it really is transformative it it makes the the promises of God More real when the promise er becomes more real


  1. ’e-ḇen

    February 2, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    0:29 Committed, Devoted, Determined

  2. Francis George

    February 3, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    …agreed. Willing to struggle for the Truth, a relationship, love etc. At the very least, do we desire to live by the rules of true love, self-denial etc. God needs to see it, not just the vibrations of our feelings, but getting off our bums and helping our neighbours. What person is worthy of mercy who doesn't help their distressed neighbours, at least with prayer. JAmes 2:16 "If one of you says to them, "Go in peace; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?". The circumcision of the heart. And fasting is denial of the body for the sake of the spiritual. Jesus even mentions it "When you fast….", as if it were normal. Yet somehow that has been lost to many Christians. A most powerful prayer is that joined to fasting, is it not? of some kinds of possession "But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." Prayers not being answered? Fast! Denial of the body in favour of the Spirit who then fills mind, body and soul, and with rising joy.

  3. Svjetlana Valentić

    February 4, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Thank you.

  4. Lisa Marie

    February 6, 2019 at 5:20 am

    🙏💙Great ministry! Plz pray the bible w/ me.  Type "Lisa Wright praying" here on U tube. God will bless as we pray His word.

  5. Max C

    February 7, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Just discovered this and found it enlightening. Looked at the list of videos and will check them out. Couldn't help noticing the hat; Is it for a balding head or is it a trade mark? lol

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