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A is for apple a a a a apple B for banana b b b b banana C is for cat c c c c cat The cat ate the apple and banana, and got so fat D is for dog d d d d dog E is for egg e e e e egg F is for frog f f f f frog The frog took a ride on the hopping dog, hop hop hop G is for good morning g g g good morning H for how are you h h h how are you I I’m fine I I I I’m fine I don’t know all of the greetings, but I am trying J is for jungle j j j j jungle K for kangaroo k k k kangaroo L is for lion l l l l lion The lion is the king of the jungle, and he’s just fine M is for morning m m m m morning N is for night n n n n night O is for owl o o o o owl If you’re up in the night sometime, you can hear it call P is for panda p p p p panda Q is for queue q q q q queue R is for rabbit r r r r rabbit Pandas and rabbits in a queue, and that’s their habit S is for soap s s s s soap T is for toothbrush t t t t toothbrush U is for underwear u u u u underwear Go to school like that little baby, if yo u dare V is for violin v v v v violin W is for whistle w w w w whistle X is for xylophone x x x x xylophone Let’s form a music band, right at home Y is for yellow y y y y yellow Z is for zero z z z z zero And now you’ve learnt all your letters, don’t you feel like a hero


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