Performing Music Solo : Knowing Your Musical Audience

Hey this is Jerimae Yoder with Expert Village
today I’m talking about performing solo now your audience I say this quite a bit in the
segments that I do but it’s so important. To know those people who you are coming in
contact with and it’s not about trying to cater to everybody in the crowd cause you
know what not everybody is going to like you. But 98% of the people that come to listen
to you or happen to be in the audience want to like you, that may be a shocking thing
for you to hear but it’s true. People want to like you people, want you to be good, so
when you are good guess what? They’re excited, you’re excited and you have a good chance
to sell some merchandise. Or to make a contact with somebody and maybe even change somebody
life by something you said or something you did, us musicians have incredible opportunities
to really speak into people’s lives. There’s really a great opportunity for us to change
the world cause we all know some times this world needs some changes. Make sure as you
know your audience pick the right cover songs for the audience that you’re going to play
for, and I already said this, if you’re playing at a county fair you may want to throw in
some Johnny Cash in there. After you play in the coffee house maybe you want to throw
a little classical piece or something like that, if you’re playing at a college town
Dave Matthews band or Fish or a jam band or some other band of that similarity that college
people really into at this point. If you’re playing at a church you better have some spiritual
songs in there you know if you’re playing a bar pretty much anything goes. But I’ll
tell you what in a bar you can play Working Class Hero by John Lennon, yea you’re going
to get some glasses raised to the that, people are going to love that or even give a Little
Bit by Super Train they’re going to love that too.

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