People of Science with Brian Cox – Sir David Attenborough on Charles Darwin

David: People of Science. Take one. Brian: David, why did you choose Charles Darwin? David: He inspires me because he made sense out of the natural world. And not only just physical sense of why animals have antlers or why birds have fine feathers, but to suggest the mechanism which led to all these multiplicity of forms. And that’s a huge change in the mindset. And that’s a huge change in the mindset.
So Darwin is the founding father of really scientific zoology and botany. So Darwin is the founding father of really scientific zoology and botany. Brian: And it’s interesting to look back on his early career and his motivations really or his inspiration. How did he get there? David: He was absolutely mad about collecting beetles
and when you do start collecting things you say, well this one is different from that but is it more different or less different from that? And that means you start building genealogies. And that means you start building genealogies.
That was the trigger which led him to these extraordinary thoughts. That was the trigger which led him to these extraordinary thoughts. Brian: It seems a very pure expression of what it is to be a scientist that it’s actually understanding the natural world is all that matters. David: I am really entertained by a sentence that
he wrote in one of his letters in which he says, “Every time I see a peacock’s tail… …I feel sick.” And he feels sick, because he can’t understand how it could be, that individual bird putting all that energy into growing this vast and immense tail with these complex patterns and colours
and one thing or another, how it could happen. And the thought that he couldn’t understand it was what made him sick. But in the end Darwin explained sexual selection. Brian: Back then that’s a bold statement.
Was he a bold character in that sense? David: He was intellectually bold in himself, but he wasn’t aggressive because I think he knew that the majority of society would’ve
found it deeply blasphemous to suggest that we were descended from simian ancestors. The more you know about Darwin, the more you realise
that he was enormously considerate. I mean, he had these strong, steely convictions but he was gentle with people. He was a courteous, kind human being. He was an extraordinary man. That’s a marvelous portrait of him isn’t it in his old age. Brian: This is 1868. David: And there’s his Beagle. Brian: What was the route that they took? David: Well, they were commissioned to go down to
the farthest tip of South America and do a survey around the Cape Horn but then of course they decided to go home by crossing the Pacific. And so he then on that way calls upon the Galapagos where the moment of enlightenment
strikes him if one is to believe the stories. Brian: What do you think would fascinate Darwin
about the world today? David: Oh, undoubtedly the discovery of genetics. The key that he really needed to have was the physical basis in which characteristics
were handed from one generation to the other. And he postulated things he called ‘Gemmules’ which would do that sort of job, but he had no idea what they were. But to a certain extent you could say he as it were predicted there would have to be a thing like that which we now call chromosomes with DNA,
which carry DNA from one generation to the next. Brian: He was a wonderful writer as well wasn’t he? David: Absolutely so. I mean, this book, this is
a first edition of The Origin of Species and what is marvellous about it is that anybody can read any page and it makes absolute sense to them. It’s not full of jargon, it’s full of argument and observation. And that’s another reason why I admire him so much. “There is grandeur in this view of life with it’s several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful
have been have been and are being evolved.”


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    This is definitely one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. Happy Darwin's Day!

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    To this day religious nutters would burn people to death at the stake for teaching children about evolution.

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    😺 What a privilege to see two of the most erudite people alive today. They have given the world so much to marvel at, as well as offering wonderful explanations of life and the universe. As a retired educator, I would hope that their intellect is never forgotten.

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    Extraordinary Fascinating

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    Wonderful video. I also admire Darwin's work and I'm a huge fan of Sir David. Love the way he speaks about Charles Darwin.


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    Cox is a clown, they are all clowns

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    Cox was on this morning talking about surfing and getting video footage…. When holly asked him a science question about the causes of the wave, he couldn't answer it….. What a shock

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    Amazing. Love David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox.

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    "Luke … I am your father!" David and Brian are the worlds most beautifully quantum-entangled humans 🙂 Massive respect to both of them, and it's such a privilege to see them talk to each other

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    There is a striking connection in nature that I have never heard mentioned before, between two characteristics among animals. All big brained animals (the big whales, the big primates, the elephants etc.) has a very slow reproductional rate, spending years at nurturing (usually) just one offspring at a time. Birds normally have bigger brains than equally sized reptiles, and spend more time nurturing a fewer number of offspring than reptiles do (who usually don't nurture their offspring at all). Mammals normally have bigger brains than equally sized birds. They/we spend more time nurturing (often) a fewer number of offspring than birds do, and there seems to be a clear connection in nature, between brain size and the investment in each offspring.
    This investment comes in the form of care and if there is a major driving force, behind the evolution of increasingly bigger brains, I belive it is care. As the brains grew the ability to care for the offspring also grew, and to me it seems plausible that it has caused a self strengthening effect – among many different groups of animals.

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    Alert. Yesterday I saw A panel interview of Scientists and Elon Musk talking about the comming AI catastrophe . Last week I saw a radio interview by Richie Allen of Barry Trower . Tonight I connected the dots if Ai gets control of The 5 g network ,this is where the catastrophe might happen . We have no time to lose with this.

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    An idea which says lucky accidents cause new species can be simply proven by a fossil record of the zillions of non-functional aberrations.
    Since these cannot be shown this ONE point blows Neo-Darwinism right out of the trees.
    Any other points are no more than footnotes.
    It really is that simple.

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    Sir David, with all the quality you attribute to him, it did not stop Charles Darwin to steal Alfred Russel Wallace work by presenting it as his own idea. So Alfred Russel did not complete story of evolution. To this day you do not know the complete mechanism behind evolution. The reason I changed my name to Darwin is to be a constant reminder that establishments steal people work for their scientist to present as theirs. They have been doing it to me past 43 years. MG1

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    God, if this man goes, it's really the end of an era. There is really no one else who can communicate the awe, the wonder and the love of natural history like David Attenborough.

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    You have to write a paper titled " Forensics of the Cosmos ' . First let us define things. Cosmos are the entirety of the known and unknown of the place we live or exist. Superficial definition though to understandable level. Everyone knows what is a point. A point is something like a dot. To represent something we need a point. A group of points sequentially aligned is called a line. Alignments can be in any form. And names are given to each type as straight line curved lines and others depending on the kind of patterns they follow. And so on..

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    Heres the rub..make up a threesome with A Creation research fellow to ask what happened to all the link species these splendid friends claim as indisputable fact.

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    That said I would pale into their respective shadows and be happy to engage in friendly banter and hopefully we would all form a single transitory shadow before our Author and Maker.Love to ask"What exactly became of all intermediary species not yet discovered at all?"

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    And to think that neither would claim the logic or intelligence to produce a single strand of d.n.a molecules to form their most distant ancestors..All. Praise rather to The creator of all things before the realm of Time.

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    Evolution is obviously not true; it is completely unscientific. Encoding and decoding requires intelligence.

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    The odd thing to me is: these great scientists (Attenborough, and Cox, and others) have collapsed the work of Darwin and the enlightenment by putting humans at the centre (again, like the religious). Placing them – us humans – as being responsible for things that are normal and natural; extinction, changing climate, etc. They all share a massive cognitive dissonance where they cannot hold free market economics and evolution by nature selection in the same hand; when the two are identical and equivalent by definition. They, and others like them, may well have proven one thing: that religion is evolutionary too. Environmentalism – of which they lead – now stands as another example of evolutionary convergence; a repetition of religion. The thing is, the world will keep changing/evolving, but now we will blame ourselves for it all. Science is in a very bad place.


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    I like prof cox. He comes across and explains things really well. But you can't argue the fact that he has not came up with any of his own theories or equations. He lives on the shoulders of giants.

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    How I evaluate such people is quite simple, which is, would I hire them as consultants or advisors and the simple answer is absolutely not. Attenborough is irrelevant and Cox is a wimpy little yes-man. Dark Matter, for example, is now formally falsified and has no merit. Dark matter theory has been supported by Cox and all the other yes-men at the expense of a huge amount of scientific progress. What do people who worship these clowns as heroes actually know? They think that they are worldwise just because they have watched a BBC documentary.

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    "Perhaps you'll bless our Maker, sir,
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    I love both of them. These posts define me bit by bit every second am alive.

    Thank you.

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