Nursing Information Sessions at Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College knows nursing, and the first step in charting your future in the field is joining us at a Nursing
Information Session. We just go over all the program details, so breaking down
classes, costs, credit transfer, clinicals, scheduling, hours and expectations,
different financial aid options, and then discussing the enrollment process and
qualifying. Info Sessions are held you know during
daytime hours so it’s a great opportunity for prospective nursing
students to actually see our current nursing students. I think a Nursing
Information Session is great because you actually can come to the campus, you can
see what the classrooms look like, they tour through the sim lab. Days when
I’m running sim, they’ll say, “Hey can we come walk through
your sim lab?” And so they get to see what it looks like, they get to look behind
the scenes and see this is where the teacher sits. There’s a chance that it’ll
be in one of our labs and then what we do is if there aren’t classes going on
in our sim labs we do try to get the tour of that so that prospective nursing
students can actually see the sims. It’s a safe learning environment in that it’s
okay to make mistakes. We’re students, we’re learning. Nobody ever said
nursing school would be easy, but it’s always worth it at the end. Being
able to be a nurse, function as a nurse, it’s just such a fun career. We just
assure our students that we do have steps in place, we have internal
discounts, so corporate partner discount, military discount, and then we
have a Change a Life Scholarship so if a student refers somebody else, that new
student whose life is being changed by going to school maybe for the first time,
can receive a scholarship. I think people realize that it’s the career to be in,
it’s a great career to be in, and I think that’s what drives
people to go back. Just keeping in mind that there’s a variety of programs
here, there’s no one set path that is right.
It’s just students need to figure out which is gonna be the best path for them.
Take the next step and join us at a Nursing Information Session regularly
offered at many Rasmussen College campuses.

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