Cat asthma in one of 200 cats in a study people’s way of life Because cats are often kept behind closed doors affected by cigarettes, house dust, bran, pollen and some kinds of cat sands, they cause inflammation in the respiratory tract of cats Cats like to fondle. Some people just don’t like fondling but they still let them caress. 6 month old cats and 1 year old dogs put in the same environment they lived together In cats, the conceptual computing part of the brain is more advanced than in dogs 300 million neurons in a cat, while 160 million in dogs their visual memory is not very strong they can only keep something in mind for a few seconds. 97% of house cats prefer sleeping and doing low-energy work only 3% prefer doing things like walking and chasing Cats first domesticated in China Because cats gather their energy during long breaks such as sleeping and resting they can rest their muscles and strengthen their bones without humming energy Cats can’t eat really sweet things There is no T1R2 gene, so they can’t eat dessert, but they can’t taste it Cats can pretend to be sick if you change your daily habits men’s penis is prickly! can keep the penis inside during sexual intercourse Cats spend between 30 and 50% of their time cleaning themselves

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