NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO + Receiving the golden play button! – Vlog 36

I’m out here all alone
in the middle of the night, but still I just feel So good.
[Laughs] It’s so beautiful. The moonlight is
so strong tonight, and I’m really thankful for that because otherwise it would be
total darkness. It’s so heavy to walk
with all my camera equipment and all my stuff. This is the second time I walk. Okay, let’s go. [Flashlight Clicks] [Door Clicks Shut] Here’s our bathroom!
[Laughs] It has everything you need. [Water Rushing] [excited noises]
this is so beautiful! It’s a full moon tonight. I don’t know how I could have
this awesome timing to be here when it’s full moon. You see I’m shaking
so much right now because I fell down in this hole
and it was really deep. The snow was covering this hole
so I didn’t see it at all, and I had all
my camera equipment on and I was carrying that bag
so I was really heavy. I have only slept
for like three hours the last two days. But it’s so weird
because I don’t feel tired at all. I just feel so energized. I use these snowshoes
so that I can walk wherever I want to,
no matter how deep the snow is. It’s kind of creepy here because
when you walk a little bit out on the ice, you can fall down in like really deep holes. I’ve done that twice now
and it’s it’s a bit scary. This freaks me out.
[Laughs] So I’m here at our cottage
in the mountains right now and I have already been here
for a couple of days. [Crow Caws]
[Laughs] [Distant Caw] [Imitates Caw] [Caw Replies] Okay, sorry for that.
So yeah. I felt that I needed
to do something else and see something new
to get some new inspiration. After Christmas and New Year’s,
I felt really empty. I had no inspiration. I just felt tired
and I don’t know, I felt that I needed
to boost myself with some new energy. So I’m just really happy
that we have this cottage here so I can just go here
for a couple of days and I’m just out filming all this
from sunrise to sunset, and then in the evenings,
I’m just editing films, making music or you know, working on different things
and I really like it. So now I don’t feel
so stuck anymore. Now I feel like the energy
has started moving again, but actually,
I’m gonna go home today because I’m gonna go
to Stockholm, and the capital of Sweden, the total opposite
to this place. I very rarely go to Stockholm
or to any city at all. I just really don’t like
the city so much, but now I’m gonna go there
and I actually look forward to it. I’m gonna go to Stockholm
to meet up with Sonia, who’s my contact person
on YouTube For like one and a half year, I’ve been part
of something called “YouTube Partner Program,” which is like online education
on YouTube. Almost every second month
or something, I have a Skype meeting
with Sonia. She works on YouTube and she helps me
understand YouTube better. We go through my analytics
to understand my audience and my videos and everything, and I also get to know
more about the latest updates or if there’s any
important things to know. When you reach 1 million
subscribers on YouTube, you receive a gift on YouTube, which is called
“Golden Play Button.” I’m basically going to Stockholm
to meet up with Sonia and receive
my Golden Play Button, and we’re also gonna
have dinner afterwards to celebrate. Yay! So I better start packing
all my stuff because it takes a while
to get to the car now because you can’t drive
to the cottage because of all the snow. So I have to go back
and forth many times with all my stuff. So I see you in Stockholm. Now I’m at the hotel
in Stockholm and I’ve been sleepin
for an hour and because I was so tired. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I didn’t sleep on a train so Yeah. But now I feel ready. I’m gonna go out now
and meet up with Sonia. I am always so confused
when I’m in the city, I don’t know really
where I’m going. Okay, I think we are here now. There she is. Hey! [Speaking in Swedish] It’s a long journey] Looks good! Hey It feels so good
to be back home again. I just don’t feel like
myself in the city, but I had a great time there. First I met up with Sonia
at the Google office in Stockholm and I received
he golden play button, which is a huge! I didn’t thought
it was gonna be so big. so I had to carry around
in my arms all the evening. So after that,
we went to eat some dinner and we went to an exhibition and then I actually
went back home in the evening next
day with the train. So now my golden play button
is hanging here on the wall,
and thank you guys again for 1 million subscribers. It’s crazy. So if I have a shitty day, I can just look
at that golden play button and think of all of you guys. It feels like I have
1 million people that’s got my back and that’s a good feeling. So, thank you guys. So Every time I’ve been
to a city for a few days, I always feel like I fall in love
with my home again when I get back. It’s such a big contrast
and when I’m in a city, I always get reminded
of how I felt before I moved here. When I’m in a city, I feel like I get disconnected
from something. It’s like I no more
have access to a huge part of myself,
of who I am. Iit feels like I just shrimp,
shrimp… “Shrink”? I mean shrink. So when I lived in Gothenburg
before I moved here, I remember, I always felt like
I had something inside of me that wanted to bloom out, but I just didn’t have
the right conditions to do that. It felt like
the city distracted me and enclosed me down in a way, but when I moved here, I immediately felt
how something opened up and I still feel
that same feeling every time I go to a city
and then I go back home again. I feel it’s so strong how
something closes down in the city and then when I come here,
it’s like Something opens up. I received all these ideas
that just comes flowing in a way. I can’t- I don’t know how to describe it,
but I feel it’s so strong. I am sure that so many
of you guys can relate to this because I know I have so many
followers who also love nature. So it’s actually kind of good
to go to city sometimes because it gives me perspective. I love to live far away
from traffic and rush hours and shopping centers
and coffee shops and street lights. Instead I have all this space
to myself. I can expand how much I want. I can run in any direction. I don’t bump into anyone. I can breathe this fresh air
every day, every season. And I can listen to the silence,
and the birds, and the wind. And I can see the stars
and the Northern Lights, and I really want
to remind myself to feel grateful
for this every single day because it’s truly
one of the biggest gifts I ever got in life,
to live like this. So this is the first vlog
in 2020 and before I end this vlog, I thought it would
be a good opportunity to ease my heart
to talk with you about something that I’ve been feeling really
bad about for a long time. It’s actually a feeling
that I’ve had for many years, but it’s definitely got worse
the last year and I just don’t
know how to solve it. I’ve been carrying around
this feeling in my heart that there is hundreds
or even thousands of people that are disappointed on me. And now it might sound
like a really serious problem, but it’s not. I’m aware
hat it’s mostly in my head or in my heart maybe And I’m sure
that a lot of you will think that this is not a big deal. But for me it is. It’s been a big deal
and I realize now that I don’t want to bring
this heavy feeling in my heart. Into this new year, I need
to find a way to deal with this and to let go of it. The only way to
let go of this feeling is to share this with you
and to explain and hopefully reach out
to as many people as possible that are affected
by this in some way. you will understand soon. I started to become more active
here on YouTube like one and a half year ago, and my channel grew really,
really quick. Or for me at least,
it’s really quick. And one thing that happens
when you reach millions of people around the world is
that you of course receive much, much more
emails and messages and in comments, and something we also received
a lot is letters and gifts from people, like
from all over the world. You have no idea
how many beautiful mails and letters and gifts
that we have received. It’s-I can’t find the
words to describe. It’s like my heart melts
every day. There are so many people
that, you know, put their heart
and soul into something and give us or share with us,
they open up their heart. There’s so much love. And now you might think
“What’s the problem with that?” And with that It’s no problem. That’s just so beautiful. And we are so grateful. The problem is that I have felt
so bad for so long now that I have not been able
to answer and give thanks to all these people. And I guess most
of you definitely understand that you can’t have the time to answer every one personally
it’s impossible and for me, it’s no problem when it comes
to like my social platforms. I am totally aware
that everyone understands that I can’t answer
all the comments and stuff, but when people have put
so much time and effort in writing us a letter
or sending us a gift that they made themselves
or something like that. Then I have a really hard time to receive that
without giving thanks personally, and it would not be
impossible to answer if it was only once in a while
but it’s like hundreds of mails and letters and
gifts every week, and it has only become more
and more now, this last year. And I have been wondering
how other people deal with that, like big celebrities or people
that have millions of followers, Because I’m sure
I’m not the only one receiving hundreds of fan mails
and letters every week. And I guess it’s something
you have to learn to deal with, but still I think, it doesn’t matter how many
millions of followers you have, you will always
be the same person. I will always be Jonna, the same person. I will always feel
a natural reaction to want to give thanks to someone
that gives me something beautiful. I want to show my appreciation. It has come to a point now when
it’s even hard to find the time to read everything. And when we receive letters
and gifts, I don’t just want
to open them immediately, like in the kitchen
and rush away, I want to open them
when I really have time to be present, and read
and take it in with my heart. So sometimes it even takes weeks
before I open a letter, But then it has come
hundreds of more and I feel this wave of love
from all these people, But I feel stuck
because I don’t know how can I show
them my appreciation because it is impossible for me to write back to them all personally
and thank them. And if I do decide to write back
to someone to thank them, It’s not that I can write
something in three minutes and be like:
“thank you so much.” It’s like it takes an
hour for me to write. So yeah,
this is why I felt so bad. My biggest fear is
that there are people out there that thinks that I didn’t
appreciate their gift or their letter or their mail, because I never wrote back
or said thank you. It would totally break
my heart if that’s the case, because it’s the opposite. I feel so much gratitude
and appreciation, and that’s
why I feel so having my heart, because I don’t know
how to deal with this. I don’t know what to do! I save every single letter
and gift that we receive. I have a big box of letters from people
that have wrote to us. And, you know,
I feel so much gratitude but the other side of this is that I feel like I’ve made
so many people disappointed because I have not even said
Thank you, but I am totally aware
that 99% of all the people that gives us something
or write of something, they just want to share it. They just want
to give us something. Tthey don’t expect anything back. And I try to convince myself
that but still, it’s hard. I have really tried
my best to thank people but it has become impossible because if I have some time over
and I think that maybe I can answer
two or three people tonight, and then I open this
box of letters and I’m like: “where-where should I begin?” “Who should I answer?” And I just get overwhelmed.
I’m like: Some weeks ago, I realized that I can’t go around
feeling bad because of this. Because I can’t solve it. I can’t deal with it.
It’s not gonna be easier. So I thought that it was
time to share this with you and explain how it is. So I really hope that If you
have ever sent me anything, like a mail or a message
or a letter or a gift and you have not even
received a simple thank you, It’s not
because I’m not thankful. I am so thankful
and I wish with all my heart that I could have told you
that personally, but the situation
is overwhelming and I can’t
so I’m sorry for that. It would mean so much to me if I knew that
everyone understands so that I can let go of this Heavy feeling in my heart that I that I have
disappointed people. so now you know and it
already feels easier in my heart. Since it’s impossible
for me to reach out to all of you have
writing to me personally, I have to learn to think
in another way. Maybe I can think that a way of giving thanks
is to just continue doing what made the person
write to me in the beginning. To continue doing my
videos or music or whatever. I hope you can see it that way. So yeah, it feels better now
that I have told you this. Hopefully you will understand
and I will try my best now to let go of this heavy feeling
of not being enough and learn to deal with this
in a much better way. That sounds like a good plan. Something else I want
to learn this year is to play this instrument. I actually played it
in my previous video, the frozen call video,
just a really short tune. This is an old Viking
instrument called Bukkehorn or Bockhorn,
it’s a goat horn or goat antler, I don’t know what you say. And the sound is so ancient. It’s so raw in a way. I love it For many many years,
I wanted to have this instrument. it’s honestly the hardest instrument
I’ve ever tried to play, but I really want to learn. I started practicing
a while ago, but I usually want to be alone
when you practice it because otherwise,
my poor family is gonna listen to this sound and
if you can’t play it, you sound like a sick elephant. But I can do
like one clear tone now. But there’s like
many different tones that you can learn to play and the higher the tones,
the harder it is to learn. But this year I’m gonna learn
to play the Bokkehorn. So I look forward
to make a video later where I play a whole song
that I made, that’s gonna be fun. All right folks. Enough talking for today. I’m gonna start editing
this vlog now. Thank you so much
for watching this video and I love you guys. Thank you
for always inspiring me to make more videos
and learn more. Now I wish you a wonderful week
and I see you soon again. Bye. Bye!


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    I think respecting people's space is very important, especially when someone shares so much with us. So, no worries, at least on my tiny part 🙂
    Your work is amazing!

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    Be yourself, live in grace and thankfulness and thank you for allowing us to share in your life. Warm loving hugs from Vermont .

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    Send a YouTube thank you to everyone as you are now. That's fine!

  88. Susan Patterson

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    Create a thank you letter that covers everything. Then you can add a personal statement if you want to.
    The Hebrews called those horns Shofars.

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