NBA Stars Play College Knowledge

– Professional athletes in their alma maters. And tonight we’re going
to give four of them the opportunity to defend their
schools with their brains. It’s time to play
College Knowledge. [cheering and applause] First up representing the
University of Michigan, from the Indiana Pacers
slam dunk champion Glenn Robinson III
and former NBA star, now ESPN star, Jalen Rose– Jalen and Glenn– and
their opponents tonight, representing the University
of Connecticut, Detroit Pistons all-star Andre
Drummond and two- time all star Caron Butler. Gentlemen, here are the rules. The rules are very, very simple. When you hear a
question, buzz in. Answer that question correctly. If you don’t, the other
team will get a chance to answer it correctly. And the winner will bring
eternal glory to his school. Are you ready to begin? – Let’s get it.
– Yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: All right. Don’t hit that thing
until it’s time or you will get locked out. Your first question is, if a
man has an Oedipal complex, he is subconsciously
sexually attracted to whom? [beep] Jalen? Women. [laughter] I’ll need a more
specific answer. Andre and Caron, would
you like to guess? An Oedipal complex– Oedipal. You said what? [laughter] We’re going to give no points
to both teams for that one. The answer was his mother. Oedipus was attracted
to his mother. Our next question is– I should’ve known that,
should’ve known that. –which is the largest
artery in the human body– the largest artery
in the human body? – What’s that?
– Wait, what? [inaudible] What’s that one? I can read his lips. You can’t Google it. [laughter] There was nowhere in the rules
that said I couldn’t do that. Were you reaching
back to Google it? I was. I was getting ready to
turn away for a second. JIMMY KIMMEL: I’ll
check the rules. I don’t know that
that’s not allowed. But does anyone have a guess? Artery? We’re looking for, you
know, one of those things that the blood goes through.
[ding] Jalen?
– Heart. JIMMY KIMMEL: The heart?
No. No, the heart is– no. Andre and Caron? I wanted to say
it’s in the leg. Oh, no. I’m sorry, it is the aorta. We are off to a flying start. And I know– [applause] I know that the– [applause] I know that the chancellor at
your respective universities are deeply ashamed right now. [laughter] Wait, I’ve got to
say something first. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes, go ahead. I went to school
for six months. So that shouldn’t– [laughter] And only– only basketball
and football players are forced to go to college. [laughter] Jalen makes an
excellent point. Our next question,
Charleston is the capital city of which US state? [beep]
– South– JIMMY KIMMEL: Andre? South Carolina? JIMMY KIMMEL: Charleston? No, it is not. There is a Charleston,
South Carolina. It is not the capital city. I believe Columbia’s the
capital of South Carolina. I should know that. Jalen and Glenn,
would you like to steal? Well, you just said
the answer, right? JIMMY KIMMEL: Charles–
no, I did not. – He did not.
– No. But you say it. You say it. I only say the questions. Next question. [laughter] I don’t know. I done got too
many wrong already. So you–
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yes, Glenn? I said Virginia. JIMMY KIMMEL: Virginia?
[buzzer] Very close. West Virginia is what
we were looking for. [groaning] Oh, wow. All right, our next question. We don’t get a half a point? We get a half a point. JIMMY KIMMEL: No, no. You don’t even get half
a point for that one. You get half of no
points for that one. ANDRE DRUMMOND: Wait, can we
get a question for being funny? JIMMY KIMMEL: Here we go. Which doctor is
credited with inventing the game of basketball in 1891? [beep]
– Jalen? James Naismith. JIMMY KIMMEL: That is
absolutely right, Jalen! [cheering] You’re on the board. You don’t– you don’t
get to wipe your jersey. You didn’t answer that. I’m the oldest person up here. That’s why. I’m showing my age. JIMMY KIMMEL: Next question,
what chemical element is represented by the symbol K? The letter K represents– yes, Glenn?
– Potassium. JIMMY KIMMEL: That
is right, Glenn! [cheering and applause] You guys have to get the
next two to catch up. Next question,
which US president– who first one election in 1800–
appears on both the nickel and the $2 bill? The nickel and the $2 bill,
which president is on them? [ding]
– This is you. JIMMY KIMMEL: Glenn? Jefferson. JIMMY KIMMEL: That
is absolutely right. [cheering] And, Mizzou, I’m sorry. But there is no way
for UCONN to catch up. This game is over. And, Michigan, you
are the winner. Congratulations, you are the
College Knowledge champions. Dicky, please tell
them what they’ve won. DICKY BARRETT:
Jalen and Glenn, you receive a box of ramen noodles
wrapped in an honorary degree from Trump University. JIMMY KIMMEL: And, Dicky,
please, our consolation prize. What do the losers get? DICKY BARRETT: A
box of ramen noodles wrapped in an honorary
degree from Trump University. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow,
that’s something. Thank you Jalen, Glenn,
Andre, and Caron– our College Knowledge
champions Glenn and Jalen. This is amazing. This is from our
commander in tweets!


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  6. jesse perez

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  7. Troy deAnda

    June 6, 2018 at 12:57 am

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  9. Stephen Blakely

    June 6, 2018 at 11:31 am

    This is only proving that the one and done rule is a joke and it is a waste of time for basketball players to go to college if they’re only going to be there for 6 months and are never going to class. Give the scholarships to players that are going to get degrees.

  10. Vivek Tripathi

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