Navigating the Teacher Information Management System

Congratulations! You’ve graduated with a
degree in education and are ready to begin your teaching career, but what do
you do now? You’ve come to the right place. We are here
to help. Let’s get started with the first step in the process: getting certified.
First you will need to apply for your certification online. Here’s what you
need before you get started: access to the internet, your social security number,
any valid credit card, you may need certain documents once you submit and
pay for your application. More on that later.
Visit the certification page on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s
website. We recommend using Internet Explorer or
Firefox to access our site as other systems will cause problems when working
in TIMS. You’re here! This is where you’ll find everything you need to know
about certification in Pennsylvania. We recommend bookmarking this page because
you’ll probably be back in the future. So, to get started, go to the teacher
information management system. We call it TIMS for short.
This is the system that’s used to add, process, and complete your application. We have step-by-step instructions that
will help you register and create your profile in the system. Once you complete
the registration process, you won’t have to do it again. From now on you’re just
going to log into Tim’s and access everything you need via your TIMS
dashboard. Step two consists of submitting your application. Are you
ready to get started? Here we go! Once you’re logged into TIMS you can submit your application via the TIMS dashboard. Do you need help? Our
“submitting an application guide” under “help with TIMS” provides step-by-step
instruction. Here are a few important things to know and remember in regards
to submitting your application. An application is considered complete and
ready to be evaluated only after all documentation necessary for the
evaluation has been received by PDE and is in the “awaiting evaluation” status. The
processing wait time begins on the date your status is determined “awaiting
evaluation”. Actual processing time is posted on the TIMS page. Applications
with an answer other than “no” to the good moral character question will take
longer to process. TIMS may give you the option to upload
certain documents directly into your application. If an upload button is not
available for a required document, it must be sent through the mail along with
a copy of the cover sheet. Caution: do not upload documents under incorrect
headings. If the cover sheet does not indicate any required documents, it is
not necessary to mail any documents nor the cover sheet. Check the status of your
application at any time by logging into TIMS. You will see a
“congratulations” email notification when the application has been evaluated
and approved. We’ve reached the third and final step:
printing your certificate. You can print your certificate from your TIMS
dashboard. Do you need help? Again, we’ve included step-by-step instructions under
“help with TIMS” to guide you through the process. You can even order a frameable certificate. We’re almost finished. Sometimes questions about TIMS that you
have may also be questions other people have. Because of this we created a
frequently asked questions page that offers answers and information
on the entire process. That’s everything you need to know to register, login,
complete your application, and print your certificate. Now that you have your
certificate, find help, resources, and information on our certification webpage
that will guide you as a certified educator in Pennsylvania. We are PA proud
of and grateful to you for pursuing a career in education in Pennsylvania. See
you around school!

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