Myth-testing Christmas movies with SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS (ft. Vsauce3)

I’m Mark. Hey Vsauce, I’m Jake! And today we are in a replica of the Home Alone house that Jake built with his very own hands. So, as thorough men of science, we have set up a few experiments to test some questionable scenes from a few Christmas classics. First, from A Christmas Story, if you can really shoot your eye out with the Red Rider BB gun? And then from Elf, what happens when you actually get hit with a snowball at 95 miles an hour? And finally from Home Alone, what happens if you get a blow torch on your head for 7 seconds? Not yet, Jake! And these will be the first time we’re running these tests, so we truly don’t know what’s going to happen, but as firm believers in the scientific method, we’re going to test our hypotheses and then see who is closer to the final result. And the winner gets to keep the leg lamp behind us. What happens to the loser? The loser has to wear Ralphie’s pink bunny suit. Are you ready to do this? Yes! Let’s do it. Let’s go. So in the movie A Christmas Story, all Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Rider BB gun, but all the adults in his life keep saying “No” because they say “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.” What do you think Jake? I do think that they’re not talking about his eye actually coming out, because you have the optic nerve in there which is about as thick as your pinky. I think they really mean that the BB is going to penetrate the eye and then it’ll go blind which, nobody wants. Nobody wants that! And that seems quite a legitimate concern, right? And because they say that he’ll shoot his own eye out, essentially that means that he shoots, the BB goes out, bounces off something, and hits his own eye. So to test this out, we have an authentic Red Rider BB gun, and since Jake wouldn’t volunteer, Sorry about that. I had to find some cow eyes that they use for like biology classes and dissections. And so, as a control, we’re going to make sure the BB will penetrate the eye first without even bouncing off anything. Alright, so that went straight through. There was like no issues. The real question though is the ricochet, right? That is true to the movie. So ,on this next one, we’re going to have the BB come straight, it’ll hit this steel plate, and then bounce into the eye. So, will it make it through the eye? I think, yes. I mean, as you said, it had so much energy, it went all the way into the eye. I think it will hit the plate, ricochet off, and go right into the eye. No problem. I think it’s going to hit the plate, it’s going to like put a dent in it, it will lose a bunch of energy and it will hit the eye but it won’t penetrate it. So, take a moment to guess in the comments below. Who’s right? Me or Jay. Probably me. And, uhh, let’s check it out. Yeah, let’s do it. Totally didn’t go through. It is interesting though, you can see the dent in the plate. And I think that was the culprit. Oh totally, and what’s also interesting is how much energy the eye absorbed. It was, yeah, I don’t know , I think it was really great. It’s a fair point though, a cow’s eye is definitely thicker than a human’s eye. So, if that were Ralphie, that’s bad news. Like a half of a million people a year lose their eyesight due to like eye injuries. So, eye protection is definitely important. But, most importantly, I won this challenge. Ok, so I’m up 1-0, heading into round 2. The movie Elf, Buddy is sort of screwing up a bunch of things in the big city, and nobody likes him. But then, his brother gets attacked by a bunch of thugs in Central Park, and he shows off his mad Elf skills. So, I did some investigating, and I found the spot in Central Park where this actually occurred. Then I measured the distance, and then I also watched the video back and with how many frames it took and then calculated the velocity of the snowball. Turns out, they’re going to throw it at 95 miles per hour. Oh my gosh. And yeah, the punks don’t even move at all. So the question for round 2, is would you fall backwards if you got hit by a snowball at 95 miles an hour? I would say…no. I think you might stumble backwards a little bit, but it’s not going to knock you flat on the ground. And I disagree, 95 miles an hour is very fast. And that something hit your chest, you’re going to move, and stumble back, unlike your hypothesis. Umm. but how are we going to get a a snowball going 95 miles per hour? That’s a great question, and I don’t know the answer to it. I originally wanted to use my snowball machine gun. But, that tops out at like 40 miles an hour. Yeah that’s not good enough. Luckily, as it turns out that if you do the math, that a softball travelling at 65 miles an hour will push you back, just as much as a snowball travelling at 95 miles an hour. And that’s because they have the same momentum, which is defined as the weight of something multiplied by how fast it’s going. So, since the softball weights a bit more, it needs to be travelling a little bit slower to have the same like push back, or momentum transferred to you. And thankfully, I have a way to make a softball go 65 miles an hour. Awesome. Ready to suit it up. Wh..why? Oh…so you lost the first round…so losers always No, no. We don’t have to this.That’s fine. You lost. [Fanfare] 3 2 1 Oh. It looks like the softball pushed Jay back slightly, but not as much as I hypothesized. So that means that we’re all tied up, heading into the final round. In the movie Home Alone, Kevin is defending his house from the Wet Bandits with all these amazing homemade booby traps, which we actually made a video of that on Jake’s channel Vsauce3, so you should go check that out. One of these booby traps is in the kitchen, so when Joe Pesc walked in, the blowtorch goes off with like 4000 degrees of heat and he just sits there and takes it for 7 seconds. After which, he runs with his head on fire for an additional 4 seconds and plunges his head in the snow. And in the end, this is what the damage looks like. I, you know, don’t think that it is, uhh, realistic at all. I, uhh, agree that it seems like an underrepresentation of the damage that would have been done. So to test this out, the good news is, we actually have a volunteer. Oh, that’s lovely. So, underneath this beanie is a layer of chicken skin and then I drilled into the foam head about 2 inches down and put a bead. And so, the question is, do you think it will be hot enough to burn through the beanie, through the skin, and then two inches down into the head. I think yes, given the duration of time and the amount of heat. It’s gonna be pretty severe. It’s a bold.. it’s a bold claim. I don’t think it will actually get all the way down. Alright, well, let’s uhh, check it out. Now, it’s time. After filming this video, I was curious, so I talked with a couple of expert surgeons from the Arizona Burn Center. And they told me that if this actually happened to you, in less than a second, you would have a 3rd degree burn. They said that the chicken was a good under-representation of the skin covering your skull, and it would take between 10 milliseconds to burn through the hat down to the bone. At that point, you still got 8 seconds left and your skull would protect your brain so it wouldn’t be fatal, but it would be so damaged that you probably would need skull reconstruction to replace the charred portion and that carries with the complications that can be fatal. Our moment of truth… let’s see, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna… Ohhh, yes it is. Oh man, ok, so the beanie exposed. very exposed. Curse you….. So, a disappointing hearty congratulations to Jake for winning. You can keep the amazing light lamp. We actually made a video in this exact spot on his channel. Aren’t you forgetting something? Like I said, on Jake’s channel, we went beyond just blowtorches in Home Alone to to see if some of the other booby traps would actually kill you. So go check that out, make sure you comment below. Let us know if you did better than Jake or I in your guesses. I want to give a shout-out to…I can’t do it. Better shout out to Audible for their support on this video. So, I showcased my amazing BB gun shooting skiils today, but I’m afraid I am no match for Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who is actually the deadliest sniper in U.S History. And he wrote a book called American Sniper, which I recently just listened to on Audible. He was nicknamed The Devil and actually had a bounty on his head. That’s why the guy is on the other side. But his fellow Navy Seals called him the Legend. The book is a pretty broad view of what war was like, and how it pretty much sucks for everyone. It tells a lot of stories of what he went through and he doesn’t share his coat much, which I found refreshing. And, as usual,the book is way better than the movie, so if you want to listen to American Sniper or any other book for free, all you have to do is use the link in the description or go to If you neveer tried an audio book, the holidays are a great time to check it out while you are traveling. Plus, they also make a really great gift. Thank you for watching.


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