Moving From Knowing – to – Being | AWAKENING PEOPLE

your awakening message begins now so open your soul maybe that is for you – no and yet not but to behave
unconscious to not be what or who you say to alter self dot dot dot is suicide
your fields your reality can tell you your truth concerning you if you are
emerging with superhighway of divine truth holders people who bore joy
holding acutely aware relationships and experiences receptive chance and
abundance since stable then you’re walking your path however to not do what
you recognizes against your highest knowledge to mention one issue and do
another could be a refusal of your soul it’s a refusal of supply and you walk
the trail darkly you are a locality of the matrix lost within the maze of the
many ways that you simply are semiconductor diode to believe is
suitable there is only one path of sunshine it’s a behavior it’s a pattern
and so as to align you want to hold the pattern among you merge with the pattern
currently I pray tell me where the many waves are I tell me where the many waves
are leading you as a result of all I see is folk iteration that during the maze
seeking proof validation information to discussion filling the mind with I do
know once if truth be told your heart mind as empty as a result of you refused
to even acknowledge that you grasp is to be its associate expertise it’s a way of
life far as I opt to decision it of soul style the ego thinks it is aware of and
you’ll be able to fill this bottomless tank the maximum amount as you prefer
however till you get into truth till you hold the behavior of sunshine you can’t
even begin to visualize the trail out of the dark maze we decision the matrix it
is the guts it’s within the turning into that you simply realize and your reality
reflects good harmony deliver your truth and balance are fixed
as these days people who have cleared their field of the distortions can dance
stance stance bliss is whirling around in that we are abundant these days I
even have received miracles that continually happens outright once I even
have aligned those making distortions and remove the trash from the sacred
field I hope develop your litter of us it’s vital to take care of your fields
but while blissfulness intensifies on the lower spectrums it gets louder to be
seen wherever you’re not holding light weight wherever your heart is closed
that’s the pain it’s the reflection of your lack own ear cracks and hold
feeling for the mirror to unleash the energy and come to harmony share our messages dude I will provide a
daily angelic guidance number love and angelic blessing send of the message
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