More Memory Tricks | LBCC Study Skills

ok I’m going to go ahead and start this workshop is
called more memory tricks and i know some of you were here last week at the regular memory tricks if you weren’t you’ll be able to catch on to this i
think very quickly anyway but i have so many memory tricks that it’s hard to uh… cover them all in one workshop so we’re
going for two uh… these are the four things that i’m a going to talk to you about
today this one is really quick and then we’re going to spend a lot of time on
these next couple uh… last week for those who were here
one thing that you should remember is that um…i taught a couple of math
tricks at the beginning of the workshop and that was not designed to teach math it was designed to just show you the
power of tricks in knowing shortcut ways to do things and so uh… i’m gonna show you one more
math trick and now as just a little warm up this is nothing you need to write down
or anything but again it’s to show you something about again the power of
tricks so if i ask you to do a problem like that nine divided by point two five what you would need to do in order to
solve that would be to do this and then this and then you have to move
the decimal point over and just do the whole thing if you know the basics of how to do it
it’s not that hard it just takes a little while to kind of process through but if you know the trick you can do it
in about one second without having to do any of this and
that is whenever you have a math problem where
you have a number divided by point two five that’s the exact same as multiplying
it by four which is a lot easier than the other so here’s your math question for the day what’s
nine times four thirty-six ok and if you had done all of this and all that and done it… you would
have come up with the same answer it would have just taken you are a lot longer and so six divided by point two five
would be twenty-four right six times four and the fact that you can do that once
you learn this in about one second doesn’t mean that you’re any smarter
then you were when you came in here in math it just means that you know the
shortcut again the trick and so with the goal of last week’s
workshop and this week is to show you some applications of how
you can use tricks to make your memory absorb more and do better on tests as
a result and that’s what these three are going to
be all about okay so whether you follow that completely or
not doesn’t particularly matter for our purposes today but what i wanted to do first in terms of uh… actual teaching has to do with mental pictures and uh…
quick uh… recap for those who were not here last week just so that you have an
idea of what we’re doing i explained last week that one of the best
memory tricks you can have is learning how to close your eyes and
getting a picture of something in a certain way and then it sticks that kind of glues into your brain and
you remember it all of us have imagination all of us
can close our eyes and see things but two of the qualities of a good
mental picture that i gave last time that you need to be aware of for what we’re about to do right now is
that if the pictures are really stupid and bizarre you remember them better and so
everything i’m about to do with you is gonna seem to be pretty stupid and that usually sounds bad but in this
case it’s going to be good i’ll show you the other one is that you very often have to involve
play on words which means rhyming words other words that sound
similar to be able to see things in picture form and again i’m gonna show you
specifically how to do this now now if you are very tired today i’m extremely nervous about what’s going
to happen in the next couple of minutes because i’m gonna ask you several times to close your eyes and get a picture of something that i’m
describing and i want you to do that i don’t want you to sit there and kind of stare at me i want you to close your
eyes but then when i’m done you need to open
them and so if you’re really tired i don’t
hear snoring anywhere in the room so hopefully we’ll be ok with this what i’m gonna teach you is going to
actually require no note-taking whatsoever so usually i like people to write down some things that i teach that
they find helpful but for the next five minutes or so i don’t want you to write anything down it kinda defeats the purpose of this i’m gonna teach you something that i’m
going to test you on at the end of the workshop and i think if you do this the right way
you’re going to be shocked at how easy it is for you to memorize what i’m about
to show you without writing it down without doing anything like that at all
so again i want you to just uh… follow my
direction and when i have you close your eyes i want you to close your eyes and the big thing remember is i don’t
want you to try to close your eyes and listen and
remember what i’m saying because you won’t i want you to see the pictures that i’m
describing and if you see them clearly you’re gonna remember them later okay so
here is the strange little teaching here i’m gonna teach you twelve names of streets that are all in the long beach
area you’ll probably recognize most of these streets three of them are in group a three in b three in c and three in
d when i give you a test at the end of the
workshop what i’m going to expect you to do is when i give you the name of a
street i expect you to know which group it’s in and a lot of times when you have many
things to learn it’s easy to get ’em mixed up and in the wrong groups but if you do
this right you’re gonna be perfect at the end and
sort of surprised again at how well this worked so here’s the first uh… picture ok
we’re gonna end up with several pictures here we’re going to use this sound alike word hay okay everybody i think knows what hay looks like whether it’s a big bale of hay or like loose hay or
straw that’s a picture i want you to get and i have a little visual aide here just to kind of make this a little bit
even easier for you the first street in group a is this one which is market ok so this is the first part of
the first scene again just follow me with this even if it seems weird you’ll find in the end it works i want
you to close your eyes and i want you to get a picture of the market the supermarket and you’re
walking down the aisle with your cart shopping but everywhere you look on the left and
the right on the floor in front of you there’s
hay stickin’ off the shelves bales of hay in front of you you have to
even swerve your cart around so i want you to really see that again
don’t just listen to the words but try to get that picture in your mind okay now you can open your eyes i’m gonna show you something cuz
otherwise you wouldn’t get this as you’re going down the aisle all these people are there nothing unusual about that except
they’re not shopping their standing there kind of blocking your way and
every person you’re looking at has something in front of their face you
can’t really see their face at all and what they have what they’re doing is
they’re reading magazines while they’re standing there in the
market go ahead and close your eyes and this is
where i want your imagination to work i want you to imagine all these people
in front of you standing there reading magazines and i
want you to even read the cover of the magazine in other words what magazine is it that they’re reading
really be specific about it ‘cuz that helps so kinda get that picture in your mind okay and then you can open your eyes and what street is that supposed to help
you remember well this is one of these weird tricks that actually works it may
sound a little bit odd it’s for this one magnolia what does that have to do with what i
just described well just this part the mag as in magazine if i ask you to close your eyes and get
a picture of a magnolia tree could you do that uh… maybe a few of you but i have no
idea what that looks like so i can’t really get a picture of it but a
magazine that i know right so we stick with
things that we know okay and then go ahead and close your eyes one
more time for this weird picture you get very angry with all these people
in front of you when you finally say could you move out of the way i have to
go through and shop and i want you to imagine every person who has those magazines in front of them
lowering the magazine and looking at you and now you can see ’em but in place of
their eyes picture big red cherries right in place of their eyeballs and
imagine as you look at each person what it would look like to see cherries stuck there okay and then you can open your eyes and
that street if you can’t figure out we’re in trouble that’s a simple one right so this one is
easy some were a little bit harder okay now that picture that weird little
picture with the hay in the market is supposed to connect all those
together and we’ll see how that goes later the second category we’re
going to use the letter or the uh… the insect the bee everybody knows what a bee
looks like but don’t picture a bee that looks like this picture one that’s the same size you are that would get your attention in a hurry
with the big stinger so a five or six foot bee coming after you ok the first street in group b is this one and that is park okay so here is a new strange picture i want you to get go
ahead and close your eyes and hopefully you’re not falling asleep on me at this close your eyes and imagine yourself
standing in the park in the playground area where the swings
and the slides are and everywhere you walk in the park
there’s this giant bee that is trying to buzz by and sting you got to get that image in your mind okay and then go ahead and keep your eyes
closed you look around the park and there is nobody there you’re all alone except for
the bee and you decide i haven’t gone down the slide since i was a kid and nobody’s here to
look at me so i’m gonna try it again and so
imagine yourself climbing up the ladder to the top of the slide but you’re in for a shock when you get
to the top of the slide you see a man sitting up there you didn’t see him before but there he is he’s dressed in red bright red he has a big white beard and he has big black belt ok who are we talking about yeah santa claus well what street is that okay this is another one of those
partial ones that still works ok and so if you weren’t sure who i was talking
about go ahead and close your eyes back up and again imagine santa up on top of the slide and then you can
keep your eyes closed for the last little part of this and that is he sits up there and you’re waiting and
he doesn’t go down see you shove him down the slide and now it’s your turn and i want you to imagine sitting at the
top of the slide even if it’s been a long time since
you’ve done this and as you drop down feel what it feels like in your stomach and
all of that as you drop but also as you’re going down the slide i want
you to imagine on the left and right side of the slide are beautiful pink
roses that are lining the slide you can kind
of feel them as you’re sliding down so see that in the picture kind of connected in your brain okay then you can open your eyes and that one which would again be an easier one is this is rose okay quick review so far where is all
the hay in the market uh… what is this cherry and again if somebody walked in
right now they’d think what in the world are they talking about what is this magazine and if that’s all you said
that’s good ok what’s it supposed to be magnolia but who cares as long as
you got that part down your fine um… what is buzzing around the bee at
the uh… park the bee and what’s on the sides of the
slide roses who’s up at the top santa fe claus santa claus okay so we’ve got
two bizarre little scenes or pictures the third one is the weirdest one of all
so that means you’re gonna remember this one for sure we’re going to use the
sea the ocean cause you can get a see a
picture of that so uh… this image is not the most enjoyable but i
want you to try to get it anyway i want you to try to close your eyes and imagine this you have fallen overboard off of a
ship and the ship is gone and you are alone in the cold water
treading water trying and uh… stay afloat and you’re afraid that the sharks are gonna come get you and you’re looking around wondering what
you’re going to do and all of a sudden i want you to get this image you look to your left and right and
straight ahead of you and you see hundreds of these little round objects
bobbing up and down in the water and you think what are those and you swim over and grab
one and look at it it’s an orange no idea what they’re doing there but
there are hundreds of oranges on the sea ok so see that clearly ok then you can open your eyes and i don’t even need to
show this to you but i will anyway that is street number one okay here’s the stupidest one of all i
love this ’cause it’s so dumb but you’re gonna remember it close your eyes back up and
here’s the image you’re afraid you’re cold you’re
treading water you’re holding an orange and all of a sudden all these animals
start swimming at you from all angles with their mouths open ready to attack
you which is what you were afraid of except they’re not sharks in fact you’re so upset you start
screaming out in spanish and what do you shout well you can look up here this is what you shout los coyotes their comin’ if you don’t know what a
coyote looks like picture a wolf or anything else but i want you to get
the idea of really wet angry coyotes swim in from all angles so close your eyes back up and see that and
then the last little part of this picture is this just when you think you have no hope
whatsoever a miracle worker you hear the honking of a horn and
you look off to the side and there’s a car speeding full speed toward you it can
be any car you want whatever your favorite car go ahead and make it that and that car
pulls right up next to you door opens the person in there pulls you
out and saves you at the last second so i want you to see that wierd thing going to have
all this on the sea um… anybody have an idea what street that is that would be a good guess too uh…
it’s right there i forgot which way we were pointing
it’s car son okay so that’s one of those parts
things again okay uh… who’s at the top of the slide santa claus uh… what’s on the sides of the slide roses where are you in the park and what is trying to attack
you a bee on the sea what’s trying to attack you los coyotes
uh… what comes to your rescue on the sea car son and what do you see bobbing up and down
all over the place oranges ok uh… what is all over the market everywhere you
look okay and what’s everybody doing reading magazines and what is this
again cherry ok now we are done with three we have one more
to go and i want to see if you can figure this out there are three more streets i want you
to know them okay but i’m not going to teach them to you so the question is how can you possibly
know somethin if i don’t teach it to you well uh… here’s what we’re doing you have 3 uh.. pictures weird ones that are stuck
in your brain hopefully they won’t disappear if i ask you on the test that i give
you in about like twenty twenty five minutes if i ask you uh… what category is the street del amo in then what’s the answer d how do you know that cause it’s not in a or b or c so when i
give you those three you’re gonna look at me and think you never and then you’ll get ’em these will be the easiest
ones and so it’s like you know something without ever learning it it’s kind of a
another shortcut so what i’m gonna ask you to do i hope you can’t do this but hope hopefully we’ll make an effort
at it and that is i want you to forget everything i
just taught you just completely disappear i’m going to teach you two more things
and then we’re going to go back at the end i’m gonna see how well you
remember what i just taught you so let it go and move on from there ok uh… we’re gonna talk for a little
while about the subject of definitions and uh… there are some classes in
college where this is one of the main things you do is to memorize a whole
bunch of definitions or vocabulary uh… in an earlier workshop i talked
about sort of good ways and bad ways that people try to go about remembering
them but for our purposes today since the subject is tricks i’m gonna teach
you a trick way to remember definitions this doesn’t work with all definitions
but when it works when it’s a good fit it’s the best trick i know for it and so uh… what this is called and this always sounds sort of um…
complicated to people but it’s not at all is it’s called the… similar sound cue technique okay and one of the main reasons that i
like this besides that it works is that there are only two steps two-step sounds really good it’s a lot better
than ten steps or whatever and even better than that the two steps are
actually in the name of the method so that makes it really easy to remember the first step is the similar sound and the second step is the cue part and of course that doesn’t help you any
right now but when i show you how this works you’ll realize how simple it
is uh… i’m gonna write a word up here do this in red so it’s a little easier to pick up um…
this is a word that probably nobody in here knows if somehow you do don’t mention it for right now this is a very long word doesn’t even
look like english in a way and if you had a definition to learn of this word what you might do is what most people do grab a flash card write the word on one side and the
definition on the other and practice ’em but you’re gonna see in just a minute how confusing that would be and why this
works better so uh… the way that you start this is by doing this similar
sound step and usually that takes five seconds
or ten seconds so what you do and this is what we’re gonna look at here you look at the word you’re trying to
learn and the first thing you do is try to see if there’s any part of the word
that you already know sometimes there will be sometimes there
won’t in this case i think we’re all good for
part of this what is that phobia yeah what’s a phobia yeah it’s a fear and it’s an extra-large
kind of irrational fear not a normal type fear uh… arachnophobia is fear of spiders right so most people when it comes to
spiders uh… they don’t go up to them when they see
them crawling and just watch it and say that’s really cute
they just kind of jump a little and then they take care of it whatever way they
do but if you suffer from arachnophobia you’re terrified to the point where
you almost have a heart attack when you see one so again that’s what these
are so these are very serious conditions a
lot of people struggle with phobias and so this that we’re looking at here
is the fear of something but this doesn’t look familiar at all and so what
you do is you say a part of the word that you don’t know
and this is what we’re going to focus on here you say it out loud to yourself a
few times and listen and come up with the word you know
that sounds similar to this which you don’t okay so this is pronounced care-on-o-
phobia keraunophobia so when you look at this
and i’m gonna ask you for a little help on this when you hear keraun keraun keraun what does that sound like Karan the muslim holy book yeah yes so a lot of people here Keraun and they say Koran that’s very similar so that’s a good one
what else besides that keraun crayon that’s good i’ve had people say carry-on other people have said the one that i’m
actually gonna show you ’cause it’s on a handout that i’m gonna give you in a minute and this is a good one to those that you
gave are fine but it’s also similar to the woman’s
name Karen so you have karan karen so similar so you play with the sound of that
that part of the word and then you come up with something that you know that
sounds similar to that and then you’re half-way done already the other part is the cue part and to do
the cue part what you do is take that word that you just came up with and make a little sentence that
includes it a very short simple sentence that’s supposed to help you memorize the
definition so the example here is the cue sentence is karen is afraid of… and then here comes the meaning of
this i think alot of you are gonna be surprised at this because this is not a very
common phobia but it’s a real one some people are terrified of this and that is lightning okay so flashes of lightning not
lighting but lightning right and so if you uh memorize this by writing Keraunophobia on one side
and fear of lightning on the back it would be really hard for you to lock
that in your brain because this doesn’t look like this it doesn’t sound like
this there’s just no way to connect ’em i always wonder when i do this why they
didn’t just call it lightning-o-phobia and then we’d all be fine right we
wouldn’t have to make a trick but this trick which everybody here has already
memorized cuz it’s really simple here’s what happens you go to your
psychology test it’s probably the class where you would get a bunch of phobias
to learn and you studied them this way and you see a question on there that
says keraunophobia is the fear of and then gives you four choices you see this word and what’s the first
thing you think of poor Karen and you know that she’s afraid of
lightning so u mark lightning how about if the teacher asks it the
other way teachers change wording all the time so how about if the teacher
said which of the following is the fear of
lightning and then they gave you four phobias well you see lightning you think of poor karen and then you think of
you find keraunophobia and you mark it so instead of just being this weird word
that you’re not familiar with it’s something very easy to hold onto
okay so that’s the concept of this now there’s one more that i want to show
you uh… and then i’ll give you a handout and we’ll kind of go through several um… i want you to help me with this
okay this is a real phobia that a lot of people have it’s a very
common one but when you look at this it’s not going to help you at all so i’m gonna ask you to guess and you’re
going to be wrong i’m just telling you before you start but i want you to guess anyway based on this the way it’s looks or the way it sounds
an i’ll pronounce it in a minute i want you to guess what this might be the fear of so this is pronounced belonephobia belonephobia so what would your guess be yeah the one of the most common ones
is fear of bologna you know lunch meat’s and all that and that’s not it if it had been fear of bologna we wouldn’t
even need to do that right cuz it would be easy what else does it look like or sound like fear of being alone that looks really good right not even close ok again if it had been
that we would’nt need any help well this i’ve even had people say fear of
balloons fear of bells fear of the number one you
know they’re just like guessin’ all kinds of things none of those even close what this is and i would bet that
somebody in here either struggles with this for you know somebody who does it’s
that common belonephobia is the fear of needles as in getting a shot getting blood drawn
some people are so terrified of that they almost have a heart attack whenever
the needle is coming close at the doctor’s office well again they should
call it needle-a-phobia so if i was in charge of the english language we’d just
change all these but it’s not how do you connect these two in your
brain so that on a test you remember it you do exactly what i showed you here
and so that’s what i want to show you now uh… when you came in today you didn’t
know that you’re going to be an expert on phobias when you walked out but you
will be at least on these there are ten phobias on this page and
we’re just gonna look at them for a couple minutes so that i can show you a lot of good examples of this every one of these phobias is real people think that half of them are made up but
they’re not i think you’ll recognize at least a few of these as being very
well-known because they’re common okay and so first one on the list is a very common
one acrophobia fear of heights and it says acrobats fear high jumps
real simple little sentence anthrophobia is fear of people and this is where a play on words was
developed by the people who created this aunt threw the people out and that’s
because you have to think of something that sounds like anthro there’s not much
like that aerophobia is fear of flying and it
says arrows fly people shouldn’t there you see keraunophobia which we’ve done the next one is also very common
claustrophobia which is fear of closed or tight places and i love this sentence and we have santa claus twice in one
workshop that’s very weird but it’s santa claus hates small chimneys so if you
picture big santa claus trying to squeeze down a tight chimmney
that’s a good image of what claustrophobia is and then the next one is my favorite one
ever ergophobia fear of work her go home she no like work stupid sentence but again the more stupid it is the more you tend to
remember it bet you won’t forget that one belonephobia is fear of needles
and there’s the little sentence baloney the shot will hurt so we got baloney in
their one way or another vestiphobia is the fear of clothing i’m
not sure about one works but it says here vests and other clothes scare me now why should we probably not need a
trick to remember that one yeah ’cause a vest is a type of clothing
so i bet you could remember that one right away even without that trick but
it’s there the next to last one is iatrophobia which is
fear of doctors the word there if you’re not familiar
with that i atrophy when i see doctors just means to sort of be
paralyzed or unable to be used that kind of an idea and then the last one on the list is
polyphobia it’s kinda like the one i gave you up here
because it’s a woman’s name fear of many things polly is afraid of
almost everything ok now what i want to tell you about this just
very briefly and then we’re going to move on to our next topic is um… i’ve tried an experiment with some
of my classes before that’s worked really well so it’s very encouraging at
the very beginning of an hour and fifteen minute class i taught them this
method and then we read through all of these
like we just did and then i gave them about two more
minutes to just go back and reread them and soak them in their brain and then we put ’em away and i taught
about other things for almost an hour without ever looking at that again and
then at the very end i went back and tested them to see how well they remembered these and every time i’ve done that almost a
hundred percent of all the students in the class got a perfect score remembered em all even
though they didn’t study them for hours they didn’t make flashcards they just
learned em from me and then looked at them for a couple minutes and then an
hour later they were still there so it shows that this can
work now one last little thing about this you noticed how these definitions are
very short if you have a class where you have
definitions to learn in the definitions are like three or four sentences long
this isn’t gonna work too well unless you can figure out how to take that
definition and shrink it down to a few words this is mostly for shorter kinda bite size definitions then this
works in a fantastic way i’ve even had students try this with foreign
language because whenever you take a foreign
language you have to learn a lot of vocabulary and so they come up with the word in
french or spanish or whatever it is and they have that word and they
pronounce it and they try to think of an english word that sort of sounds
similar and they do something similar and it works it doesn’t always work for everybody
equally but it’s a little trick to try and sometimes it helps everything click
better in your mind ok uh… and questions um… but let me go ahead and start
the uh sign in sheet when that sign in sheet gets to you if you could just
keep listening but sign and keep it moving along i would appreciate that a
lot um… the last main teaching before i
test you to see how well you remember what i taught you before is related to
exact locations so my little introduction to this is this way um in some classes in college you are required to memorize locations
of things geography is an example where a
teacher would give you a blank map and you have to remember where everything
goes but the more common one is science classes like a biology class where a teacher would give you a diagram
of the heart or something else and you have to label everything and remember
exactly where it goes well under the pressure of a test no
matter how long you study that you have a tendency sometimes to get
things mixed up or put them in the wrong place so if you know a trick to help with that it should make it
easier so what i’m going to do is give you a
copy of a handout that would be used in a
geography class this is the example that i’m gonna give you and um… i know that you are familiar
with what you’re going to look at here some of you probably more than others but i want you to pretend for what we’re
about to do that this country this map you’re
looking at is a country you have never really seen
or studied before it’s somewhere on the other side of the
world somewhere and you don’t know anything about it ok so if you had
this to memorize that’s a lot ok and so one thing i want to say first
is that there are two basic ways a teacher could test you on this material one would be to have you see if you could remember which states belonged in which regions so
that’s one way the other way the mean way would be to give you a
blank map and have you just start filling in every part
of it well the way you study for those the way
you approach those two ways is kinda different and so i want to show you
something that is actually connected in a way to something i
taught last week one of my main teachings in the uh…
workshop on memory tricks was about acronyms and acrostics and
learning how to use the first letters of words to create other words or sentences that
help you remember things so what i’m going to use as an example
for the first part of this is the region idea how can you remember which states belong
in which region well here’s the example i want you to locate the rocky mountain
region which you see listed here at the bottom and of course you can follow the arrow when you see where it is on the
map if i as your teacher for geography
expected you to memorize the six states and know that those are the ones in the rocky mountain region you could stare at it you could look at ’em a hundred times to
try to remember em and hopefully you would but again on test day when you’re
nervous you have a tendency sometimes to blank
out so here’s what we do if i copy the first letter of every one of those this is what we end up with okay so those are the first letters well one thing you could do is to try to move these letters around
and make a word out of em and then use that to easily remember but i have never if you could help me
with this that’d be great but i’ve never been able to find a word that uses all these letters it doesn’t
work so what i do to remember these use without even having
to look at the map is i use this very strange sentence and
that is when i drive in the rocky mountain region my car usually needs ice wipers and there’s no such thing exactly as ice wipers
but you can get the idea my car usually needs ice wipers that’s my little sentence i remember what is that supposed to help you with all of these letters are the first letter of one of those states okay now what i want to do even though i know
you haven’t studied this i want you to take this map in just for a few seconds
i want you to turn it over so you can’t see it and i want to see how you deal with this uh… what state is this montana colorado utah nevada idaho and wyoming now are there other states
in the united states that starts with these letters yes but you haven’t even studied these and you already kinda
know a few and if you studied it a little bit and you practice this then when
the time came for your test and your teacher said list the six states in the
rocky mountain region you just say my car usually needs ice
wipers and you write down all these
letters and then all the states just come out
and again it’s a very simple way to remember a group of things ok but the bigger challenge and this
is what i want to focus on for the next few minutes is what do you do if the teachers gonna give you a blank map and expect you to remember the exact
locations what would be an easy way to remember those well to do this i want
you to look at the a lower right corner of the map at the south east
region that’s a much much uh… bigger region with many more states okay and so as you look and you follow the little
arrow up and you see that cluster of states there what i’m going to do is show you
something a little bit like i showed you here but with a little bit of a twist to it
so uh… as you look up into the southeast region um… as you follow the little arrow and you
start in right where i’m pointing here at the kind of lower left corner you see the letters l a right what does that stand for louisiana ok so we’re gonna start their
and we’re gonna just use the l alright uh… now if we went from there across and
then back and up and over we’d forget all of that so we’re going to go in a
way that’s really easy to remember what’s state is right above louisiana yeah right about is arkansas now
when you see these two letters l a what do you think of yep los angeles that has nothing to do with that part of
the country but that’s okay we’re going to use this in our little trick okay if
you go from arkansas and then you just go straight across the southern border
of the united states what’s the next state you come to mississippi then alabama then georgia okay what does this remind you of yeah magazine we already got that sort
of from before well this is a really weird
coincidence there’s actually a magazine called l_a_ magazine or los angeles magazine again has nothing to do with that part of the
country but we’ll use it as part of our trick now here’s a quick question for you we kinda skipped one and that was florida why would we not need to include that
one in our trick yeah it’s recognizable because on any diagram
or any map anything that physically sticks out away from everything else
that’s usually really easy to remember just by looking at it once or twice it’s all this stuff buried in the middle
that’s usually harder so we’re going to just skip that one keep going up the coast what comes after
georgia south carolina so now we have plural l_a_ mags like l_a_ magazines uh… what’s next yeah north carolina and why do we not need to include that one
in our trick yeah and i always tell people if you’re in a
geography class and you don’t know that north is about south i can’t help you right so that should be
simple that’s like two-for-one okay so we don’t need to include north if we know where
south is so we got north what’s next straight up is virginia
well you know that virginia is
the name of a woman in addition to being the name of a state so what we have so far this strange
sentence is when i’m in the southeast i buy l_a_ mags for virginia which again doesn’t make a lot of sense
but it doesn’t matter it’s simple to remember okay well we’re out of coastline now so go left what’s next after virginia yeah west virginia okay and we should’nt
need to include that either ’cause again you should know that west is left so
that means we’ve done all the states in that region except for two which ones are still left yeah kentucky and tennessee now when you
create some kind of a memory trick like this you don’t want the trick to be so
long that you forget the trick later so we’re gonna leave this right here
that’s about enough but i want to ask for your help with
this see how you do okay as you look at kentucky and then tennessee it would be easy for a person to
remember that those go there but then when the test came it would be
really simple to get em mixed up get em reversed right that kind of
thing happens all the time so based on what i taught you at the beginning
today about creating weird pictures in your
mind to remember things what could you do to remember that kentucky is above or on top of tennessee so here’s what we do what does this make you think of first
thing kentucky yeah most people start getting hungry
immediately they say fried chicken okay so we’re going to use that how about tennessee
what does that sound like or rhyme with or anything yeah a lot of people think of tennis
you know like tennis shoes tennis racquet tennis ball well here’s what people have told me so i
didn’t come up with these these this is even weirder than i could come up with i’ve had people say they’ve pictured a bucket of kentucky fried chicken here and tennis shoes down there and so kentucky’s up
there tennessee’s down there it’s a very weird picture but you’ll never get em
mixed up other people have said i pictured eating a
piece of chicken and holding a tennis ball down here whatever you come up with as long as it’s
sort of creative and weird it’ll stick in your mind and so by doing these two things coming
up with this and coming up with that kentucky and tennessee if you studied it that way you
just reviewed it a few times and then the teacher gave you a blank map of that
part and you knew i’m starting in the lower left with louisiana arkansas you’d end
up getting every one of em right and so what a lot of students tell me when i ask them how do you study for a
map test or a diagram test they say i just stare at it open my eyes really wide and stare at it
a lot and hope that it soaks in that’s a bad move and so you want to
come up with some creative way whether it’s like this or something else to be able to remember it under the
pressure of a test ok so that’s the purpose behind this okay any questions on this one last thing that we’re gonna do today is
uh for me to give you your testing ok so if you want to on the back of this or you
could do it on notebook paper or whatever i want you to number from one down to twelve from one down to twelve and then i’m gonna give you a really
quick instruction and then i’m gonna be off and runnin’ on this little quiz and again um… sometimes when people hear the word
test or quiz they get nervous don’t get nervous you’re not turnin’
this in the me but we’ll see how you do ok i’m going to read all those
street names all mixed up in a mixed up order and what i want you to do for each
one of them is this is like regular multiple-choice put down a b c or d as the
category that it’s in take a few seconds and get the picture that this goes with this one this one remember what i said about this one and
then you’re ready and you should be able to do great okay so again you just putting a b_ c_ or d_ number one is orange so if you have to kinda looked up there
just think of the pictures and put down the group number two market number three cherry number four ximino eximino number five sante… fe number six car son number seven spring number eight mag nolia number nine studebaker number ten park number eleven hopefully we’ll all get this los coyotes and the last one number twelve is rose now i’m gonna uh… read the correct
answers have you sort of check yours see how you did and then i have one more sort of comment to make about this
method and then will be all set okay here are the answers number one is c two a three a what was four d right so that should have been easy
number five was b six c seven d eight a nine d ten b eleven c and twelve b okay uh… anybody get em all right but several how many miss one or two okay so uh… if you think about it the way i taught this to you was very
quick no writing down with a little bit of
review and then we left it for like twenty or thirty minutes and then when i
went back it was all still there the last thing
that i wanted to share with you and i love this little story is that uh… i had uh… uh… when you
learn things this way by by use of mental pictures they stick for a long time longer than you want them to and i had a student one-time this guy who uh… learned this from me and told
me later that about three months after that day where we did all that he was driving with a friend and he hadn’t thought about any of that ever since that
day that he was here in the workshop and he said he was driving and they
stopped at a red light and he looked at the light and he was waiting
for it to change and he glanced up and he saw the street and it said los coyotes and immediately as soon as he saw that
he looked at his friend and he said hey that’s in groups c and the person looked at him like what and he even said what oh uh… i fell overboard off the boat i was in the sea i saw orange and he was startin
to tell the whole story even though he had’nt thought about it in
months and that shows that it was still there i may have ruined you’re driving enjoyment in long beach
for the rest of your life but i dare you the next time you’re driving down the
street you look up and you see cherry or you see carson not to have that story flash
in your mind and your gonna say i want to get rid of it you can’t it’s going to be in there for a long
time and again some things you don’t want in there but if you apply this to school related things and then a test comes you realize wow
it’s there it hasn’t disappeared anywhere and
that’s what you want you wanna learn things in such a way
that they’re glued in there and they’ll come out beautifully on the test okay
that’s the goal ok so uh… we’re done for the day if you could pass me the
sign in sheet

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