Microsoft On-Demand Demo from Global Knowledge

Make skill gaps a thing of the past. Experience a new way to master official Microsoft courses Each Microsoft On-Demand course includes a variety of resources – first, a system check to make sure the equipment you’re using meets general course requirements. Once you’ve passed, you are ready to begin. The courses are broken into easy-to-understand video modules that walk you through the information you need to fully grasp the topic at hand. The videos themselves offer you options. From closed captioning to highlighted text… each module was designed to allow you to easily navigate your way through the material at hand. When you are ready to tackle labs – you can rely on real scenarios to help you get the hands on experience you need. Rest easy knowing (our)(labs from GK) include a snapshot save feature that enables you to start and stop as needed. Have questions? That’s where the Global Knowledge mentoring feature comes in handy. An expert is always available to assist by chat, email or phone. Assessments are planted throughout each course. If you aren’t grasping a topic, you’ll know. Then you can take the time to address before moving on. And lastly, as course updates occur, you can rest easy knowing you’ll automatically gain access to them. Start mastering the skills you need with the flexibility you want with Microsoft On-Demand from Global Knowledge.

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