MEXICAN GIRLFRIEND tests my knowledge about MEXICO!!

man finally we’re home. it took so long!
That traffic is horrible. now I really want to eat something Mexican, like nachos. like what? – Nachos! – Nachos are not Mexican, they are the most Us-American dish ever Really you think that? Yeah they were invented in the u.s.! They were invented in Mexico in Coahuila from a Mexican guy. – no they’re mostly popular in the US because they were meant to be for the US market, but they were invented in Mexico still and I can’t believe I know more about
Mexico than you! — oh no you didn’t! yes I did! dude I’m Mexican and I’m sure that if I would test your knowledge about Mexico you couldn’t last one second oh really!? – Really! okay let’s try it oh hey guys! welcome to a new video on our channel and today I’m going to test.. how much do you know about Mexico?
everything! Today we’re gonna see the truth! we’re gonna figure out that I’m actually Mexican! I’ve been to Mexico four to five times!
I’ve been to Mexico my whole life! get on my level! – it’s not about how much
time you spend at a location.. it’s about how much you have in here.. – not gonna lie, you do have a big forehead! exactly! are you ready to take the test? – I’m ready Try to answer most of the questions correctly To win the game, 80 percent of the answers need to be correct If Janik wins, Joss has to make a Blog in German If Joss wins, Janik has to cook a Mexican dish first question: what are the colors of the Mexican flag and what is the order? green, white, red point which one of the following was not invented in Mexico? color television, hot-air balloon, birth control pill Hot Air Berlin Hot Air Balloon of course! – That’s true the hot-air balloon was invented in France or something.. and the rest in Mexico name 2 Mexican actors or actresses Salma Hayek
Is she from Mexico? – yes she is, very good okay and Diego Luna! yes I didn’t know you knew his name! – Of course! – I just thought you would say this Star Wars guy.. which one of the following is Mexican?
Ricky Martin, daddy yankee, paulina Rubio I don’t know the third one.. – you don’t know Paulina Rubio? what is she singing? the last one! – you knew it, you knew it from the beginning no I didn’t. I feel like Ricky Martin is
probably Spanish, is he? Daddy Yankee is from Puerto Rico Ricky Martin too – Oh Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico! okay you’re winning!
told you.. – whatever, next one! what happened on Cinco de Mayo? you know they celebrate
Cinco de Mayo, right? yeah but why? they’re celebrating Mayonaisse.. ohh that was it worst joke I’ve ever heard independence day. – No, noooo oh my god no so Cinco de Mayo was a battle that was
in Puebla it’s called la botella de Puebla which was against the French and the Mexicans won okay first one that you got wrong! In your face! which of the following is not on the Mexican flag? an eagle, the Sun, a cactus? oh I say the Sun – you knew it!! I hate it, I don’t like this game Why do you know so much about Mexico? Okay next one Mexico has the largest catholic – population in the world? is that true or is that false? – difficult question! I say it’s correct! It is false! Who do you think is the first one?
Another country from Latin America Brasil!
That’s what I would have said!! – yeah sure you didn’t say anything! – why did you say it already?
You’re such a liar! that annoys me so much right now! because I really would have said Brasil it was not going to count anyways! –
I would have said Brazil I believe you.. – you believe me? – Yeah
okay next one y’all!! – what’s happening? what is the official name of Mexico
option one Mexico! option two Republica Mexicana option three: Estados Unidos Mexicanos third one! – Damn it, I told you one time! I shouldn’t have told you! – No, you know why i knew this? every time when you fly into Mexico you
get this small paper and it says Estados Unidos Oh that’s true! so officially Mexico is not Mexico.. – so you live in a country that doesn’t exist.. ooooh – no I live in Estados – I live in Germany basically right now.. what is the name of the President of Mexico?
Is the last name enough? – no the name! last name is Nieto, Pena Nieto! – Ah ha that’s the last name! Now what is the name? What.. that’s the name! – that’s the last name
I thought Pena was the first name.. I think the last name is enough – okay –
President Pena Nieto. – okay – otherwise I would say Carlos! – Carlos Pena Nieto? – Yeah – no, Enrique! which of the following does not come from Mexico? I saw you spying on my sheet! Replay that! which one of the following does not come from Mexico? chocolate?- chocolate! – chocolate.. chili peppers? beans? Oh difficult! – man I feel like chocolate
comes from Mexico somehow, I don’t know why.. okay I would say.. – show me your poker
face! oh man it’s so difficult! okay I say beans beans are not from Mexico? – Yeah Damn it!!! – Guys the chances are good that Joss has to speak German Mexico is the second most populated country where Spanish is the official language! true or false? that’s a difficult question, really difficult questions I say it’s wrong
it’s wrong? – yeah – why? – because it’s wrong I say Mexico is the first Mexico is the most populated – and then Spain –
then Colombia! – Colombia – and then Spain if you see a map with all of the states
and you want to identify where is San Luis Potosi what shape does the state have? Do I have a joker in this game?
no! – can I call someone? – no! I am just gonna show you a map, you have five seconds! one two three – where is San Luis Potosi? – four, five you can say I don’t know y’all! – a dog! –
what type of dog? – what type? no that’s already .. so it’s correct! – How do you know this?? Did you see it? Okay which one is it? I thought it’s this one What? It’s not? okay look at the one above.. – oh it’s your dog! – it’s my dog! – but the other one also look like a dog.. no it looks like a kangaroo or something.. guys let me know in the comments below if you think that this looks like a dog use the word pedo in three different context! just like a real Mexican Vamos al pedo! – what does that mean? we go to the party! – let’s go to the party okay el pedo duele feo! – Duele? – Huele! What does that mean? the fart smells bad!
yeah one last one! – oh man in this one I’m gonna fail okay Mira el pedo! – what does that mean? – it’s cool over there why not?
of course! you don’t know Spanish.. you could say que pedo? What’s up?
oh man I knew that!! What’s wrong with me? – What’s wrong with my head? but your smile made me forget everything yeah defame en paz! okay next one next one so no I asked for three you gave me two give me your best mariachi yell!
I have no idea how to do that! the comments are going to tell us if that
was a good one or not. I’ve never heard one…. you okay listen you’ve heard it
in Coco in the movie oh okay okay Kind of… okay I will give you that one
because you tried it. I tried it I gave my best what do the following
expressions mean and this, is Mexican Spanish okay ‘Ya nos cayó el chahuistle’ okay and what does it mean? yeah thats the question.. fungus from the corn is already falling
on us.. The bad news already coming to us we already get the bad stuff yeah yeah I
would say ‘we’re fucked’ so correct yeah correct
Janik se cree el muy muy. El muy muy.. Janik believes that he’s the very very like he
thinks he’s the coolest yeah okay and the last question last question what
expression would you use to say that something is cool in Mexico. How many are you looking for? maybe two. Two! The main ones. ‘Muy padre.. está muy padre’ can I say like about me? I’m super cool uh-huh ‘soy un chingón’ hey
there’s a point well that’s not the one that I was looking for but yeah okay
otherwise I would say ‘que chido’ I got more than 80% correct I hate this game! I knew
this would happen so that means Joss has to speak German
in a video soon. No babe.. na toll. We are never playing this again.. Again..I’m half-mexican guys. I’m proud of you but I am sad, I don’t know what I’m gonna do y’all for real when I did the vlog at the UN it was so difficult. That’s gonna be exciting and if
you’re not already then subscribe to our channel to see that video soon. We hope
you like this video if you did give it a thumbs up we’re so so thankful for the
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Tschüss! adios muchachos!


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