Make a Cloud at Home – Cool Science Experiment!

Hi I’m Benyamin Today we are going to do a really neat experiment we are going to learn how to make cloud inside of a bottle and you need a few materials that you can usually find around the house Now, all you are going to need for this experiment is: 1- some rubbing alcohol, this is regular alcohol that you can buy from drug store or supermarkets 2- You need an empty plastic bottle that
you’ve washed out and cleaned out 3- You need a bicycle pump 4- You need a cork that you made a
hole in the middle of that like this Step one: open the cap of the bottle and pour
just a little bit of the alcohol inside it Step Two: Close the cap of the bottle after we’ve got the alcohol in and then just rotate the bottle like this Step Three: Ok in this step what we want to do is we want to take our bicycle pump and we want to be able to force air inside of this container okay as you see this part of the bicycle pump is not the right size of the bottle so what I’m going to do to help me force air in there is I’m going to use that cork then what we are going to do is
hold it there with my hands while I force air and while my friend manually pump it up then when I release the pressure when I move my hand away the air pressure inside that we’ve pushed in there is going quickly escape and if we’ve done it right we
wanna make a really nice cloud here Step four: Now,with my hands I’m gonna force this air pump against the bottle and my friend gonna grab the bicycle pump and then he will start pumping Okay, now I am gonna count from 1 to 3
then I let air goes out from the bottle Okay, 1 2 look at it, it’s very very nice cloud Now, what we have here is the water vapour inside the air that was inside of this bottle quickly condense into basically cloud that’s what clouds are there

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