Majoring in Management Information Systems

[Intro Music]
[About the Major] JACKIE: Management Information Systems is
the intersection of business and technology. MIS majors design technical solutions to improve
business practices and make companies more efficient and secure. JEREMIAH: Unlike computer science, MIS is
grounded in business. You first learn how businesses work so that you can improve them
using technology. [Why Management Information Systems?] JACKIE: I chose this major because it gives
you tangible skills that will help you throughout your career. I like how supportive the faculty
is and how much they’ve invested in my professional development. There are opportunities in each
class to grow your network and build your professional skills. JEREMIAH: I majored in MIS because right now
technology is redefining business. Companies now have vast amounts of data, which is propelling
business strategy into a whole other realm. [Careers in Management Information Systems] JACKIE: Terry’s MIS program is top ranked
and technology is a growing industry, so there are definitely a lot of opportunities for
jobs and internships. The major provides a foundation for graduates
to go in a business direction, a technical direction, or somewhere in the middle. Jeremiah: Graduates work for consulting firms
or for companies as internal consultants and in a variety of other jobs. JACKIE: I interned at KPMG doing IT attestation.
I authenticated clients’ data before the financial audit to ensure the validity of the data.
During my internship, I realized how much firms like KPMG respect Terry MIS majors.
They recognize our talent and our potential. JEREMIAH: This is a hands-on major, so I’m
constantly working in teams, and often, the projects are for real companies. [The Terry Experience] JACKIE: MIS students can join the Society
for Management Information Systems which gains you insights into careers and networking opportunities
with employers. And the Society for Women in Technology focuses on empowering women
entering the industry. JEREMIAH: The MIS Advisory Board is an incredible
advantage for the major. Board members ensure that the curriculum is cutting edge so that
students can have the skills that the marketplace demands and so that they can have scholarship
funds. [What Advice Would You Give to Incoming MIS
Majors?] JACKIE: To be successful in this major, you
need to enjoy learning. It’s a fast-moving field, and you need to keep up with the constant
innovations. JEREMIAH: Since many jobs are essentially
client-facing, it’s important that you like working with people in order to solve problems. If you’re a multidisciplinary, innovative
person who loves working with people and new technologies, then major in MIS at Terry. [Outro music]

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