Major Minute: Information Technology

hi my name is Jazmin Gangi I’m from PG
County Maryland I am a junior with the major in information technology at
Towson University I chose my major because I’m good with my hands
I’m good with technology so I said why not let me give it a shot I like my
major now because it’s building up on things that I’ve already previously
learned in the past so it’s very challenging but it’s also interesting
for me. The favorite class I’ve taken in my major would probably be my I-tech 231 class. It’s web development so in that class you learn how to like build
websites and whatnot it’s really creative and I use my creative side this
semester what I am looking forward to accomplish is packed in my programming
class the teachers are very great the teachers truly care about us succeeding
in this field because there’s such a high demand but they are not shy about
helping you in solving problems if you’re having troubles in class and like
trying to help you find an internship a teacher of mine will have us sit down
and read six different companies he wants to show us that like after
undergrad we can do it for the future I want to work with Disney I want to do
something in their IT department after studying here at Towson University all
my teachers have inspired me so much and I would love to take my major
information technology and my minors deaf studies could go out into the world
and help people in the future thank you so much and see you around campus

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