LG G9 ThinQ 5G (2020) First Look and Review!

Hello, ladies gentlemen welcome to Science
and Knowledge, Shahbaz here, once again we’ve fresh news and updates about LG G9 ThinQ the
flagship of 2020, let’s start the video. What is known about the smartphone LG G9 ThinQ LG is expecting a smartphone that can truly
surprise the public and become a popular device. This South Korean manufacturer has not produced
for quite some time. Of course, in the last couple of years, the
company has created decent devices, but none of them managed to shake the image. At first, there was an ambitious and far from
ideal LG G5 with a modular design. After that, LG moved away from risky innovations
in the flagship device line. Then there were problems in order to highlight
their products against the background of numerous competitors in the expensive segment. Will the company take risks in the LG G9 ThinQ
model or will it go off the beaten track and will not present anything particularly interesting? It’s too early to talk about it exactly,
but you can analyze the available information and make assumptions. Let’s talk about Price and Release Date LG usually announces its new smartphones at
the MWC in Barcelona in February. LG G8 ThinQ was introduced on February 24
this year, sales began in March. Thus, the new flagship should be introduced
next year. As for the price, it is unlikely to increase
significantly compared to the LG G8. The LG G6 model in the United States at the
time of launch cost $ 650; the recommended cost of the LG G7 ThinQ rose to $ 750. LG G8 was released for $ 850, which seemed
a pretty expensive proposition. However, since then it has managed to decline
to a more acceptable level. It is unlikely this time the cost will increase
by another $ 100, but we can assume a price of $ 899. Let’s talk about Camera If you look at last year’s LG patents, one
of them is striking. This is a patent for a smartphone with sixteen
rear cameras. It is unlikely that in the near future the
company will really release such a device, and yet it can be assumed that the number
of cameras will increase. Recently, devices with three rear cameras
have become familiar, periodically there are four or even five. This allows for more diverse shooting options,
while the weight of the device does not particularly increase. Sensors and lenses are small enough, which
allows engineers to fit more and more cameras with different focal lengths. The software is also being improved and allows
you to use them together or in turn with a digital combination of shooting results. The LG V40 has a triple rear camera, the South
Korean version of the LG G8 ThinQ too. One of the possibilities from the patent is
the simultaneous shooting of photographs with all cameras. This allows you to select the best frame after. You can also create more detailed panoramic
shots by combining images. An increase in the number of cameras at the
same time improves the quality of image depth analysis for portrait shooting. This is important in augmented reality applications. Let’s talk about Improved OLED Screen In terms of screen innovation, LG has not
offered anything interesting in recent years. OLED plastic panels are inferior in quality
to Samsung Super AMOLED screens, they have lower maximum brightness and worse color accuracy. True, the LG G8 in this regard has been improved
compared to its predecessors. LG follows its competitors and increases screen
size. It becomes longer, the frames around it decrease,
a cutout appeared. Next in line are the front cameras inside
the screen, but it is unlikely that it will be already in the LG G9. Technology is only in its infancy. There were already working prototypes, but
so far not a single commercial smartphone. The first one is expected next week from Vivo. If you look at the LG patents of the last
year, the company nurtures the idea of ​​a camera inside the hole. This is nothing new, since a lot of such smartphones
have already been released. For LG, it would be useful to surprise the
audience and release a smartphone with a camera inside the screen. The company has huge production capacities
to create OLED panels and has enough resources to develop and implement such innovations. But will she just want to use these resources? Now let’s talk about Headphone jack More and more smartphones come out where there
is no 3.5 mm jack. Samsung still saves them in the Galaxy S line,
but in the Galaxy Note 10, the connector may disappear. Soon it will become a real rarity, but it
still remains in LG devices. This manufacturer pays great attention to
sound quality and installs an excellent digital-to-analog converter to improve the quality of audio
in the headphones. If only LG was not going to stop betting on
music lovers, you should not worry about the safety of the connector. User Interface Required Changes LG’s shell on top of Android is not considered
the worst, but some improvements in terms of appearance and functionality would not
hurt. The LG G8 runs on Android Pie, but there aren’t
many of Google’s features, such as the Digital Wellness option. There is also no dark version of the interface,
which on the OLED screen would be very useful. Almost all manufacturers presented their options
for such an interface. Perhaps LG will do it. That’s it for now, we hope you’ll like the
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