– This is my favorite jacket,
and I am glowing, wow. Brandon, how far along are you? Nearly there! It has no zipper, zero zipper. The amount of zippers it
has is less than one, okay? So I went to Wal-Mart and I picked up this purple zipper, okay? And this sewin’ machine.
(laughs) I’ve never sewn anything before, but I’m ready to reap a jacket. (zipper) (groans) Turns out I bought the one zipper in the entire universe that doesn’t come apart. Show me one jacket that zips up that doesn’t come apart in the first p- How? Where? (groans) Forever broken, ‘kay. Are y’all tellin’ me I bought a sewin’ machine for no reason? (sob) No, we’re gonna learn to sew today. ‘How to use your sewin’
machine for beginners.’ – [Girl In Video] Primarily on the machine of how to thread it. So now I wanna show you- – I have to thread it? – [Girl] And on the end, some- Then you have your needle
and your bobbin goes in here. – What’s a bobbin? – [Girl] Now I wanna
teach you how to transfer your thread from the spool to the bobbin. – I’m still tryin’ to
get it off the spool, waitin’ on you. – [Girl] I go through here. – What do I do with this thing? Were these the bobbins
you were talkin’ about? I found a bag of bobbins, okay? Bilbo Bobbins. What do I do with it? – [Girl] And on some
machines you have to, like, hit a button on the side and that makes- – I’m gettin’ pretty frustrated. I’m gonna be hittin’ a lot of things. What do I do with this? Just put it on like this? – [Girl] And I’m gonna wind the bobbin. And then, actually,
we’ll go up and down, so- (sewing machine) – Say no more, let the fun begin. It’s not turned on, hold on. Like I said, let the fun begin. (sewing machine) This is movin’, that’s not movin’. No. Oh. None of these are doin’ anything, okay? It’s just this thing. – [Girl] The button on the side. – Oh, hit the button on the side. (sewing machine) Nope, there wasn’t a button. (sewing machine) There’s no more buttons. ‘How to thread a bobbin.’ – [Girl] But, basically a bobbin
is the mini spool of thread that sits at the bottom of your machine to make your stitches, so,
(clatter) To wind the bobbin- – So, the bobbin’s just used
for the thing underneath under the needle? (clanking) Kind of like this? The one that’s already inside? Turns out I had the
bobbin all along, okay? Sometimes you just gotta look
within to find the bobbin. – [Girl] This machine
is a good one for you, because it’s basic,
affordable, and easy to use. – What’d you call me? – [Girl] So you can make it big or small. – Mine look like Aztec symbols, what do they all mean? There’s 17 of ’em! – [Girl] To release the
tension of your thread, if you’re sizing the fabric- – Threading your machine. – [Girl] Take this bobbin, it usually comes with your sewing machine, so you should have one. – It did, it was there the whole time. It-I don’t wanna talk about it. – [Girl] And switch it
over, get the thread- – Switch what over? – [Girl] Wrap it around the
thread-winder like this, but make sure its switched over, like- If you don’t switch it over to the right, (laughs) – You can switch it over? Jear Desus. We’re threadin’ this bobbin, Amy. Here we go. I have a new sense of
want-to right now, okay? Why are the holes so tiny? Okay, how long do I pull? ‘Cause I’m just goin’, okay? (sewing machine)
– [Amy] Hold on to the thread- – We’re threadin’ a bobbin, y’all. Hey Amy, I’m threadin’ the bobbin. Look, I’m not even lookin’. (sewing machine runs) Hey, hey, hey, hey hey- Amy, it’s taken this end. I made a joke and then karma. No, no, no, no, no. We gotta hold it straight up, she didn’t say that. Ugh, Crafty Amy, my bobbin
is like, all loosey-goosey. There’s like, flaps and things. Where’s the reverse? – [Amy] Then wind it up a- – Oh, you went real fast and confident. Hold on. (sewing machine) Amy, Amy. Watch this, Amy, I’m
gonna go real confident. (sewing machine) (clatter) What happened? ‘scuse me, why are you hot? Oh no. Amy! Okay, that was a nightmare. Crafty Amy, I made a confident bobbin. (sigh) When do I actually start sewin’? – [Amy] After it’s done winding, – This thing’ll fall off? – [Girl] Switch the bobbin
winder to the left to- – That’s how I knew I was done. What? I was supposed to keep it on there? That was the intention, okay? It coming off was its idea. Put it on the what now, here? – [Amy] Now you thread
it through the needle. – Do what? I have to put this tiny little thread through the tiny little needle hole? I thought this did it for me! What’s the point of havin’ a machine? (groans) This is impossible, Amy. – [Amy] Now your top thread
is threaded, place it under- – No it ain’t, Amy, it’s still frayed. I think I bit it at the wrong angle. Get in there, get in there, where else to you have to go? Amy, it’s gonna take an act of god to get thread through this needle hole. Huh, there we go. Thank you, god. Do what now? Put it under the what? What am I winding for, what’s the point? – [Amy] Now you have both
threads above the needle plate. – I do not, I do not have that. It is not what’s goin’ on with me. What? Pull it down, it grabs
the thing, it doesn’t! (sobs) – [Amy] Now pull he
thread, it should stick up. – I’m pullin’, but it’s just pullin’, it ain’t stickin’ out. Amy, what’s wrong with my bobbin? – [Amy] Now, you have both
threads above the needle plate. – Uh-uh. – [Amy] This is the
needle plate, by the way. – Wait a minute. Mine looks exactly like
yours looks just right now, was I a step ahead of you this whole- oh my lord, get in there. – [Amy] The fabric
between the presser foot- – I don’t have fabric. I do have a couple shirts from my old job that I’m not allowed to wear anymore. (sewing machine) – [Amy] To keep your stitches- – No, no, no, no, no, no, no- Mine’s just clumpin’ as it goes. Mine made a mess, it
also didn’t sew nothin’. Hold on. Ohhh, I figured it out on my own! This has gotta go over that one, you put this one over like this, you bring the pit all the way to the top, you take your scissors- Amy, I shoulda taught you, okay? Look at this. Oh, I didn’t do it. Put this on the peg-leg- Slowly press the gas. (sewing machine) Am I doin’ it? This feels right but I
don’t know how to st- How do I stop? I think that’s the most
embarrassin’ thing I’ve ever done. Hold on. (sobs) Why is this so difficult? For a second I thought
I sewed it so perfect, it just looked like one seamless line, ’cause it is. How are elderly women so good at this? I can barely get this through the needle- Yes! What’re you doin’? Hey, no, you get back where
you’re supposed to go. (sob) – [Amy] So, this machine- – Doesn’t work. – [Amy] The reverse button down, while using the foot pedal and- – Why? – [Amy] So it’s going backwards- – I was lookin’ towards
the future the whole time, no, no, no. Where’s my pocket from the past? (sewing machine) And then forward. (sewing machine fast) What is this? How do I have four strands of string now? How’m I gainin’ thread? (groans) ‘How to thread a sewin’ machine,’ yes, please. – [Girl] Usually, just above the needle is another thread guide that you’re gonna hook the thread through. – I forgot to run it through
the other thread cut. Jear Desus- Color me embarrassed, hold on. Wait, are you pushin’ it though this way? Holy crap. You mean to tell me I was
puttin’ it in the wrong way? Story of my life. – [Girl] And here’s the
tricky part, you want the- – I’ve been through the tricky part, okay? Why doesn’t it pull up the bobbin thread? – [Girl] Then you can pull this thread, and it brings out the
bobbin thread, so that- – I’m so stupid. The bobbin thread’s already out. Its been out, I bought it out. (sigh) But that don’t explain why
my sewin’s not workin’. – [Amy] This is how it looks so far. See how it looks- – Like you’ve sewed something? Yeah. Mine don’t look like that. Hold on, this, this, reverse. (sewing machine) Oh my lord, Amy. (groans) I had my Aztec writing
on the zig-zaggy one, the one that does this. (clicking) You’re kiddin’ me. Oh my lord. (thumping) How long has it been? An hour and a half. An hour and a half! (laughs) The moment of truth, or the moment of continuing embarrassment. Here we go. (sewing machine) Why are you still doin’ this? (sewing machine) (chuckles) It’s real! How do I flip, how do I turn it? (sewing machine) Oh! (sewing machine) Hey, hey hey hey hey. (sewing machine) Oh ho ho ho! (clatter) I did it! Look at that craftsman-oop- I made a little purse for my bobbins, and all my incompleted work. (breath) I’ve never been more proud of myself. I have to go call my mother.

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