LEARNING TO HUMAN | Manual Samuel #1

*high-five* Top o’ the morning to ya, laddies!
My name is jacksepticeye! And welcome to a game called “Manual Samuel”. It came out on Steam, just today.
And it looks really cool because… First off, it’s dark humor, which I love
above all other types of humor But the art style looks really cool.
It looks really, really funny. It’s about a guy named Samuel. T-This just the description that I’ve been…
I-I’m going off on Steam. And I saw the trailer for it.
It said that… …he’s a dude who has an unfortunate day.
He… maybe dies? And then, Death gives him
another chance to live again. If he can survive a whole day
while doing things manually. And that’s where Jackaboy comes in
because I have to control him. So that’s about as much as I know.
I’ve no idea how it plays, what the gameplay actually is. But it looked funny,
so “Story Mode”, let’s go. “New Game”.
Aw, I’m a tiny little baby holding a stack of cash! Something every baby needs. Nice! Mok-spe-kiat— Is he Bruce Wayne? Sam, you forgot her birthday!? Goddammit. Dump his ass! “Fractured jawbone”! She hit him with, uh…
fucking bottle of broccoli juice. Oh, man, this is awesome! Okay, okay, now I have to play.
He’s not unconscious, his eyes are open. Look at that kid go! Jesus… Okay. We can do it, Sam! Sam!
D-Different kind of “Sam”, but can still do it! Okay, so this is the tutorial. Okay, I’m gettin’ it. It’s like playing “Octodad”. That’s what I strive to be the best at, EXISTING!
I’m great at existing! Look at me walk…
Oooh, sorry. Oh, God! This is awesome! Uuu-wee! Nice! This game is funny! Oh, yes. I’m dancin’! ♪ ‘Cause it’s a thriller, thriller night! ♪ Okay, let’s walk.
God, I am busted up bad. What game you playin’?
“Zelda”? Okay… That dude in the back is…
Oh, God… Hey, Tony-dude! Okay…
Use your back arm. Yeah, Euro! Okay…
Can I tip him? Yikes! Here you go, bro. Can I just keep doing it? Okay, let’s go.
Um… Once more! Yeah, bro! See? I’m a great guy—
He’s in the background! I hope you at least put the money in
t-the cash register that I paid for my coffee. Okay.
Wait, “robots too automatic”? It says on the newspaper.
Right, out the door we go. So… “The annual old lady convention.
Non-stop knitting and kitten.” I also like that the game… It gives you like
the joke and then the narrator kinda shuts up. So you get on with things.
A lot of games are just like non-stop narration. Hello, Clarissa. Oh, God… Ah, this is it.
I’m gonna get hit by a car. Yeah!! Oooh, nooo-ooo-ooo!! A SEPTIC tank!? SAM!?
This is perfect! Noooooooo-grgrgrgrgrgrgr-o! He dead, Clarissa. Actually, we never
actually got your name… Oh, God! There’s his shoe! What it says in his hat? I can’t see it.
Oh, God. This game is awesome! Am I like straight-up deadness? Was I knocked under ground?
Jesus. Feces happen. Man, what a strong opening! I like it.
I really, really like the art style. And the whole like funny…
like British-narrator thing. Its… I dunno. I like that stuff.
It’s kinda why I liked “The Stanley Parable” so much. That, and the fact that it was
a great, um… game, anyway. But the art style and everything in this just… It has a style. It has a very unique style and everything is very cohesive and everything fits together really well. And I like that. And it’s a different type of game as well. Okay… Should we skip this and
just get to our story? Sorry. Now I feel bad… Hello!
I have arrived! Get up, Sam! You’re dead!
You shouldn’t have any sort of weakness now. No. What the hell? Yeah, there’s something over to the right.
Also, I like that the road sign just shows people falling. Have a nice day! ‘Suh, dude. Yeah, I fuckin’…
Yes! ‘Suh, dude.
I was hoping that he’d talk like that! Yeah, dawg! Ait, dawg! Good idea. Yo, see ya later, Death! Imma walk myself to the hissie-dih-haps
all over to the right side of the screen! I was hoping that Death would
sound like that when he came up… …’cause he was building him up
into something like really vicious. Uuuh! Yeah. Because… Hell is like different for everybody
’cause it supposes to be like YOUR Hell. So, Sam’s Hell is “trying to get a job”. Let’s go up and talk. See if we can actually talk…
This guy’s shirt has “Ello, mate!” Imma go this way.
“Welcome to Hell.” Hell’s nice! It’s not that bad.
There’s no smoking in Hell, tho. The only smoking that’s allowed to happen
are the pyres of fire around the place. Yo, Death!
What be up, dawg? I wonder how many Shreds of Life I have. Pccch!
Sound effect! Awesome.
Yeah, how many Shreds of Life do you have? ‘Cause I’ve… none on me… at the moment
Oh, God, I wish I have a shred of life. Why is my face blue? I can hear you. Okay… Yeah. Oh, God. Ah, jeez!
I have to do EVERYTHING!? I have to breath! I have to blink! I have to walk! *Um, of course…
You’re a goddamn living creature, Jackaboy! Nice!! Yo, I’ve been breathin’ like a motherfucka! Okay, so do I have to get up? Oookay… This is hard!
‘Cause there’s so much things to keep in mind! Ah! Nice! Did he do it!? Whaaat?
“A Norwegian teenager at a wedding”? Oh, God!
I have to do everything! To brush teeth I have to breath!
I have to blink! Oh, God.
This is cool, tho. Now I… Okay, you can brush your teeth
before you need to breath again. I have to fuckin’ cough at everything! Jesus Christ!
This is a neat idea! I like this!
Okay… Oh, God, no! I’m pissin’! Dude!
Look at me go! Look, I… Oh! Almost in the bowl!
It’s just like real life! It’s hard to aim, okay!
When you got a wien! Especially, when your fucking spine is all broken! Okay, here we go…
Here we go… Okay. Ah, shit! Hashtag “took a leak”! I got an achievement for “Piss Perfect”. This is awesome! Okay.
I have to… I have to take a shower. Oh, God… Okay, what do I do? Oooh, okay. Jesus Christ!
I have to breath as well! I’m blinking!
Shut up! Here we go. Wash, wash, wash.
Oooh, sexy-fresh-clean! Nice! Wash that face!
It’s getting a little, uh… It’s getting a little blue there. Okay, cool. Why am I not getting cleaned anymore?
I’m 97% clean. Nice! Thank you, I appreciate it.
It was hard to get… It was hard… Ah, fuck! I keep forgetting what leg is next!
It was hard to clean myself there for a second, but… *Don’t take this out of context. I never been more aware of
my own breath in my life. I hate that!
I hate when you get a… Do I have to go back? I hate when you get… you become
aware of your own breath Like when you’re laying in bed and
you can hear your heartbeat kinda thing. I know!
I’m trying to… Fuck. Dude!
Sick kick-flips! Death is a homie!
He knows what-do. Okay… Okay… Ugh…
In the door. There we go! Now I’m definitely got a fuckin’ zombie from “Thriller”. Okay, easy does it.
Piece by piece. Okay. So, my controller vibrates as well when my
spine is about to give out. So sometimes I can save it. Why do I have a picture of me
with fruit where my dick should be? Why do I have a picture of a horse
as well next to that— Auw…. God…
Living manually SUCKS! Uh… Anything.
Anything I can get my hands on. I did it! I did it!
Yeah! Nice. He just go : “Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh…” “Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh…” Okay. Nice. Yes! “PS. He is not”? Why?
I’m so ready for the day. I got my fuckin’… Oh, spine’s giving out. I got my badass clothes on.
I got my pile of cash over there. Let’s movin’ on out, Sam! I’m in labor!
Quick breaths! I’m blinking! Shut up—
Who’s narrating my life, by the way? I want Morgan Freeman to narrate my life.
He’s cooler. I mean, you’re just as cool! Oh, God, no… Agh, God! This is gonna go badly…
This is gonna go badly… Don’t fall down. Nice!!
I made it down the stairs! Dude, I’m a fuckin’… I’m a natural at living manually.
Watch this. Like a baaaws!
Why is my head going all fucking pink, tho? I wanna play some “Flappy Rooster”! *Jackaboy? How’d you get down here? What up, bro? Hey! What’s up? I’m trying, man. I mean, not all of us can
just be a skeleton all the time. But, I’m trying, okay. It’s a hard life.
I’m trying to live it the best I can. Can we get out the door?
Aw, I need shoes. Ah, God!
Where are my shoes? I have to chew my food. Oh, God! I had to!
I couldn’t not breath in! Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew! How do I swallow? Yes! I ate it, tho!
I got it down in my belly hole! Hey, is that a HAL 9000 on the… “Fridge Pal 9000”. That’s clever. On the fridge. Like “2001: A Space Odyssey”.
Okay… Here we go. I got it.
Oh, I’m movin’. Watch, watch these legs go! Watch me do, “Gosh Darn” coffee machine!
Oh, yes. Okay, breath all the way in. Breath all the way in.
Now pick up the coffee and… Argh!
Why did I do that!? Ah! Fuck! My coffee is cooled. Now let’s take a sip. Yes! “Reminder : Pants and shoes.” Ah, God, I don’t have shoes. I’m not stupid!
Okay… Right. Okay. I’m gonna leave this episode
of “Manual Samuel” here! This game is awesome!
I did not expect it to be as fun as it is! ‘Cause like looking at the trailer and looking
at the screenshots and everything… …I had actually no idea how it would played. I didn’t know what you had to do.
But this is really, really fun! Funny, very stylistic, the narrator is actually good. Um… the characters are funny, the gameplay
is actually fun, the music is awesome. Really, really creative and really unique.
I like this a lot. Um… I’ll probably play more of it depending on you guys, if you wanna see more of it. I really like it, anyway. But for now… thank you guys
so much for watching this episode! If you liked it, punch that like button
in the face… LIKE A BOSS!! And… high fives all around.
*high five *high five Thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes… …IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! Subtitles / CC by : Hansond Jaysond Lee
(have a nice day, guys ^_^) I pulled my own headphones out, gosh dang it!

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