– Have y’all ever seen those
videos where people stack cups? Similar to what I did before. Well I have, and I’mma do it. Fast. What’s the world record
for fastest cup stacker? I wanna know what I’m competing with. Five seconds flat? I’mma do it five seconds sharp. I do dishes nearly every day, so I’m somewhat of a
professional at stacking cups. I realized all I have
to do is get it down to five seconds flat to be
a world record holder? Yes please. “Learn the 3-6-3 stack.” What’s a 3-6-3–? Is that an area code? Okay. 3-6-3, you’re stacking 3, you’re stacking 6, and you’re stacking 3. Let’s try it. I don’t have cups to do
the 3-6-3, I’m sorry. I have these tiny cups. Time! I don’t think I kept
the entire clip in here when I edited it, took like three minutes. And how? What did– Do this! What’s the world record? And then. That’s the motion you were doing. – [Video Narrator] Some say
she has the fastest hands in the world. – What do the others say? – [Video Narrator] When Emily Fox started sport stacking in the 3rd grade, who knew that some day she
would be the world champion? – Not for long! – [Video Narrator] Emily started
sport stacking when her– Has traveled the world and
starred in commercials. – [Emily] Hey, I’m Emily Fox. That was me. – Did you just introduce yourself with a documentary of yourself?
That’s impressive. Hold on. Brandon Farris: known to everyone around the world as: the
greatest stacker in the world. He’s been featured on
shows such as: his own, his YouTube channel, baffling
people across the land about his skills and
technicalit-abilities. He has hand-eye coordination like a fox. Hi. I’m Brandon Farris. I’m the guy I was talking about earlier. Welcome to my lesson. – [Emily] And helped launch
a successful collegiate and professional basketball career. And to think, it all started with– – Are you saying you got a
scholarship for basketball because you could stack cups? What’s the correlation? I just won an NBA Championship. – [Video Narrator] As a high
school Sophomore Emily– – Are you gonna teach
me how to stack cups, or is this just your documentary? – [Emily] The first thing
is a set of speed stacks. As you’ll see, there’s holes on the top so they don’t stick together. That’s why normal
drinking cups don’t work. Next thing you’ll– – Is that why you ain’t working? I gotta drill holes in these? Hold on, I gotta do a little DIY. How do you get the hole in there? Will they work like that? Hold on. A little pressure up here. Yeah! That’s how you do it. Jear Desus! How many I gotta do?
3-6-3? What’s that in math? Tell me again what the holes were for? – [Emily] Next thing you’ll
need is a stack mat– – Got it – [Emily] So it’s a non-slippery
surface to stack on. It also helps you time yourself. Next you’ll need a flat
surface, I recommend a table– – That’s what the mat is for. My mat doubles as a
flat surface, and a mat. Multipurpose. I got the motions! – [Emily] Now to use your stack mat, you wanna push the power
button on, make sure it’s reset to zero, place both your hands on the pads– – I’d love to break your
record today, Emily, the problem is my cups are clingy. I tried poking the holes,
but that doesn’t work, so I’m gonna have to lube ’em up. That way they don’t slip
and slide on each other Check this out. Oh no. That didn’t work – [Second Video] Okay, so
today I’m gonna show you how to do the six-cup pyramid. – Where’s your documentary?
Your accolades? – [Second Video] Drop one
from each stack by either side so it makes three– – That don’t make s–drop one on each hand that makes three? How many hands you got? Because when I do it, I get this many. – [Second Video] Now to down stack it, the top one with your
right hand, and then– – I like to go from the middle row. It’s more impressive. I don’t see any world records
for just stacking six! Today’s the day. Five seconds! We’re getting worse. No, no, no, no, no, no! This way, this way, this way. That’s not a good sign. Aw, this is the one, this is the one! Yeah. 4.93, people! Do I get points for
creativity on that one? Hmm! We’re gonna get three seconds, okay? Woo! 3.66, people! We’re going for three seconds flat, OK? That’s fine, no that’s fine. Dang it! I think the real challenge,
here, is stopping the timer. My camera stopped recording literally when I celebrated and got this: 2.78 I know y’all don’t believe
me, so I’m gonna do it again. Watch out Emily, they’re about to make a documentary about me! I stepped in the bowl of
oil during my celebration. Pretty sure we just broke the Guinness Book of World Records.


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