Learning English – Live Lesson and chat with Misterduncan in England – 28th September 2019

it’s a windy day here in the UK oh my
goodness there is a storm lashing around me right now as I’m talking to you oh my
goodness what will happen during the next 45 minutes stay tuned to find out
here we go then and there you can see a live view right now it is a very windy
day I can’t believe how windy it is here at the moment there is a huge gale
blowing all around me and there you can see the trees in the distance blowing
all over the place so here we go but the big question is where is mr. duncan mr.
duncan have you recovered from your terrible cold the answer is almost
almost hi everybody this is mr. duncan in England how are you today are you
okay I hope so are you happy well are you
happy I really hope so it is so windy at the moment when I came out this morning
there was a gentle breeze but but now there is a terrible gale blowing all
around me at least it’s not raining there is nothing worse than the
combination of wind and rain at the same time it’s terrible so here we go then
it’s mr. Duncan that’s me by the way just in case you are new here and you
have no idea what is happening on your internet device at this very moment my
name is Duncan and I teach English on YouTube I have been doing it forever in
fact I’ve been teaching English on YouTube for almost as long as YouTube
has existed as a thing I’m not joking so my presence here on YouTube is almost as
long as YouTube itself we’ll be talking a little bit more about that later on
for various reasons of course the big question is have I recovered from my
illness I have been so unwell this week I can’t begin to tell you
SiC I’ve been so I’ve been pretty ill over the past few days Tuesday and
Wednesday I felt absolutely awful I can’t believe I’m standing here now
talking to you I really didn’t think I would be doing this today I really
thought there would be no live streams this weekend but here I am anyway I have
crawled out of my deathbed to be with you but I don’t feel too bad I have what
they call a lingering cold lingering if something lingers it means it stays
around for a very long time so my cold has almost gone but I still have some
lingering symptoms such as a blocked nose my throat is very sore and also my
poor little chest at the moment is really suffering for those who know that
I do suffer from asthma so the problem is whenever I get a cold it always goes
straight to my little chest so that’s what’s happening today I’m here with you
and not too bad it’s just a short one today don’t forget if you want to know
when I’m on here are the times on the screen right now there they are
live lessons Saturday 12 p.m. Bob is of course midday UK time don’t forget to
find out what the time difference is if you are here now well of course it
doesn’t matter because you’re watching me right now if you want to join me
tomorrow yes I’m back tomorrow as well Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time so you can
catch me twice every weekend however there is something special coming up
next month yes October is just around the corner
are you excited because October is approaching and here in the UK October
is going to be a very busy month for two reasons one
well I’m sure you’ve heard the news from the UK we will be leaving the European
Union on the 31st of October so that’s one thing that’s happening next month
also next month it’s my 13th anniversary on YouTube so next month I will be
celebrating that and there will be something happening during October
something very unusual and dare I say special ooh mr. Duncan’s something
special happening I can’t believe it my my cup of coffee is going cold so please
excuse me I have a hot beverage here to keep me going so I’m going to have a
little sip a little slurp of my coffee do you mind is it okay hmm last night I
was watching television and sometimes I like to watch one particular channel a
shopping channel and last night they were selling a coffee machine so it’s
something that you put in your kitchen and you can get fresh ground coffee so
it makes the coffee for you it does everything but the thing that I couldn’t
believe was the price of the machine it was one and a half thousand pounds and
all I could think whilst the presenter was demonstrating this machine all I
could think was who who would spend one and a half thousand pounds on a machine
that makes coffee who I know who wouldn’t me and also mr. Steve we
couldn’t believe we were we were sort of so shocked we couldn’t believe that
someone out there was going to pay one and a half thousand pounds to make fresh
coffee can you believe it some people of course one of the reasons why they do
this is because they want to show off to their neighbors
they want to invite their neighbors around and then they say oh would you
like a cup of fresh coffee and then they start making their coffee on their very
expensive machine just so the neighbours will be very impressed ooh
so enough of that for now do you like my little flag by the way I have a little
flag and being very patriotic today so there you can see a little flag that is
the Union flag it is a combination of the English flag also the Scottish flag
and also the Welsh flag in fact they’re all in there it is a combination of
everything but it has nothing to do with brexit okay so before anyone says Oh mr.
Duncan you’re being so political today very naughty I’m not I’m not being
political at all I just thought it would be nice to have a little flag fluttering
in the breeze hello Martha hello everybody
Martha guess what you are first on the livestream so that deserves a
super-duper round of applause there’s one thing you can always say
about me I’m always enthusiastic so well done
Martha you are first on the live chat today also malla Noah
hello Malan OA I’m sure I pronounced your name incorrectly I always do I get
emails from people saying mr. Duncan you keep mispronouncing my name if you don’t
stop doing it I will come round and I will do
unmentionable things to you Anna cut Anna Combee hello Anna Coby and also shy
Elijah hello to you as well Mika is here watching in Japan a big
hello to Japan I hope the Rugby World Cup is going well I have absolutely no
idea what is happening in the Rugby World Cup so please don’t ask me I don’t
follow sport so if you are going to ask me mr. Duncan
do you follow sport the answer is no I don’t really I don’t follow sport very
much it is so windy I can’t believe it hello – Oh dare hello oderno Bauer or no
bow or no bar see I probably probably pronounced your name wrong watching in
Spain hello Spain oh you know what I would like to go to Spain because
earlier this year mr. Steve took me to Portugal thanks to his company ooh very
nice and I thought well Spain is just next door and I really I really wanted
to go to Spain to have a look around there as well so
maybe one day I will go to visit Spain Daniel hello Daniel hello also to dis
aunty watching in Indonesia hello to Indonesia I know I have a lot of people
watching there in Indonesia also to bash my Ibrahim
watching in Egypt AB Abdo hello Abdo watching in Sudan
hello Sudan of course at the moment we have our two members two members of our
royal family visiting Africa at the moment palmyra hello to all the people
there hello to the world isn’t it amazing Here I am standing in
my garden talking to the whole planet Oh Vai tests hello to you I can’t believe
that I’m here doing this I’m going to be honest with you on Tuesday and Wednesday
I felt so ill in fact on Wednesday I spent the whole day in bed
I really felt awful I couldn’t stop coughing
and also I lost my voice so I can’t believe I’m standing here now in my
garden talking to you but you might be able to hear that my voice is still a
little a little croaky I sound like a frog mad hello AK mad did I pronounce
your name right there a little bit of mad I think that’s how you pronounce it
hello also – Dima Dima says something in Cyrillic I hope you are not swearing at
me I always get worried when people type on the live chat with their native
language because I always think maybe maybe you’re saying something rude to me I’m drowning in my own coffee
connell hello colonel hello mr. Duncan hi nice to see you here today on a very
windy day if it’s really windy I’m I’m feeling a little cautious about standing
out here today just in case a tree falls on my head
Ahmed nice to see you again mullah Noah hello mullah Noah what have you been up
to mr. Duncan I’ve been lying in bed all week feeling
very sorry for myself so yes I have been in bed all week well almost all week the
other night I was chatting on Facebook to one of my relatives and they had no
idea that I was really sick I thought my gazebo was going to blow away then so
yes III was talking on Facebook with one of my relatives then they had no idea
that I was sick because I didn’t tell them they have no idea just how ill I
was whilst I was chatting with them on on Facebook hello dong young
hello to you Oh apparently here is the latest from the the Rugby World Cup I’m
going to sound like an expert now people will think I’m some sort of expert
apparently Japan has beaten Island in the world
rugby tournament I sound so sure about what I’m talking about there don’t I
apparently it’s unbelievable so Japan have actually beaten Island now as I
understand it I think Island has quite a good rugby team would I be right in
saying that I have no idea I have no idea about rugby all I remember about
rugby is that at the end of the match they would all climb into a big bath
together I’m surprised that I never took rook me up Stephen hello Stephen of
Jesus of Jesus I am very intrigued by your name is there some reason for that
hello Stephen not mr. Steve he’s not here at the moment he will be here
tomorrow by the way he’s been away all week mr. Steve went away
and he left me on my own so I had to look after myself all this week because
Steve went away he left me all on my own can you believe it you upender Italian
mr. Haly Helle oh hey mr. Duncan thank you for
your work you have really helped me to learn this language I’m very glad to
hear it by the way if you want to follow me you
can you can contact me on Facebook of course also you can email me as well
send me a lovely email and if you want to make a donation you can do that as
well and there is the donate button there so if you want to send a little
donation just to help my work continue because I do all of this for free I
don’t get paid for this so none of my students have to pay for my lessons
everything I do is free so all donations will be gladly received hello also to ana hi hi Ana
nice to see you here today it is just a short live stream today because it’s
Saturday hmm my coffee has gone cold yeah there’s nothing worse than cold coffee
nothing nothing you pendra says mostly the practice of
your initial clap classes and blessings to you throw your success in the moment
thank you you pendra that’s very kind of you I need all the look I can get it at
the moment because I’m recovering from a horrible cold that mr. Steve gave to me Palmyra high Alamgir hi to everyone else
hi palem pal Mira nice to see you here as well
Menno shea white hello to my favorite teacher hi to you thanks a lot for
joining me hello mr. Duncan and everybody I hope you don’t fly away with
that windy day me too do you want to see it look at look at the weather at the
moment that is actually the live view behind me and you can see it’s really
windy I can’t believe how windy it is and apparently next week the weather is
going to be terrible here in the UK it is going to be a pretty horrible week so
I’m not looking forward to that if I was honest not looking forward to it
meanwhile Belarus ear is here hello Belarusian nice to see you here don’t
forget to send my greetings to your family you pendra you are loved you are
the loved one of several people well thank you very much for that Helena I’m
pleased to see that you’ve almost recovered mr. Duncan yes thank you very
much by the way for all of your lovely messages I did receive some very nice
messages so thank you very much to those who wrote to me saying
get well soon mr. Duncan we wish you a speedy recovery so I have a little bit
of my cold it is lingering linga it’s a great word that so if you
linger it means you stay you stay around you
don’t leave straightaway you linger linger
hello Alamgir hello also too mad again I hope I’m pronouncing your name right
I like the flag it is always moving yes I think this flag is very suitable today
because it’s so windy so I thought it will be a good day to fly my little flag
nice to hear nice to see you here today to all of my lovely friends thank you
very much again is the UK flag in your garden for brexit no it isn’t it has
nothing to do with brexit so please don’t think that this is some sort of
political statement it’s just something I’ve decided to put up because it’s
windy can I let you in on a little secret can I tell you something some of
my neighbours have flags in their garden they have flag poles and they actually
fly flags it’s a little bit like the United States if you go to the United
States you will see that many people have the American flag hanging outside
their house to show just how patriotic they are so here it’s not so common you
don’t normally see people flying the British flag or the UK flag or the
English flag the only time you normally see it is when there is a football match
taking place maybe during the World Cup something like that do you drink your
coffee black no I don’t I don’t have black coffee I find it a little bit too
strong and bitter so normally I have milk and also some sugar as well in my
coffee so no I don’t have black coffee I always like to have a little bit of milk
or cream Valentin hello earth Ling’s mr. Duncan do you plan to sing
the national anthem today no Valentina I don’t I’m not singing
anything today I am i voice is not very good
unfortunately because I’m still recovering I’m recovering from my
terrible cold poor mr. Duncan Rakesh hello mr. Duncan it’s nice to see you
long time no see where have you gone some days I have waited for you
well I’m normally here every weekend you can catch me every weekend on Saturday
that’s today and also tomorrow as well so I am here every weekend on Saturday
and Sunday mr. Duncan from Egypt you look awesome in the red t-shirt and cap
do you like my t-shirt shall I stand back and let you see my t-shirt there we
go there is my lovely t-shirt are you enjoying it yes a lot of people seem to
think that that red is a very suitable colour for me I don’t know why but a lot
of people seem to think that the colour red suits me I have no idea why I don’t
know hello from Turkey hi Turkey I have been to your country twice I’ve actually
been to Turkey I even made an English lesson in Turkey hello also two rose
bush hi rose bush nice to see you back here today I’m singing I can’t believe
it I am actually singing mica I need three
cups of coffee in one day one for the morning one after
lunch and also one for the afternoon tea time three cups of coffee now normally I
only have one so my my that the most the maximum coffee that I drink every day
is normally one cup so I don’t normally have more than one cup that’s all right
that is my name oh thank you acmad I I think I pronounced your name right oh I
think that deserves a round of applause for me finally I got someone’s name
right hello too sad hello to you sad says mr.
Duncan you are the best English teacher on the entire or in in the entire
universe it is my desire to meet with you
Thank You Saad that’s very kind of you to say hello Ali watching in Iran nice
to see you here as well I know I have a lot of people watching in Middle Eastern
countries Iraq and also Iran and Afghanistan all around there I have lots
of people who are very interested in learning English and there is a big
election there is a very big election taking place very soon in Afghanistan I
was watching a documentary all about it last night on television hello rose you
look better today mr. Duncan you look as fit as a fiddle well I try my best I
always try my best if this one thing I do in this life I always try my best
sometimes I fail and occasionally I succeed hello also to Luis Luis Mendez
hi Louis the other night I was watching one of my previous live streams do you
remember when I was standing on a street corner in Paris and I did a live stream
for three hours who remembers that it wasn’t that long ago and that was
another trip that mr. Steve treated me to because his company gave mr. Steve a
very special prize so they gave him two holidays one of
them to Paris and the other one to Portugal
hi mr. teacher hi mr. teacher hi mr. Duncan sorry that’s my mistake
hello is the hair did you get a cold yes I did
but now I’m okay I have almost recovered from my cold almost not quite almost hello also to Sal are watching in Egypt
Abbas is watching in Iraq hello Palmyra I am completely devoted to
the English world reading The Economist I also enjoy mr. Duncan’s live stream
and reading a book called the darkest hour about Winston Churchill yes you
might not know it but Winston Churchill also wrote some some memoirs as well
hello to Ahmed again Anna hello Anna Rakesh Ali Castile
hello mr. Duncan and hello to everyone Sally mr. Duncan I’ve started my
conversation course on Saturdays Oh Sunday and Tuesday Sally hello Sally
so you have started a course where where are you doing the course I’m intrigued
to know where you are doing it is it something that you are doing at college
or maybe there is a group that meet to practice conversation one of the things
that is very popular of course and this is something I’m asked many times it is
very difficult to practice English if you have no one to practice with and I
think this is a very common problem but of course you can find maybe a group
maybe a local group that meet maybe you can find something
it is arranged in a college or maybe a local community centre also you can
create your own group so why not try creating your own group maybe if you
can’t find other people to practice your English weird maybe you can create your
own group maybe you can put a notice in the local newspaper or maybe on the
local notice board and you can find other people try to find other people
who share your interest in English Palmyra your medicines were very good I
must be honest with you I think I think the reason why I feel well today is
because I rested so on Tuesday and Wednesday I rested I did very little
because I felt quite unwell and on Wednesday I almost lost my voice so I
can’t believe I’m here today doing this it’s amazing it is nice to know that my
immune system is working well so can I say thank you very much to my lovely
white blood cells for helping me get over that horrible horrible illness
shall we give my white blood cells a round of applause congratulations to my lovely white blood
cells thank you for fending off yet another horrible illness would you like
to see my channel says cast ill I don’t know is it interesting is your channel
interesting do you have something interesting to show on your channel Vivi
hello Vivi here in Italy apparently the weather is going to get
worse and it always happens at the weekend I know I don’t know why I don’t
know why it happens at the weekend during the week the weather is often
nice but then when the weekend comes it turns horrible and apparently the
weather here is going to be really bad next week really quite often gel and
Jelena Jelena says hello from Serbia hello Serbia I’m not sure if I have many
viewers watching in Serbia but hello anyway is it really 12 35 is it really
12 35 already Wow it’s gone so quickly mr. Duncan where is your beard ah well
this is something that I’m going to talk about tomorrow because tomorrow I’m
going to tell you what is happening in October so October for me is always a
special month because it means that I will be celebrating my anniversary here
on YouTube so October will be a special one and I will tell you tomorrow what is
happening it’s quite exciting let’s just say let’s just say I think I think it
will make you giggle with surprise and joy I think so hello Layla Layla is also
under the weather I don’t feel very well I have the flu hmm yes there is a lot of
stuff going around at the moment here in the UK it’s the same everyone seems to
have a count or fever what a beautiful job mr. Steve has
my company never sends me somewhere says semi well to be honest with you this
these two holidays were actually prizes because mr. Steve did very well in his
company so they gave him these lovely prizes two holidays and they let me come
as well van is here watching in Vietnam can’t can’t knee he’ll Academy
hello Rakesh mr. Duncan my writing is not very good could you give me some
advice for improving it thank you Rakesh well writing is just as
important as speaking and also remembering words so I always think that
writing is something that a lot of people forget about now this is
something that I mentioned two weeks ago if you want to improve your writing
maybe you can find a book or something that you are interested in so maybe an
exercise book or a text book or any book about a subject that you are interested
in and my advice is to sit down and write some of the paragraphs write them
down get used to writing in English so even though you’re copying the words
those words will still go into your head because it’s a very good way of getting
things to stay because you are using your brain in a very special way so when
you write something down when you copy something you are not just writing it
down you are also using your brain as well to do it so it’s a very good way to
get used to the way sentences are formed and the various types of grammar that
exists in the English language I think so I guess hi mr. Duncan I am a Cass and
I’m from Indonesia please help me to speak English well you
are in the best place because every Sunday you can watch me and also every
Saturday that’s now you can watch me here on YouTube Alamgir says I have
injured myself and I haven’t noticed that I was overexcited
watching your lessons are you saying that you injured yourself before you
watched me or are you saying that you injured yourself whilst watching me what
were you doing I don’t want to know I don’t want to know Connell says yes I
remember you were in Paris and it was very dusty and noisy that is all I
remember from your Paris live stream I actually did two live streams from Paris
I did one with mr. Steve in front of the Eiffel Tower
and I did another one where I was on my own standing on a street corner with all
of the Parisian traffic and people all around me and I stood there for three
hours doing a live stream hello Mohamed from Somalia nice to see you here as
well I will only be here for about another six minutes so today it’s a
short one because in a few moments I will be going into town to have my lunch
today we are having cottage pie so I’m feeling very excited about that as you
know if you watch me regularly you will know that cottage pie is one of my
favourite meals lots of potato lots of beef lots of
gravy lots of vegetables very nice hello girls is here shall we start the lesson
well the lesson has started I’m here now talking to you where have you been mr.
Duncan I have missed you so much well I’ve been ill
this week I haven’t been very well I’ve been under the weather I’ve had a cold
but I think I think I’ve almost recovered now I’m almost better Lewis
mr. Steve gave you two treats last summer and you are always accusing him
of giving you his cold well he did he did give me his cold mr. Steve made me
sick although he normally does that so how come you said in your 6th lesson
that you must take the rough with the smooth
thank you very much you are using my own words at me so yes I think Lewis you are
right sometimes in life things don’t go the way you want them to go so now and
again you have to take the rough with the smooth you have to take the
difficult things and then you can enjoy the nice things you have to take the
rough with the smooth act bad hello to you as well Francesca
hi mr. Duncan turned is it like became yes you can turn into something you can
become something so maybe a gradual change you can turn into something so
you change from one thing to another you become something else we can say you
turned so certainly as the past tense he turned into a frog if you are reading a
fairy tale so maybe tutored he turned into a bitter
person so in the past he was happy and joyful but later in his life he became
bitter and unhappy he turned he turned bitter so yes you
can use the term turn or turned to mean become you became you become something
you turn or you turn into something he used to be so nice but then he turned
into a monster he became very unpleasant hello William
William Xavier watching in Colombia it is my first time here is it really well
I think that deserves a round of applause it is Williams first time here shall we
have some fireworks as well we haven’t had fireworks for a very long time
so here some fireworks kaboom Thank You William and thank you for telling me
that it is your first time here hello mom ed more med where have you been I
haven’t been anywhere I haven’t been away but I have been ill but I’m feeling
much better thank you very much thank you mr. Duncan for teaching us how
to speak English your videos are excellent greetings from
Cartagena de Indias in Colombia hello to Colombia I know I have a lot of people
watching there also we have pal Mira who says the way mr. Duncan teaches us is
very unusual common chitchat about many things and it is very interesting and
not boring I’m very pleased to hear that don’t forget you can also have live
captions as well so if you are watching me now live you can actually have live
captions oh it’s raining it’s just started raining everyone oh dear
so the big question is will we be walking into town will we be walking
into town because now the rain is falling the garden is so cute who takes
care of it thank you very much for your lovely comment there the garden is
rather nice mr. Steve Steve is the one who does the gardening not me
by the way something very unusual happened the other day it was very warm
the Sun was out so I decided to open one of my big
those in the dining room and can you believe what happened a bird came into
the dining room a little Wren came into the dining room and flew around and can
you imagine the chaos that it caused one little tiny bird came into my house and
it caused so much chaos because it was panicking it was starting to panic not
only that it also did a very big poo on my carpet so I had to I had to open the
that the large door in the dining room and then I had to try and get the bird
to fly out but it took ages it really did take a long time who cleans your
garden asks Castille it is mr. Steve here’s the one with the green fingers so
Steve has green fingers I I don’t have green fingers unfortunately I don’t Amin
Amin asks bear with me equals to be irritated by if you bear with someone it
means please just wait please understand what’s happening please understand
please don’t react too quickly please just bear with me please
accept what I’m doing so please bear with me even though the thing that is
happening might be a little awkward or unpleasant I am asking you to bear with
me please bear with me please go along with me don’t make your
judgment too quickly hi mr. Duncan who is your favorite
British character wow that’s an interesting question I’m not sure there
are so many I suppose maybe Charlie Chaplin
off the top of my head something that I’m just coming up with straight away
without thinking too much so if you do something off the top of your head it
means you do something spontaneously without thinking so you think of
something very quickly you do it off the top of your head so off the top of my
head I would say that I like Charlie Chaplin so he was born in Britain some
people think that he’s American but in fact he’s British
hello mr. Duncan from Palmyra Thank You Eman thank you also to Connell yes to
bear with someone is to be tolerant to go along with someone yes so if you bear
with someone it means you go along with them you accept something for a period
of time so sometimes people have very little patience they will lose their
patience they will lose their temper very quickly so maybe one of their
friends is being difficult so you have to bear with them you have to tolerate
you have to go along with their their bad mood sometimes we have to bear with
people to bear something means to tolerate so to tolerate something is to
bear with something Maria hi mr. Jenkin you live in a great
country are you aware of that yes I think so I do quite like living in
England I must admit one of my favourite things
about England is the countryside and that’s the reason why I live in the
countryside now Palmyra Boris Johnson is he one of
the characters of these days in Britain you are trying to get me to talk about
politics maybe tomorrow maybe we will talk about that tomorrow Valentin says yes everyone has his own
cross to bear something you have to put up with something you have to tolerate
so maybe a thing that you have to tolerate Charlie Chaplin was born
Charles Chaplin and he was born in South London in 1889 so long ago Wow
incredible thank you very much for your lovely messages today I am going in one
minute I’ve been here for 50 minutes 50 I can’t believe it the red colour with
the light with your light skin makes you attractive off thank you very much for
that I was getting a lot of compliments last week even even though last week
during my live stream I felt terrible but I still carried on I was able to bear my
cold I was able to tolerate it true HD says hi mr. Duncan a good job oh thank
you very much for your approval there very nice I think the rain has stopped
because I can’t hear it yes we we had a little shower so when we say shower it
means that the rain falls for a very short time a very short time Jamelia
says cover up mr. Duncan by the way the garden is looking unbelievably beautiful
a big thumbs up to mr. Steve yes mr. Steve is the one that does all the
gardening not me I can’t take any responsibility I can’t take any credit
it’s all mr. Steve’s work everything he’s very good
thank you for your Thank You mr. Denker and have a nice meal yes I’m going now
I will see you tomorrow don’t forget tomorrow I’m back tomorrow at 2 o’clock
2 o’clock there it is you can see it if I can get my fingers in the right place
there so tomorrow I am with you from 2 p.m. UK time tomorrow on YouTube make it
a date don’t be late I will see you later
this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for joining me today I hope you’ve enjoyed
this I feel a lot better just by talking to you so thank you very much I think my
cold has almost gone Thank You Martha Thank You pal Meera
thank you also to Belarusian thank you to Anna thank you to everyone in fact
who has joined me today I will see you tomorrow from 2 p.m. UK
time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of
English saying thanks for following me today
thanks for watching thank you for your lovely messages wishing me well how
lovely I am so lucky to have viewers like you
and of course until tomorrow 2 p.m. UK time you know what’s coming next ta ta for now 😎

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