Knowledge Synthesis Grants: New Ways of Learning

What news ways of learning,
particularly in higher education, will Canadians
need to thrive in an evolving society and labour market? I want kids to be able to learn
how to learn in a meaningful way, and to be able to transfer
their excitement for learning, as they grow older. Technology can provide rich
learning environments for problem-solving activities,
where they interact with the problems using technology
and get feedback from the technology that provides
them with some control of their own learning situation. In our society, people move
from job to job quite rapidly: you’re going to have to be
able to be adaptable and learn how to learn, and that’s
essentially what twenty-first century skills are all about,
it is being adaptive. An individual’s skills are
critically important to their own life success, and
if we don’t get that right we risk falling behind. We get that right, we’re
going to have a country that’s doing well. And the skills that are
important these days are not necessarily ones of the past,
they’re more than that. You have to be good
at what you studied, but you also have to be good
at these other new skills: things like
communication skills, things like
working in a team, things like being
open to ideas, that sort of thing,
and this is new. These are new ideas, and
we have to get that right. Research for a better tomorrow. Join the dialogue today.

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