Knowledge Market | Presentations

Welcome to the Knowledge Market My main motivation and why I do this is to
empower students to be better presenters
in life At the speech lab the students we get most
are the COM 201 students which is the speech class In the speech lab we give them help in
informative, as well as persuasive and policy statements or speeches “What exactly do you think I can
help you with today?” “Well I have this presentation a few days
from now, I have the powerpoint laid out I have all the information I need, but I’m
really worried about…”(voice fades out) Sometimes we can just help students
practice their presentation sometimes we can create an outline
or work on transitions work on organizing the presentation,
varying things depending on the
assignment itself I think the speech lab is very impactful
for students because public anxiety or speaking in general
is one of the most common fears in America, so for people to be able to
come to a campus resource that is free I think that’s very helpful for a lot
of people because they really don’t feel confident
giving these presentations and for me… this is easy-peasey
lemon-squeezy so I like to help them with these things!

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