Knowledge is Power – The Jumanji Cast Plays PlayLink! | PS4

I’m Meredith Molinari. We’re here in Hawaii with some
familiar faces from Jumanji,
Welcome to the Jungle which opens December 20th. They’re going to use their
phones as controllers and compete in a brand new
PlayStation 4 game, Knowledge is Power. DWAYNE JOHNSON: I’m here to beat
the ass of Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas and anyone else who wants
to step up. NICK JONAS: I’ve been told
before that I’ve got a huge brain. And that when it comes to trivia
games, I’m unbeatable. KEVIN HART: If you look up
smartest guys in the world, it goes me and then some other
smart people, but I’m first. So, you know, let me do what I
do best. Wait a minute. More knowledge.
So much knowledge. ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Knowledge
is Power. MEREDITH: Who’s going to be your
avatar? NICK JONAS: Obviously the
hot dog for me. DWAYNE JOHNSON: What’s at the
bottom of your dog? KEVIN HART: That’s me. Who picks an alien when you’re
talking about knowledge? The heads look the same. MEREDITH: Okay.
Let’s pick a category. DWAYNE JOHNSON: International
competitions. This is my jam. ANNOUNCER: …major UK venues
for which sport? KEVIN HART: Oh, oh, I got it. DWAYNE JOHNSON: Come on
Meredith. MEREDITH: I totally
guessed. DWAYNE JOHNSON: We’re
off to a good start, guys. I’m winning the whole thing.
Come on. KEVIN HART: That’s me glooping
you. NICK JONAS: I got to wipe the
screen? MEREDITH: Yeah. Wipe the screen if you got
gloop. And if you got ice, you got to
break it with your finger. KEVIN HART: Big on the world
cup. Who’s the dumb blue guy that
just stayed there in the middle. DWAYNE JOHNSON: That would be
me. KEVIN HART: You know what, guys? Why don’t you read a book
every once in a while. MEREDITH: You guys are tied now. KEVIN HART: No. Oh wait.
I picked the wrong one. ANNOUNCER: Well done. KEVIN HART: Yeah! Yeah!
I won the game, baby! Yeah!
I won the game, baby! Whoo! DWAYNE JOHNSON: This is what’s
called rigged. KEVIN HART: First of all I want
to thank everybody from preschool. You know, the
knowledge started there. If I could then thank all of my
teachers in middle school; without you there was no me. High school, oh my god, man. So much knowledge was given to
me then. MEREDITH: So in the movie
Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle, you guys play video game avatars
come to life with special abilities. If you could have any special
ability in real life, what would you choose? DWAYNE JOHNSON: You know,
sometimes in your you’re like if I could kill someone with my
mind, I would just kill em, like an arrow through the heart. KEVIN HART: That’s a dumb
thought. DWAYNE JOHNSON: And then slice
him all the way down. MEREDITH: You’ve really given
this some thought. KEVIN HART: Stupid ability. DWAYNE JOHNSON: If I could have
that ability, I would do that just to one
person. Just saying. KEVIN HART: That’s a dumb
ability. DWAYNE JOHNSON: Yep. MEREDITH: Nick, what about you? NICK JONAS: I would love to eat
as many pizzas as possible without any consequences. KEVIN HART: Brain food. MEREDITH: So what about you? KEVIN HART: The ability to not
be a genius. DWAYNE JOHNSON: That’s not
actually an ability? KEVIN HART: She said if I could
have any. That’s what I choose. That’s what I choose. DWAYNE JOHNSON: Like, one of the
cool things about us being sucked into a video game is that
you have three lives. So one of the coolest most
awesome deaths that we all can do. So without giving the movie
away, let’s just say someone gets
eaten by the rhino. MEREDITH: Well, thank you guys
so much for coming over and playing Knowledge is Power, the
new Playlink game. DWAYNE JOHNSON: Awesome. KEVIN HART: I mean, look. Knowledge is what you want to
survive. So all the kids watching, just
know it’s cool to learn, not like DJ and Nick. DWAYNE JOHNSON: Thank you,
PlayStation family. Thank you, guys, so much for
supporting us. Thanks for supporting Jumanji, and as always thanks for making
me and Nick your favorite. KEVIN HART: If I could then
thank all my friends. Of course, nobody here because
they’re dumb. You can tell by this game
they’re dumb. All the different games that I’m
playing… DWAYNE JOHNSON: Yeah right.
Thank you, Meredith. MEREDITH: No worries.
Thanks for coming. KEVIN HART: All right.
We’ll figure it out. Knowledge is Power, guys. JACK BLACK: Oh my god! KEVIN HART: You better get in
there and save her. DWAYNE JOHNSON: I’m not going to
get in there. You get in there. KEVIN HART: I got a backpack on. You don’t get in water with a
backpack. Everybody knows that.


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