Knowledge and Being Part 5: Information Theory and Reality Creation – Part 2

Information Theory and Reality Creation
Part 2 by Laura Knight-Jadczyk This is an interesting way
to depict evolutionary streams. Each one of these is…
you start here, this is a problem. You start with simple celled organism
and then it goes along and divides. And it goes on and it divides, divides,
divides, divides, divides, divides. Some of these end,
some go on like that. This one ends, this one ends,
this one ends. These are extinctions of species. So basically, what you are looking at is
information becoming more and more complex, through the living system on our planet
over billions of years. And what it resembles, as was pointed out
in the book ‘The Living Stream’, is that it resembles a river system. The only thing is that in a river system
everything flows this way, to the ocean. The pool, the vast pool of everything. And in the living system
everything goes in reverse, which is a bit peculiar. The existence of the living system
is a significant thing, when we consider that
an estimated two billion species have been selected to survive
in the past 600 million years. For the first 2 to 3 billion
years of life on earth, there were only micro-organisms, doing
what amounted to terraforming the planet, and changing its atmosphere. Which enabled the rising
of still different forms of life. The fact is 99.9 percent of the species that have ever lived on our planet
are now extinct. Mass extinctions are periods
in earth’s history when abnormally large numbers of species
die out simultaneously or within a strictly limited time frame. The most severe occurred
at the end of the Permian period, when 96 percent of all species
that existed at that moment perished. This along with the Cretaceous/Tertiary
are two of the big 5 mass extinctions. Each of which wiped out
at least half of the species. What is clear from this diagram
is that no species, however successful, lasts forever. Thus the most important thing
we can see about the living system is its ability to create
new forms and survive. It has survived 5 known great extinctions
and enumerable lesser ones. What we see is that life has been
very busy for a very, very long time on this planet becoming
more and more organized. And what did we just
read about information? All organized structure
contain information. And the more information,
the more organization there is. And what we are seeing is information
being poured into our system. Life is something altogether different from any other process
we know of in the universe. It does not obey
the traditional accepted interpretation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Life is any system where the information,
that is the order, and energy components
of entropy are decoupled, such that the former component can decrease
while the latter always increases. That is, the information increases
and the energy decreases. These laws are involved in the production
and expending of energy in the living system as well as
every other phenomenon in the universe. What are going to do with this information? Why do we even need
to think about information? Well the first thing we want to think about
is that in the state of chaos that our world presently finds itself in, there is a real problem with information.
That is, real information. Remember, information exists independently
of whether it’s perceived or not. If the tree falls in the forest and you define sound
as compression of airwaves, whether anybody is there to hear it or not, then the tree always falls. So there is all kinds of information
out there that could bring order. It could produce sound
if there was a detector to detect it. But it’s not happening. And yet, we know that our living system
is something that increases order, because information is constantly
being increased and decreased as energy, and yet we are in this chaotic state.
So, what do we think is going to happen? We are obviously going to get a serious
addition of information on this planet. And an unusual event is something
that carries a lot of information. Something that is unexpected.
Something that is not regularly repeatable. Something that you can’t always predict. What we have is a possibility here. When you have an addition to… And I am theorizing here,
we have in addition to our current reality, we have multiple realities,
many worlds, right? And all of these are little earths
and they are all inner-penetrated. They kind of got bigger
as they went along there. And they are like this
branching living system. At the end of each one… This is a world follows along this path,
and there’s a world there. And here, at some point,
there was decision made, for maybe a large number of people
on that particular world. And it took a little branch,
so now there is a world here that used to be
the same world that was here. And then you have got
the same thing going on here, with a world here, with a world here, with a world here and so on, and so forth. And then of course,
there would be somewhere it goes to branch and nothing happens. It ends. The world blows up. So this is part of the concept. The other part of the concept
is individuals. Here you are. And here is your overlap,
you overlap with the realities, because everybody has their own reality. Because each person is
an information decoder and reader, a wave reading consciousness unit. So your reality overlaps
with this person and this person, and this person maybe
overlaps with that person. These may be stacked this way.
They may be multi-dimensional. You may interact with somebody who doesn’t
interact with any of your other people, so that one is set off to the side. Each one of these people
has similar situations, so that everybody is kind of like
interconnected all over the planet. So imagine that one of these people
here, this one, doesn’t like the way things are going
on our planet. But he’s got all of his realities connected
with people that do like it. What’s he going to do?
How is he going to get out of that? Because they are all on this branch
of this world going here and the planet blows up! But this guy here, he wants to go
to this world where everything is peaceful, and how would we depict that?
This is the peaceful world. So he wants to go there.
How’s he going to get there? Maybe there is somebody over here and he’s got connections
to all these people, and there is somebody here
with connections to a bunch of people, and of course,
there are all these multiple connections. Everything is all connected together.
This one wants that world too. This one wants that world too.
And this one wants that world. But the vast majority of other people,
they want to go and blow up. Obviously, they are going to have
to connect with each other somehow. Fortunately, at our present day and time,
we have a way that that can happen. Obviously, people like this who want
that world are kind of few and far between. All of the people who want that world
are the vast majority. So these people are going to have
to somehow connect and that’s easy in this day,
because we have the internet. They can connect and they all find out, “Wow, we want a different world!
What are we going to do?” “How are we going to do it?” Because clearly, we are just going to deal
with three people right now, these three people
can’t possibly go against all of these other people
who want to blow up. If they want to blow up,
they are entitled to blow up, aren’t they? Yeah. We can’t deny them their right to blow up
if that’s their heart’s desire. So, what do you do? You have to find some way to get here. So, once again,
we have a very similar diagram. Because each one of these individuals,
they are going to talk about things. Each one of them is going
to have to find a way to move through decision points, at some point in there
so they can get to that other timeline. They have to get there somehow. Let’s say that all three of these
are together in one idea. So we are not going to have them
spread too far apart now, because they are unified in one idea. So you have these 3 people
that we just looked at. They are unified in an idea. They want to get off of this train
to nowhere, to the exploding planet. And they want to go the nice peaceful
planet where there’s lots of hippies, and people are saying
‘far out’ and ‘groovy’. How are they going to get there? This is how I think it happens. I think you are on a world like this, and remember we go back to
our interpenetrating worlds. You are on this one here
and this one goes to the blowing up planet. These are all possibilities, not all of these possibilities
fulfil themselves. Some of them may just
kind of go this far and then fizzle. This one goes a little farther
and branches off this way. Each one of these is like a seed
of that future other world, whichever one it turns out to be. You are on this one here and you want
to get to this one here. Imagine that these are moving through time
as everything goes along. Each one is moving through time.
And they are all overlapping realities. What if you, on this one here,
make a decision, a choice, and it takes you to this one. You change your reality with your decision. So, that happens but you are actually here
because time has passed. Then you make another decision
that takes you to this one right here. You make another decision that takes you
to this one here at this point in time, because you are dealing with space
and dealing with time, you are dealing with dimensions
and realities and so forth. Eventually, decision by decision,
by decision, you work your way over
to a different reality. A different planet even. It just seems like a different world. But in another sense
they are all still interconnected, and there are still factors that go across
all of them that are common to all. It’s just that by the time
you have gotten over to this one, there is a little different weight. Something is different, something about
the cosmic factor is different. You want to get to a world that has more potential for being
ordered and organized, and receiving cosmic information. Or at least perceived
in a different way because, let’s face it, this group of worlds
are in a fairly chaotic state, all of them across the board. This whole level of reality
is chaotic in different ways. And here’s the interesting thing, suppose that it is the issue
of all of these people getting to a single place,
so that their weight adds up, and changes the reality of this one. Then this world ends up going over here,
and becomes peaceful. Does any of that make sense? This is my first pass
drawing these little diagrams and trying to think of a way
for it to make sense. Does it make sense? Yes. Because the only way I can see for
a person to really change their reality, is literally to change their reality. And that means to move out
of one reality into another one. Because you can’t change the reality
you are in by wishing it to be so. Because there are six billion
nine hundred and ninety-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand,
however many other people on this planet that want it the way it is. Do you think that you and twenty-five
or a hundred or ten thousand, say you get ten thousand people
to meditate on world peace. Twenty-thousand! A million! Get a million people to meditate
at the same time every day for world peace. One million people. How many people is that out of 7 billion? What’s the percentage?
You have a number for me? You have to find a way to
separate yourself from those 7 billion. You separate yourself by making
different choices than they make. But it’s really hard in this reality
to make different choices, when everybody is choosing
to act and be a certain way. “In a time of universal deceit, it’s
a revolutionary act to tell the truth”. You have to get together
with other people who feel that way, not because you are going to
meditate on world peace, in the way where you think you are going
to just passively going meditate on it, and you are going to make it happen,
you have to become different. You have to become a denizen of a different
reality by virtue of what you do, and how you live and how you deal
with the reality you are in. You have to become accomplished
at doing this. That means you have to make decisions
to move you to a different reality. And that’s the only way you are going
to get to a different reality, which is to move to a completely
different one by making decisions. You are not going to get it
by changing the reality. Because there are
all these infinite numbers of potential planets
following all of these trees. Some of which are going to become extinct
and some of which are going to go on. You have a personal crossroads
in your life, where you make decisions
to move onto a different branch of reality. Planets have crossroads, too. And when those crossroads come along, certain people who have enough weight, by virtue of their choices,
their decisions. Because let’s face it,
a person who is telling the truth, who is loaded with information
is very dense. This is why knowledge is so very,
very important. The more information you have,
the more factual data, the more knowledge you have, the more
awareness you have of your reality, the denser you are and the heavier you are. And a small group of you can create
enough of a shift or a swerve to get yourselves from this planet here
to this one over here. Although, it would be diagonal. So you gain enough weight, by virtue of gaining and gathering
all kinds of knowledge, doing things and so on.
And making decisions. These decisions lock themselves
into you, into your life. Then, when these little juncture points
come where things split, where decisions and crossroads come,
then you move to a different reality. Just as you can do it personally
and individually in your individual life. Because in your individual life
you have all kinds of opportunities where you can choose this
or you can choose that. You can chose based on your emotion
and float along of a river of emotion, wishing that the world was a better place
from now until the cows come home. It’s not going to change a darn thing. But you can change something
about your life. You can make your life better and you can
make your life cleaner and more honest. You can make your relationships
more honest. You can make your interactions
with other people, you can actually do physical things
that send a signal to the universe: “I am for truth. I want truth.
I want to be a part of truth.” “I am connected to people who want truth.” You have to make yourself a frequency
resonator as well as a decoder. And you have to decode the information
that you are seeing from the cosmos. The cosmos has information all the time,
especially on planet Earth. And if you are receiving that information, you have to be really awake
and really alert. You can’t be dissociated, you can’t be spending your time
playing computer games! Because you are going to need
every second you have available to pack that knowledge and information
into you to make yourself heavy enough, dense enough, so when the swinging point comes,
when the diversion point comes, the crossroad comes, you are going to swing over
into that other reality. Just as you would do it
in your regular life. Let me try to bring this home
in a very practical example. Let’s take a single individual’s life. This person is born and there are other people
in the person’s life whose decisions impact on this individual. This individual has parents and say these parents,
they each have their own realities. In one reality for the parents,
they stay married, and that is their world
as it proceeds through cosmic time. In another reality they get divorced, in which case they each become part of their own cosmic
reality that proceeds through time. This individual who is their child
in this reality would have a completely different
experience than in this reality, where the individual would be passed
back and forth between the parents, or one parent would completely
disappear or any number of things. In another possible reality the parents
are killed in an automobile accident. The reality of this child then has these 4 different possibilities
just from that factor. And there are many other factors. There are grandparents involved,
brothers, sisters, another child could be born
in the family that dies. Your grandparents could die younger,
they could die older, so each one of these will affect
the overall overlapping realities. And you can immediately understand
how complex it can be. But that’s kind of how the universe is. So this person goes along
and they have their own reality, that is composed of one or another
of these involved with their parents, as well as their overlapping realities
as we described before with other people. And they are going through life. So they go along and this person
meets somebody, and gets married. Two realities and they overlap
in a serious way. They go along like this with all
the other overlapping realities. They get divorced – decision time. This reality goes off this way,
this reality goes of this way. You see what I am saying here? And each one of these crossroad points is probably governed,
in some way, by information. For example, the parents of the person in this world over here,
where they stayed married that’s because the husband,
who was an alcoholic, made a decision to stop drinking
and devote himself to his family, so they stayed married in this reality.
And that’s information. He decoded the information
in his life that told him: “I need to get myself on track because
I am going to lose my family if I don’t, and this is what I want”, so he
quits drinking and they have this reality. This reality where they got killed
in an automobile accident, he didn’t stop drinking, he was drunk driving. This one over here where they got divorced, the mother figured out that he was
not going to stop drinking and said, “I am not getting in the car
with you ever again and in fact, you are out the door.
Sayonara.” So the realities separate. He then, the father, may then may go along forever until he dies of alcoholism, or he may make a decision
to get in the car while he is drunk, and he ends up over here dead
and his line terminates. And each one of these decisions
are made by information. Because information is decoded and most importantly,
it is acted on in a certain way. They could also stay married because the father is able
to completely hide his alcoholism from the wife
and she lives in a complete lie. But she is unhappy
because she knows something is wrong. So she stays married
to him until this point here. She suddenly gets breast cancer because
what she has been hiding from herself is affecting her psychologically,
which is affecting her health, so she gets breast cancer and she dies.
And the drunk father continues to live. So all of these different reality choices
would affect our individual here. Even though the individual,
say in this case these parents, even though they make a certain choice
one way or another in a particular reality, does that extinguish
all of the other potential realities? Because they stayed married here? Does that mean that the reality where they
got killed in an automobile accident, didn’t also occur
in some simultaneous reality? Or the one where they got divorced? What makes any one reality
more heavy than another? Choices. I think it would be choices
based on information. And the density of the information. Possibly even the truth
of the information, I think. That would be just my conjecture.
Remember, all of this is theoretical. It’s not even theoretical it’s just ideas
we’re throwing out here. So this person has gone along,
has gotten married and then divorced, and then gone along in another direction. They got married to somebody else who had a reality coming
from way over here, and their realities came together and
became intertwined because of decisions. Decisions based on information. In the same way, people can come together, based on decisions based on information,
and interact together in myriads of ways. They can be closer or
they can be just ideologically linked. They can be physically linked. All of these things are different decisions
based on information at a given moment. And the information load is something
that is constantly coming in, depending upon how well
you are able to decode it. The universe, the cosmos, the planet, everything around you,
the people around you, they are like almost what was described
in the information discussion. There is a book and it contains
all the secrets of the universe, but if you can’t read the language, all that you are going to know is that
there is a book and: “Oh god, I wish I could read it”. So learning how to read as well as you can
so you can gather as much information is going to add more information
to your system, which is going to increase your possibility
for making decisions that have the potential to get you
to where you want to be. Having said that, where do you want to be?
Do you have an idea? Some of the people who think that all you
have to do is meditate and you can get it. You just visualize this wonderful
new world that you are going to live in, and it’s going to become manifest. Don’t generally do much
in the way of gathering information, and making decisions
based on that information. They think that they are going to bend
the world to their fantasy. They have a fantasy. It’s not wrong to have an ideal, but you cannot make decisions if you are not gathering information
that is around you. The tree has fallen in the forest!
There are compressed air waves. Do you hear them? Or do you imagine
that you do not hear them? If you are imagining that
the tree hasn’t fallen then you are living in a fantasy. If you hear the tree falling
and you are standing under it, it could fall on your head
if you don’t get out of the way. That’s the same thing. You are imagining the tree has not fallen, no tree has ever fallen,
the world is peaceful. Everybody loves everybody else. It’s going to be love and light forever! If I just think it hard enough,
and shut out everything else, that is going to happen
and no trees ever fall. I don’t hear it. No, that’s not a tree I hear,
ahhhhh… kaboom. That’s it. That’s kind of how
following that pathway ends up. Because people are not making decisions. Because if you are sitting there
and you are gathering the information, you are reading it, decoding it, ooohhh, that sounds like
a cracking of a tree trunk. It’s that one there and I am here,
I am going to move over there. I am going to get out of the way. Decisions in our world
are kind of like that too. You have to look around at the world
and see what is going on, but you have to be looking around
and being aware. Be alert to know what is going on
in order to make the decision to get the heck out of the way
when the tree falls. The same thing with everything. For example, paying taxes,
it would be stupid for someone to say, “I am not going to pay my taxes”. Because that’s like saying,
“trees do not fall”. Because I believe in a world where
people don’t have to pay taxes. You know what’s going to happen to you?
The taxman is going to get you. The same thing with committing crimes
and that sort of thing. You have to make decisions based on
accurately reading the information. You can’t imagine that you just
live in this world all by yourself, without any consideration
for the rules of the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it. You can pay your taxes, but you have all kinds of legitimate ways
of minimizing your tax burden. There are entire books written
with titles ‘Minimizing Your Tax Burden’ and it’s a legitimate pursuit. There are accountants and lawyers
that help you do that. And if you are smart, you read those books or you hire
that accountant or that lawyer, and they help you
to minimize your tax burden. But you are not going to
file a false tax return or try to evade paying
your legally mandated taxes. You are going to find a way
to legally minimize your tax burden. Corporations do it all the time. Ordinary people don’t, why? Because they don’t have that information
or they just don’t know how to decode it? They don’t know how to look for it. So those are the kinds of things
that I am talking about. You get information and you make decisions. And these decisions, little by little,
move you into a different reality. Because let’s face it,
if you are in reality where you don’t know anything
about minimizing your tax burden. You are in a world where you are just
beat down right to the ground and the next thing you know
you are out on the street. You are pushing a buggy
with all of your belongings in it, because the taxman
took everything you had, or you didn’t pay your taxes
and they took everything you had. But if at some point you were clever
and you gathered the information, you got a tax lawyer, you read the book,
you did something. You made a choice and you moved into a different reality. Because now you are in a reality where you
are easily able to manage your expenses. You are easily able to live your life and go on collecting information
to make your next choice. Which is, “Well, I saved so much money,
maybe I am going to invest something.” Then you gather the information
on what is the best investment, and then you end up in another reality. So you start out as a poor sharecropper
in Georgia or wherever, and then you end up being
a multi-millionaire with whatever. Assuming you are not a psychopath,
in which case it’s very different, because they don’t care what they do. But we are talking about being legal and following the rules
and not hurting other people. All of those things are different ways
to change your reality. I don’t know what planet
we would have been living on if we hadn’t followed those information. I don’t know what planet
I would be living on if I hadn’t divorced my ex-husband. I would probably already be dead
because my health was really bad, and I would have stayed married to him.
But I had information and I made decisions. And everything changed, my reality from
one way of life, one planet. For me it’s like a different planet.
Completely different planet. For all we know,
when a group of people get together, with this kind of concept between them, and begin to utilize
this decision making process that’s based on reading information and having an ultimate idea,
which is a planet that is peaceful. We don’t have to decide how it gets there. Because of course, there are always
painful things that come with decisions. When you make decisions
based on information, well not always, but most of the time,
it can be painful. Choosing to get a divorce
is a very painful process. Choosing to move across the ocean to
another country is a very painful process. It’s very traumatic. Choosing to move into a great new house
can even be painful, when you have a lot of stuff
to pack up and move. It’s a lot of physical labor and it was.
We worked like animals. There was always the work,
but this is the way things manifest. This is what happens, this is how it works. You get information, you make a decision,
you do the physical work. You suffer to get to that other place
and then, little by little, you change your position on this planet. You change your position
in relation to other people. You change your position
in relation to the world-at-large. And for all we know, you change your reality
completely and entirely at some point. The energy accumulates
to where you actually end up on a different planet, reality, than the one you were on before. And if this process continues
who knows what can happen. I would really like to imagine that
a lot of people could keep doing this, and keep working their way over
and working there way over, until they finally end up on a planet
where everything sorts itself out, and everybody is all happy. And all the psychopaths go away
and governments straighten out, and start taking care of the people and people are happy
and friendly to each other. And there is plenty of food for everybody,
so on and so forth. But I am placing my requirements
on how that should happen. I don’t know how that can happen. All I can say is that I feel like I would like to see
a world where that existed. But I don’t know how we would get there. And I just know that we have to each day
take in all the information we can take in, try to decode it as best we can. Practice our little methods
of dealing with the truth. Making decisions. Making your choices and see what happens. Because we don’t have any other choice,
I don’t think. And I don’t think that the world
we are on right now, where people continuously go along
with the lies and live in their fantasies, hoping it’s all going to get better,
if they never do anything. And we can’t change the world out there.
We can only change our own lives. And if we can change our own lives
by decisions becoming cleaner, becoming more honest,
becoming more forthcoming, becoming more open,
becoming more in control of ourselves. Becoming way more knowledgeable
and way more aware so that we weight more. Those are the only things
we can really control. And getting together with other people
so that we can do that. Who knows what we might create. We can’t anticipate that. But we know where it’s going to go
if we don’t do anything. The reason we are videotaping is because we have discovered that
very often we say a lot of stuff when we get going that really needs
to be shared with other groups. FOTCM forum in general
and it’s a lot easier to put it on video, and put it up where they can see it
than try to repeat it over and over again. It’s also a lot faster than writing. Although, I would prefer to read,
some people like videos. I read faster than I watch videos. This is the last of six workshops
that we’ve had back to back, starting in the middle of October. It’s now getting towards
the end with November. When we first conceived of these ideas
of having these workshops, at this particular time,
having refurbished our barn. Of course, the first thing in our mind
was to be able to have people to come, who could just hang around and
participate in our lives and get together, meet each other, talk to each other and essentially see
how they congeal together. What kind of possible, you just never know,
if you just bring a group together that kind of randomly signs up
because they have that time slot available, and there is no other predetermining factor what the universe may have
in store for those people. They may come together
and meet other people that they haven’t met before,
that they only know from the forum. They may get on really well together. They may make plans together
or any number of things. So that was one thing that was in my mind,
just to get people together. Because from the very inception
of everything we’ve done and the reason the forum exists is because I have hundreds of people
writing to me from all over the world, all the time, saying,
“I have nobody to talk to.” And when that many people are writing to me
saying I have nobody to talk to, naturally, I can’t talk to each
and every one of them all the time. Because at a certain point in time
it was all I was doing. I was spending 10 hours a day
responding to people’s emails. And I came up with the idea
of putting people together, so they could not only talk to each other,
but if I responded to a particular question that response could go to everyone,
they could all read it. Because I also found that people
were asking the same kinds of questions over and over again. And there was only so much of me
available and I do have a family, and I have other interests that are
kind of more global for other people. Doing fairly large scale research
and making it available to other people. So answering individuals questions
or doing individual counseling as you might think of it didn’t seem to be
an optimal use of my time. So this is kind of an outgrowth of that. You get people together
on an email discussion and then you create a forum. Of course, when you have a public forum
you have to control the wackos and you have to do that carefully because
you don’t know whether a person is a wacko or whether they are just severely wounded. But in any event, learning about ponerology
has taught us a lot about the kinds of subtle psychological pressures
a wounded or pathological individual can put on a group and how it can
destroy that groups cohesiveness. It can twist it to a different direction
than it original started out. As we have had the different groups coming
different questions have come up. And of course as we get questions
we try to find solutions, answers. With the first group
it was kind of interesting because they were fairly focused on getting together and forming
a community of some sort. And they wanted to know
how to go about doing this. That came to the fore
as part of the discussion. We learned a lot from them
and they learned a lot from us. Group 2 was another interesting one because there were
a couple of floaters in there, and I’ll get to that in a minute because the other thing
that developed after group 1, it became obvious that there was
something else that we needed to be doing besides just letting people
get together and hang out. I did have the intention of making that entire series of
Knowledge and Being’ videos in dealing with differential diagnosis
and possession and spirit release, and getting that finished. But somewhere along the way,
around group 4, I think, we diverted because
other issues came to the fore. So I am going to have to finish of
that series without any groups present. But I’ll have to wait and see
who else is coming later in the year. We have people coming at the end
of December, early January. We have people coming in February. So even though we have finished off 6 weeks of what amounts to
for us is fairly grueling labor. Because we have to be paying attention. And the reason we have
to be paying attention comes back to the reason
I just mentioned, which is we realized we really need
to make observations, because people are wanting
to form communities. We think that it’s now or never. The window of opportunity is pretty narrow. And if we are going to support
those communities, help in the legal manner
that we are able to help, which I explained to you all
the second day you were here when we were talking about the legalities
of non-profit organization umbrellas, and how to structure a group, so that you have the best advantages
tax wise or working wise, etc. It became pretty obvious
that we needed to be observant of people, and create a database. And don’t be shocked because you know
the score, every one of you. How many of you are moderators
or ambassadors, raise your hands? A whole bunch of them in here. So you all know the score
as moderators and ambassadors. The rest of you should know the score
because we talk about it often enough. We created databases and the particular database
we have been creating for these groups is the name, skills, are they interested,
can they commit to doing something, what’s their time frame. Are they committing physical know how? Are they committing funds? Are they committing both? What sort of thing are they able
to commit into something like that? And then of course there is a whole raft
of check-boxes for our observations. Will this person be able to get along
with that person? Will this particular group… How do you see
people being able to get along? Can they function well together. Of course, we have been making observations
about how people spontaneously respond to what’s going on in their environment. Do you see the glass
as half empty or half full? Are you a team player? Are you a person who is able to creatively
figure out what to do, where to do it, when to do it
and how to do it. Curiously enough, whether you all know it
or not, I kind of gave it away, I said, Gurdjieff used to get people drunk
to find out who and what they were, we just arrange karaoke. There is a column for
one’s participation in karaoke. It doesn’t matter whether you can
sing or not, it’s how you participate. Are you so self-important
that you think it’s a child’s game? And you don’t want to play? Or are you able to get rid
of yourself importance and get down and have fun. That’s a really important thing,
believe it or not. How a person is able to play is
as important as how they are able to work. Those are the things we have in mind. Right now we have a group
forming up in the U.S. Those of you who are not mods
or ambassadors, who are interested, we can put you in this discussion group, where they are discussing
forming up these communities. At the end, we will obviously
have way more people who want to become a part
of the two communities, that are more or less firmly committed, than they are able to hold. So naturally, there is going to have to be
a selection process. And some people who have been selected
may not last, they may not survive it. They may be deselected, which is why we are structuring it so
people can be deselected if necessary. That’s just the basic background
of what we have been doing, and what we have been thinking about. Aside from teaching some basic skills: chopping wood, canning,
making chocolate, having a good time. The most important thing
about these workshops is how do people get along together. Believe it or not,
that’s the single most important thing. How do they interact? How do they communicate? Do they have constantly running
‘be nice’ programs that create issues
for the whole rest of the group, because they allow things
to persist or continue, or to grow? That should be nipped in the bud. Do they have ‘me, me, me’ programs;
‘it’s all about me’. We are paying attention
to these kinds of things. Because these are the kinds of things
that can kill a group. As you all know, when I started Sott, it was just to keep track
of stuff that was going on. Because I realized that when 9/11 happened, I knew right then and there
that this was the event that was going to move us over
into this new reality that the C’s had been
talking about for years. They had been talking about
the Nazi Germany thing as being a trial run
for what was going to happen towards the end of our civilization,
and the change of our reality. Before, for all those years,
I couldn’t imagine, I don’ think any of us could imagine, what kind of event can get us from here,
where our political system is. Politically we are not perfect,
but things are just kind of so-so. And you just can’t imagine how people who were living
under the kind of gradually progressive, moving towards getting
better governments on the planet, could all of a sudden
make this huge reverse and turn into a Nazi type
totalitarian regime! How do you get from here,
where we were before 9/11, to where we are right now? I couldn’t imagine what would take us
from there in that world I was in, to where we are now. Now, of course we know,
an event like 9/11. And the propagandistic nature of all
of the rhetoric that has followed. That is what has gotten us here. But at the time, I knew it,
and I wrote an article the day it happened and the day after, I wrote a series
of 2 or 3 articles predicting exactly what we have
come to see is their plan, and was their plan when they did this. So I knew when that happened. When George Bush and Saddam Hussein
were getting into their slinging match: “I am going to bomb you because
you got weapons of mass destruction”. “I don’t have weapons of mass destruction!
Come and check”. “I am not going to come and check.
You just lied! You are going to hide them”. “Well I don’t have them”. “I am going to bomb you back
to the stone age”. “You better not bomb us
because we don’t have any”. This went on and on
and it was just ridiculous. George Bush would say: “He’s not letting us inspect”,
Saddam would say: “Come inspect”. “Well, we don’t want to inspect”. It was just ridiculous. So I began chronicling this
and I would put a little paragraph and then a comment or something saying: “do you remember
what they said yesterday?” Because I wanted people to remember. I was aware that the news
was changing from day to day. And the propaganda was just
ramping up from day to day. So that was why I started doing it. Because at the same time, I was also still in the early stages of my
conceptualized experiment with history. I see history as the evidence
for a macro-cosmic quantum shift. And you can see it down through history
when you study history over the broad period of time. The ‘longue durée’ as they call it
in one of the historical schools. You see that there are energies
that kind of go in. They are kind of like these, you can probably use
the same kind of algorithms you use to predict stock market
crashes or weather situations. Because energy goes into a system
until it gets so destabilized and it can no longer accommodate
this chaotic energy. That it all just kind of flies up
in the air and falls back down. It is like turning the dial
on a kaleidoscope. Everything suddenly changes. My idea was that history was like this.
Watching history, watching events. I wanted to watch these events because I was aware that we were
in a period of history where we were getting to the point where
things were going to fly up in the air and everything was going to change. So I started doing that
and the funny thing was I think maybe some of you may remember
the session where I asked about it, what’s the point
of all this stuff I am doing. And the answer was an exchange
between Ark and the C’s. When you are watching these things
and collecting this data, it changes something inside you. And you begin to see more
and then you begin, at some point, something happens
that triggers something inside you, and maybe for all we know,
it’s something that is hardwired into you. That when something happens
it’s going to change all of the configuration in your system,
like a kaleidoscope. And you know something or see something, or move to another level
that you were not at before. For me, searching the news and hopefully the most significant types
of things that we are interested in are picked up by other editors
and collected onto Sott, so that I can go in and read Sott myself
and see the clues of what is happening. Which way things are moving?
Are we getting to a pressure point? Is everything going to shift? I am also aware that
I am looking for something. That there is something
that is going to happen, like 9/11, that’s going to tell me
that it’s time to do this or to do that. That’s one of the really
important things about Sott for me because it’s tracking
the historical process in real time. Because current events
are just history in the making. But there is something else
I want to talk about. Because when you see certain things, when certain things happen
and trigger changes in you, and this is what we were
talking about the other day, information,
when you get certain information. And we should be collecting as much
information about our global situation, our personal situation, social situations,
cultural, historical, political, medical, biological,
psychological, as we can. Because we are packing information
into our beings. In a certain sense, when you are
paying attention to political things, social things, historical things, the things that are out there that
can have a very profound impact on you. You know it, you are living in Athens. What’s going on historically speaking
could very quickly, in no time flat, cost you your life. You know it. It’s very volatile down there. Who else lives in a…? You are in Canada, but whatever. You are in a country that is going to be
covered by ice, probably. You are in the U.S. – concentration camps. You are in the U.S. You are up there in the North land,
you are going to be under ice. You are in the U.S. You are in Australia,
you are probably okay. You are in the UK. You are in Europe,
you are okay for the moment. You are going off onto a volcanic island,
you might be blown out of the water. But for the moment, it’s okay. We are in France. Was that expression good enough,
to convey what I meant? I don’t have to say anything? Anyway, we’re in France. But as we’ve said before, we’ve got
this situation in France unbelievably, thanks to good lawyers,
things kind of stabilized. And that happened
because of choices we made. And I explained the other day
that when certain things happened, we chose to stand and to make
certain choices and do certain things, because this was right
and that was wrong and continue on. Well, I want to tell you
a little bit something about… Here we are in this great house.
It’s a great house. Do you like it? Yes. Well when we first came to France we were all cramped into
a little itty-bitty farmhouse. And it did have 5 bedrooms
but they were small. And in fact, they were so small, and the stairs were so cramped
and the hallway was so small, I could not even get my bed,
in pieces, up to the bedroom. My American mattress
would not turn the corner. And it also would not fit
through the window. We tried taking it up through the window
and tried taking it up through the stairs. And there was no way, so I ended up
setting up my bed downstairs, in a pseudo-office space and Joe was sleeping on fruit pallets
with a mattress on it, with a curtain hanging off the ceiling
in the old SOTT office. So it was not
a very satisfactory situation. And we had other people
sleeping in the garage and it was pretty miserable and unpleasant. Then we had that psycho landlord
who hooked up with the defamers, and giving us a really hard time. And this is kind of what
I want to talk about here. Because we were really pressured
and really in a desperate situation. We needed a place to live where we had at least room for everybody to
have their own bed and their own bedroom. And we also needed a place to work that was
big enough to set up all of our computers, and set up our library
because in this other house, all my books were still packed up in boxes
stacked in this little dark, dank room. Because there was no place to set up book cases and put them out,
except for a few. So I didn’t have access to my books,
I couldn’t work, nobody else could work. We kept SOTT going, somehow,
and the landlord was acting crazy. The country of France was acting crazy thanks to the landlord because
the local officials, the prefecture, were all in his pocket
so everything was really unpleasant. And then we decided
we really have to find a house. So we started looking for houses
and this was in July of that year. And we made appointment after appointment
after appointment to go look at houses. And in one case we drove over
to one that was over by Lyon, which is about a 5-6-7 hour drive.
It’s a long way. And the minute you get there, you found out that all the glorious things
about the house were all true except that it was
20 feet from the auto route, which was right above the house. I mean, if someone had a wreck
on the auto route, they’d land on top of your house. Not to mention the fact that
you can hear the cars going ‘zoom, zoom, zoom’, you know? “Oh well, you can just go inside
and close the double-paned windows. You don’t hear a thing.” Duh, but who wants to live
in a place like that? But anyways that was one place. We were looking within
a certain price range, because of course, we couldn’t afford
what we wanted or needed. We figured we had to get something
really old and ratty, in kind of make-do and fix it up. So we went to one place and it didn’t have
any kind of plumbing, electricity or anything. And all of the space was just
these big giant rooms and it was like the old castle. And it had literally nothing. It was collapsing
and falling apart, horrible. So we were getting pretty desperate. And I said we are going to try this thing
that I kind of did back in Florida. When I had problems I had this little thing
I would do that would help me solve the problem. We’re talking financial, decision problems,
or how to get something to happen that you need to have happen,
because you need a change. Something has to happen because
you are in a horrible situation. At the time I was using my pool and I would swim laps
while concentrating on an outcome. And I knew that this was the only way
that was actually acceptable, without bringing negative things
down on your head. And that is to create a scene
in your mind where you see yourself, or see people that are close to you
sitting down somewhere, or in some scene or situation,
discussing the fact that, “Isn’t it wonderful that
the problem is solved.” “Isn’t it great that we’ve got a solution?” “I’m so happy,
this is just wonderful news.” But you never, and this is very important, you never go further in your visualization
than that, ever. You do not try to imagine
how the problem is solved. And this is really, really hard because everybody secretly thinks they know what’s best for them
and how they want their future to be. “I want a new house so I’m going to see
myself opening the door of this new house.” And you’ve visualize the house. Right there you’ve shot yourself
in the foot. You cannot do that. You can only visualize yourself
in an exchange with the people close to you
or picking up the telephone, calling your mother saying,
“best news, we got the house we wanted”, or “we got the right house.” And you have to be very careful
with this phrasing. Because in a sense it’s almost like
being careful with your phrasing when you’re using hypnosis. You have to be very, very, very careful. And your words have to be very precise, and your visualization
must be very precise. Does anybody have any questions
about this visualization process? Because it’s so important I think
we ought to stick with it for a minute. Okay, so you visualize yourself
being happy, pleased, sharing the happiness with those
other people in your life who are involved in the problem, or even just calling somebody
and announcing, and the important thing is to feel
the way you would feel, if the problem were solved
to actually generate that emotion. The other important thing about it is
not only to generate the emotion, and also to visualize yourself
acknowledging that the problem is solved, but you also have to put
physical energy into it. This is why I was swimming laps
in the pool while I was visualizing. Visualizing and thinking and swimming laps. Because when you are swimming laps
you are generating electric current, and you are putting energy into this thing
and sending out a very definitive signal. So that’s how I used to do it. So at this point in time,
coming back to the future-past, I said this is what we were going to do. So all the girls in the house, and it’s kind of a woman’s thing to do
but I guess guys can do it too, because they participated to some extent, but women have this kind of natural
electrical creativity that’s cyclical. So I said we’ve got this treadmill, we set it up in the hall in such a way that I had this bowl,
and in fact it’s that bowl there. Do you want to hand me that bowl
with those crystals in it, Niall? I’ll show you the actual artefact
that I used for this. It’s not light. I know. This is a very heavy solid, brass bowl
and a crystal, one solid crystal. Second crystal. A chunk of solid amethyst,
bowl. Now, I would wash it carefully and put purified water in it, and sit it out in the sun for a day. Then I would bring it inside and I would sit it down where
you could see it while on the treadmill. And while you are on the treadmill
you are visualizing your outcome. And remember, you’re not visualizing
the actual outcome, you’re visualizing how you feel and how you share
that feeling with other people when the outcome is perfect. The universe has taken care of you. That’s all you’re visualizing. So you’re on the treadmill and got your eyes closed
because it’s kind of important when you start off to have your eyes
closed to get your visualization going. And you start pumping that treadmill. And you can increase the speed
to where you are walking really fast, or maybe even a little lope,
almost a run, very, very fast, generating electricity,
visualizing this outcome. And then you open your eyes
and you project it into those crystals. Why? Crystals are piezoelectric. When you’re not actively
generating the energy, they will sit there
and passively generate it for you. They are like capacitors and you are putting that
visualization into them in a capacitor-like way,
like a trickle charge, so that when you are
not actively on the treadmill, and I mean come on, five minutes a day, the crystals keep holding
the electromagnetic image of the outcome of your visualization. And if you have 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 people
in a house that do that 5 minutes a day, each from their own
frequency energetic perspective, things start to happen. Because the next thing that happened,
how long did we do this, Anna? Do you remember? 3 weeks. 3 weeks we were doing this and during that 3 weeks I think we looked
at another one of those nowhere houses. And I was about at that point
where I was ready to give up. I mean, how many houses
can you drive to see? It was just horrible. So, Anna continued to
check the real estate listings maybe every day or so, just looking,
and all of a sudden one day she’s says, “oh mom, you have to come
see this house, I found this house.” It just looks perfect. I’s got this many bedrooms,
exactly the number we needed. I’s got this big rooms,
this one can be an office. It’s got some land for the dogs. It’s got a real kitchen
that looks like an American kitchen, which was the big selling point for us, because we were sick to death
of French kitchens where you didn’t have any cupboards
or cabinets or you didn’t have a real refrigerator. Excuse me to all the French people
watching this, but facts are facts. So we said, “wow, that’s cool.” But it’s for sale and we really
can’t afford that price. It’s like way out of our range, almost twice what we
could’ve borrow from the bank. We had a certain amount of money
for a down payment, thanks to benevolent donors, and we were able to, with that
down payment, get a loan for the rest. But it still took us out of our range
of borrowing capacity. It took us way out of it. Oh boy, well the idea is perfect
but we can’t afford it. We can’t do that. And then after a while I thought about it, and I think Anna even said,
“why don’t we just go look at it?” And remember this is the child
that won the lottery, so when she says stuff like that I listen. So I said,
“okay, we’ll just go look at it.” It’s an entertaining thing to do
on a Saturday afternoon so we’ll just go drive by. So we went on a Sunday or Saturday drive
and we drove by and I said, “oh, yeah, it would work.” “And it really looks enough
of a fixer upper that there might be
some possibility of negotiation.” So we made an appointment with
the realtor to come and look at the house. We came inside the house and we discovered,
based on all the evidence, and this is where knowledge comes in, based on all the evidence in the house, whoever had been living in it
had left in a really, really big hurry. And the only reason I could think of
for somebody to leave a house in a really big hurry
is because the taxman is after you, the police are after you,
or you need money. So I took the chance and I knew somebody
who knew somebody who might know, because I found the name of the person
written down on an object in the house, and I said, I know somebody
who knows somebody who lives in that area, because we have this
really big network of people. So about anywhere in the world
that somebody is located, I probably know somebody
in our network who lives close by and can look in the yellow pages
or white pages and find a phone number for me. And it turned out
that this person actually knew somebody who was a friend of the person
who owned the house. Got me his phone number so I called him up. And I didn’t want him to refuse me
because I knew he had the house for sale, so he really needed money
and I rushed it in there, “I’m calling about your house
that’s for sale in the South of France.” “How would you like to rent it
with a year’s rent paid in advance?” I rushed it all in there,
a chunk of change. Somebody needs money, a chunk of change. And he says,
“Well, I was really trying to sell it but let me talk to my wife
and call you back.” 5 minutes later, “Yeah, we’ll do it.” The point is that impossible things
can be achieved if you let the universe do it, and if you quit trying
to impose your own will, “I know where I’m going to be,
I know what I’m going to do, it’s going to be this way and no other, because to my mind
I know what I have to do.” “I have to find a house to buy.” “I know how it’s got to be.” “It’s got to be within this price range.” “This is what I can do!” But we ended up with the house as a rental. We rented it for 10 years
before we were able to buy it, and then we bought it at a very low price. That wasn’t bad, was it? So that’s what happens when you give up
your idea of how things have to be. You also have a lot of knowledge. You also have to know how to
release your energy into the cosmos so that it can work with it, and then you need to know
how to read the freakin’ signs. “It’s a house, it’s perfect.” “Oh we better not go see it.
We don’t have that much money.” “Oh come on, let’s just go do it for fun.” You get in the house
and the signs are everywhere. I mean, the universe
couldn’t have been any plainer. It was just screaming, “this is the right house, la la la,
here’s what you need to do.” Thinking about calling somebody
that’s got a house for sale and asking, “I want to rent your house,
blah, blah, blah…” I sat there with the phone, “this guy’s going to say no,
I know he’s going to say no.” “I mean, there’s no point asking.” “It’s for sale, you know.” And I really had to screw myself up to pick up the phone, dial,
and make the call. But I was desperate,
and my family was desperate, and I was responsible for all these people. I had to do it as much as
I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to be rejected. Selling is not what I do. Calling up somebody and selling them
on the idea of “rent your house to me!” “I know you want to sell it, but please!” I didn’t even have to do any of that,
no persuading, no anything. I just said “here’s rent in advance” which is what we had, that’s the money we had. And we got it. It was a decision point,
it was one of those choices that you make, based on knowledge and information. I’m not going to swear to you that my little method of generating
physical energy, while you’re visualizing, and then you plant it into your crystals in a bowl of distilled water
is doing anything. It makes me feel good, but I’m not going to promise you
that that’s the main thing to do. Because as I said, from my point of view, just experimentally,
it’s just like capacitor. And it just kind of holds the energy like a ghostly happening can be
a reflection of an electromagnetic event that gets imprinted in the atmosphere,
over an underwater stream, and then replays repeatedly,
time after time. Maybe I’m just getting it to
replay repeatedly my idea that I can solve this problem, or that the problem is solved
by the universe. Maybe the important thing is the fact that
10 people are getting on that treadmill every day and holding that visualization while they’re generating
that physical energy? I can only tell you it works. And I’ve done it more than once. And I kind of reserve it
for serious problems because I figure that I’m smart enough, and I can gather enough information
to solve the ordinary problems. And anything else, we can all solve it
together by discussing it. Because when you discuss something it
creates or generates an energy of its own. Any questions? Has anyone ever tried anything similar? Does everyone in here have a perfect life? You do? No, but I have a question. To the best of your knowledge,
is there any qualitative difference between kinds of exercise that you would use
in generating that current, or is using a treadmill
just as good as swimming in a pool, just as good as doing push-ups? I think whatever is comfortable for you. I like the treadmill myself, because
you can do it with your eyes closed. It works in the pool but I prefer the treadmill,
you can do it with your eyes closed. Try walking through the woods
with your eyes closed. And you can also adjust your speed. How about other things
like having music on? I think I would eliminate
any kinds of distractions. Okay. I would try to be creating
the sounds of voices. You really have to get into and
create your scene, and you repeat it. And each time you repeat it,
it gets stronger, richer and more real, and you just repeat the same thing. Find your perfect representation
and build and repeat it, time after time, and it becomes more dense,
you add more detail to it, you begin to hear sounds,
you begin to hear voices, you begin to smell the smell of flowers
or hear trickling water going on. Anything else? Say you are physically isolated
from your network, for example on the forum,
where you share the values of the others, but putting these guys
in your visualization would sort of be… Why don’t you visualize
writing a post to the forum? See yourself writing a post:
“Dear forum members, guess what?!” “The perfect thing has happened in my life,
all my problems are solved.” Or my specific problem or whatever it is
you’re working on. Calling someone up that you know
that lives down the street. Calling your parents, “guess what,
I’m moving to such and such a place.” Just visualize things that would
really happen in your life. Writing a post, calling your neighbour,
calling your parents, those sorts of things. Something that’s possible in the present? Yeah, something that’s possible
in the present. Some way of expressing it,
communicating it or visualizing it. Anybody else? Do what exercise? You mean do
the little technique I just described? Yeah. I don’t see why not,
I think anybody can do it. My advice would be to always remember you do not try to tell the universe
what it wants for you. It can be difficult. Yes, but you don’t want to get into
a staring match with the cosmos, because you won’t win. But if you visualize yourself
or your friends, for example, you have something
you want or need. What we were doing is, we were just visualizing ourselves
sitting around a table, saying things like,
“this is the greatest news”, “this is a great house”, “it’s just perfect for us”,
nothing more than that. Because you can’t say
how many rooms it has or where it is. You can’t make any of those determinations. It just has to be that
the problem is solved. If you do that
while you’re on your treadmill, you are generating electrical energy, and moving through
the information field of the planet, so you’re generating it and
I think that’s the most important thing. And the reason I say treadmill
is because some people might say, “I do it that way when I go for a walk.” You can’t quite do it the same way because
you have to have your eyes closed so you can really get into
your visualization. And the visualization is just that
your problem is solved. But then you have to actually exert
yourself by being attentive to any signals and information you might be receiving. And you have to be able to receive it
and decode it properly. So yeah, I think anybody can do it. And I think it can be done en masse. We had our one treadmill
and we just took turns. Every once in a while someone
would get on it and spend 3-4 minutes. I’d get really dramatic one time
and – 20 minutes. And the same thing is true for working for something that you want
to send a signal. For example, our work on SOTT. That’s kind of the same thing
as getting on that treadmill and sending out a signal. This is what’s wrong,
we want to see a better world. You’re working out this energy on SOTT
as though SOTT itself were the treadmill. And meanwhile, while you’re looking at the information
that you’re getting about how the world is, and the situation that you are in,
that you need a house, and then always have in your mind
there is this ideal of what the world could be like,
compared to what it is, and I think that’s what drives a lot
of people to do things like what we do. They never lose that image in their mind
of what the world could be like, because everything that is now
is evident that it is not what we want, because it is compared implicitly
with what the ideal is. A world with peace, justice,
equality, fraternity. All these idealistic things
we’ve grown up on that really exists instead of being a lie. Yes? In information theory, I’m assuming it’s true to say that
illusion and fantasy is essentially the same as chaos,
or produces chaos in the system. And in our world,
people believe in illusions and fantasies. Well, sure. But is there something then
fundamentally untenable about a fundamentally chaotic system
that it ultimately collapses? Oh yeah, it ultimately collapses because all these energies are shooting
different ways and there’s collisions, non-linear dynamics in play. Things go kaflooey, and if you’re living
in an illusion or fantasy, you are basically shutting yourself off
from the information flow from the cosmos. And when people do that en masse,
they are all believing lies or closing themselves off
from the truth, from reality, and also closing themselves off
from their responsibility to take action in their personal lives,
social lives, their larger social sphere, political lives or whatever. When they are closing all that off,
they are basically, en masse, closing the planet off from information. And when there is no information,
disorder increases. So information from,
let’s say the universe or wherever, is essentially good or positive
in the sense that it creates order. So order is synonymous with happiness
from the human perspective or positivity, health or all good things, and illusion or chaos is synonymous with… Order that is informed by information is, but order that is imposed by
creating lies is not truly order. That is a recipe for disaster, I think. Yeah, it’s not possible
for the entire world to live in a fantasy
that is in conflict with… What is. With what is, with objective information. Maybe it’s that conflict and the fact that there are
two opposing forms of information, information based on illusion held by everybody in the world,
all of their illusions, and the information that
conflicts with that, which is the objective data that is there. Well, the living system itself shows,
over billions of years, that it seeks order and when some species in that living system
seriously disrupts the order, as human beings have disrupted
the order on this planet, they are asking to be extincted. Well, it just makes me think about
a corrupt government, for example, tends to propagate lies. And also a very ideal government
tends to, or implies, decision-making from above, which removes a lot of the decision-making
by the ordinary people. And they’re not informing people
with information. Yeah, the corrupt government
is propagating phony decision-making. They are encouraging people
to make decisions based on authority that is fundamentally corrupt
and based on lies, and that propagates down
throughout the entire planet. And like you talked about, people need to make choices
in their own lives, taking responsibility and making choices,
to move into a new reality. But that’s subverted by
a corrupt government that imposes decisions
and choices on the people. And the thing is, I think when people increase
their weight with real information, they become like a thorn in the flesh of a corrupt government
that wants to conceal things and they seek to eradicate
or destroy them. Because, god forbid that the information
should spread and people begin to wake up, become aware of reality and take positive
actions in their lives and so forth. I have this funny feeling that there are going to be different worlds,
different realities, planetary realities, that are going to have different fates and people are going to experience
the fate that they resonate with. And if they resonate with lies
or illusions, then that’s the planet
that they will be on, and the things that happen on that planet will be very destructive
and probably catastrophic. Things may happen differently in the world that I live in, and I’m not saying that facetiously. And of course, it may be
that the people who seek order, and who have order and have information actually end up on a planet
where they alone are there. And the people who want to be
on the planet that blows up actually stay on the planet that blows up. But if that happens, as it does with any other kind
of decision you make, things will happen naturally,
it will be perceived in a natural way. You make a decision and go through some sort of
chaotic period in your life, and then all of a sudden you’re on a new
groove and everything is kind of different, and you don’t really see
the old friends anymore, you don’t really go to
the same old hangouts anymore. That’s part of a different reality, and eventually all that
fades from your life. Well, what if that happens
in a more real way than we even imagine? And what if the world that people
who want peace end up on, the natural way that
all the other people “disappear” from their reality is, for example, localized cosmic destruction, plague. What if the only people who survive
are the people who are informed with large amounts of information and all the people who are living in
illusions and lies get the plague and die. It sounds like the idea of two
different worlds or different realities. It sounds like a macrocosmic version
of what you’re saying. One example I was thinking of was
people on a plane that has crashed. One person will sit there
in stunned disbelief and won’t move out of the plane
when the plane is on fire, and another person sitting beside them will suddenly jump into action
and get of the plane.   And there is a divergence
of two realities. Could be. One person is dead and the other is alive. But what you’re describing is
that same kind of thing, based on choice happening,
but on a macrocosmic, social scale. Yeah.
What if I choose to get off this world? I mean, it’s kind of a joke
“stop the world I want to get off”. Well, “let me make a choice
and move to another world” is really more the way it works. Because reality for those people
on the plane crash becomes very, very different,
the one survives, the other is dead. What I’m getting from what you’re saying
is that it’s a lot of work too. This idea that there might be a 4th density
and people who don’t like this world often say “get me out of here” and they
don’t seem to be understanding that, if I understood you correctly, each density
is a higher density of information, and the more we gather in this reality,
living here in the present, taking action and working really hard
to make something happen, might take us closer.
Is that right? Exactly. Because the concepts of densities
where animals are 2nd density, humans beings are 3rd density
and then there are 4th density denizens that we can perceive traces of, or their actions or see phenomena
that let us know that they are there and are doing things in our world. They are exponentially
removed from our perception, even more than we are removed
from the perception of say, our dog. The dog has a very limited perception of the reality and has
very limited information. They have quite a bit. I’d say my dog has a vocabulary
of a 3 year old child. I mean, an understanding vocabulary. She does try to talk but she still doesn’t know
anything about mathematics, or history or anything like that. So what they know relative to us
has got to be exponentially greater. So we, as individuals, cannot,
in this reality, which lives and co-exists
with a 4th density reality, but we as individuals probably
do not have the capacity, genetically or otherwise,
to even reach that level at this point. However, when we work together
as groups and share information, we become the equivalent
of a 4th density being because a 4th density being has this
incredible awareness, we assume. And no one of us, even if we work really hard for the 4 score
and 10 years supposedly allotted to us, can ever gain the kind of knowledge
and information and awareness to equal that kind of information
and awareness that they have. But as a group, if we are constantly,
all of us, making observations, sharing our observations,
discussing things openly and honestly, reflecting back to each other what we each
pick up and the clues that we are noticing, and I use an example of it, imagine in a paleolithic society where the tribe is very close and they operate in an environment
that’s very dangerous. There are big creatures there that can kill
and eat them at a moment’s notice, and their survival depends
on them sharing information. One of them notices the footprint
of a sabretooth tiger and another says, “yes, I heard a growl last night”,
and another says, “I found sabretooth tiger dung last week”
or whenever, and the other says, “I saw the bushes rustling.” So they all, by sharing each one
their little piece of information, have become aware
there’s a sabretooth tiger out there, and they need to do something about it.
  So they manage to survive. They set a trap,
go out there and dig a pit, and the sabretooth tiger gets trapped
in the pit and doesn’t eat any of them. So that’s one way to think of it. It’s even more complicated when
you’re talking about 4th density beings, and being aware of them,
because they have much more subtle clues, and we talk a lot about that
in the Wave Series and when we discuss it on the forum, we discuss how you detect
4th density presences. And in a sense it’s kind of like doing
Spirit Release in the previous videos. You have to view something
and then you get these signs, and then you query the signs altogether, but it’s a little bit more complicated
discerning 4th density interaction, and as you become heavier
as a group or as an individual, your group becomes the equivalent
of a 4th density being and then you may actually be, for
a period of time, operating at that level. Yes? If I understand what you are saying, let’s say if I want to go from
a world of war to a world of peace. Let’s say between these two processes
there is something like twenty worlds, and obviously acquiring some knowledge
and after a certain time I am on world #2. Obviously all of us here
are in the same world, and we are all looking for the truth and if I speak about
the balance of the world, everyone is believing
all the lies that are telling so we are not in the same world right now. But alone, I can keep on
increasing my knowledge and keep on increasing
in the direction of world peace. But alone,
if I understand what you are saying, I cannot go up to the main goal. I can do certain processes
to go towards a certain point, but we do need a critical mass of people to generate enough energy
to jump to that world? I think so. I think the example
of the house experiment, you have to have a certain amount
of energy – critical mass. We employed a particular method
of engaging physical work into the process and there has to be some equivalent
found in other processes. When you said that
a living being has to get information, when a person decides
not to get information or learn their lessons for their life, living in that reality
where their world is going to explode, is that another way to learn a lesson
or get information? I don’t understand what you are saying. I mean, when a person decided
not to get information, or learn their lessons and stay in the reality where
the world is going to explode… Dying or living in that reality
where the world is going to explode, is another way to
get lessons or information. Are you saying staying on the world
that goes kaflooey and explodes is a hard way to learn? Yes. Quite possibly because let’s face it, cometary impacts carry
a load of information. Can you imagine people who don’t believe
that such things are ever going to happen, or could ever happen
and when it finally happens, the sudden burst of enlightenment is like,
“whoa, I sure missed that one!” So in the last five seconds before
the lights go out they learn something. I’ve just noticed from my own experiences, when I’ve tried to follow
the truth and learn more about it, I get inundated with resistance
in people attacking that, and finding it very difficult and
slow process to grow and build that. I think as a group as well, that
the resistance attacks seem unrelenting. Do you think it ever reaches a point where the resistance and the fight
put up against that will… Well, you remember I drew the picture
of the three different individuals in three different places on the planet,
and they were all surrounded by all these people who wanted to live
on the planet that blew up. And they were all widely separated
and only in contact via the internet, and discovered each other’s existence. The next logical step, the decision that
that information carries is: I think we need to be a little bit closer. Because it’s really hard
to live in the midst of this, because I am an information decoder, and I am surrounded by a whole lot of noise
that constantly damps down the signal, and I go one step forward and two steps
back all the time because of that. If you make an analysis of that situation,
the logical conclusion is, “I need to do something,
what am I going to do?” And that’s where making decisions
and doing the hard work comes into play. So, I’m not going to be the only one who’s
going to do all the talking here today, because we’ve got other people
who have a few things they want to say. Joe wants to say a few things about SOTT
and I think Chu wants to say a few things. And possibly even Anna
wants to say a few things. So I am going to turn you over to Joe who’s going to talk
a little bit about SOTT, because I already told everybody that
SOTT is like our first line of defense. So if Joe wants to come here
and Anna can take over running the camera, then he can talk to you a little bit
about SOTT and what he has to say. And I think Neil has a few things
to say about it also, because they kind of
do most of the writing. Every once in a while they let me
write something but not too often. So there you go – take the floor. Thank you very much. Not every group,
but we talked to three or four, it kind of depended on who was here
and how involved they were with SOTT, and how many SOTT editors there were or who even read it that much, so it depended on the group
who we actually talked to about it. Laura’s already mentioned it
to most groups that it’s very important from a defense point of view
and from just having a public presence that is officially not “weird” in the sense
that it is what it seems to be. It’s a news commentary
and analysis website, but it also does investigating reporting
and dig into things if necessary. Laura mentioned that
from the point of view of when we were being investigated
by the police that they seemed to back off a little bit when we started exposing what was
going on just on the public website. So it’s important from that point of view. But obviously to keep it fresh
and keep it hot like Laura mentions. Keep SOTT hot. To keep SOTT hot we need people
to contribute to it, and would be interested in it
and to keep the energy into it, and different perspectives
because that’s one thing, I think, that a lot of people
don’t really understand. At this point,
there isn’t much left to uncover about the nature of our world, if you know what I mean,
on an overt level anyways. It’s all out there somewhere and in fact
some of it is out there all over the place. 9/11’s been done to death, the state of world
on a political level is pretty dire, a bunch of psycho’s
running the show kind of thing. But just because it’s been said
for many times doesn’t mean that
it shouldn’t be said again. In fact it has to be said again. Because if you notice
how the mainstream media operates, they don’t let up on their propaganda
in terms of repeating the lie over and over again. So we essentially have to do the same. So just in terms of anybody who thinks,
“well, somebody said that already” and I hear this a lot from people
on the forum that someone else said, “I was about to post something on the forum
but someone else already said it, and therefore
there’s no point in me saying it.” I don’t think that’s true. It’s not true for the forum
and it’s not true for SOTT. If you see something,
have an idea about something, even if know that it’s been said before, the thing to remember is that, very often, if something is written on a topic, exposing the truth
about a particular topic, there can be two people who will read that and one person will get it
and the other won’t. And it can be about the way it was written,
the words that were used, the emotional flavour of it, whether there is any emotion
or there’s none. Some people can be put it off
by an overly emotional expose, and some people can be attracted to that. The point being that
just because it’s been said before is not any reason to not say it again, on two levels, one is that it needs to be repeated
over and over again because the mainstream media repeats
the lies over and over again, and also because there are people
out there who may be waiting for you to say what you know
in your own particular way, for them to be able to get it
and resonate with it. There’s another big aspect to it. It was almost an accidental discovery
that SOTT was useful as a line of defense. So this is by no means first
and foremost what its function is. Its function is for us to window the world. Although the series is no longer running, ‘Connecting the Dots’ is
the whole ethos of thought. We are looking for key information that other people
wouldn’t recognize as being key, it would just past them by. We just show it back it them, “look, this is important information
and here’s why.” And I think this is why people
come to SOTT. We are such a tiny group
but we get millions of hits every month. People are hungry for the truth and chances are good
they already have a very good idea of what the truth about any given topic is. Something political happened
or something about health but as Joe said,
part of it is they want to come to somewhere where they see
somebody else has said it or somebody has expressed
what they were thinking anyway. People get hit with that stuff
over and over again. They get hit with the lies and the corruption and the inhumanity
over and over again. In the world, it’s happening every day. For example,
Palestinians haven’t stopped suffering because a bunch of people wrote about it
a few years ago and Israelis keep on doing it. And they do the same thing
and sure people have written it’s horrible, barbaric, Israel and the Zionists
are a bunch of whatever. But they keep doing it,
and that’s just one example. The state of the world
keep’s getting worse. There’s crazy weather,
cyclones, tornadoes, typhoons, unusual number in unusual places
in unusual intensity. They’ve been going on for several years. But they keep happening. So every time it happens,
you have to say the same thing again. There’s no way around it. You have to keep pointing out the fact
that this is happening over and over again and it’s increasing in frequency. With the exception of a few blogs, there’s
no one who is putting all this together. And people are aware that
something’s going on with the climate. The only available option to them
is man made global warming. And you can do something about it
by recycling or whatever. That alone is such an important thing
for people because they see it happening. They need to understand why it’s happening. They don’t have a fully formed picture
as to why exactly it’s happening, but they have a very good idea
and as new data comes in, it adds to and strengthens
the signal of that idea. And I think that’s a big factor
why people come to SOTT. Yeah, and also, Neil just touched on it and Laura’s mentioned it
many times over the years, is that there’s a very distinct benefit
to the person who works on SOTT, and looks for this information in terms of enhancing the awareness of the truth
within yourself of what’s really going on, making it real for you. You have to look at it every day
or as often as possible, where you are looking at the news
and connecting the dots, putting things together,
publishing and posting it on SOTT. Going through that process
makes it very real for you. It’s not just a headline that you might
glance at on SOTT or some media outlet, and go “oh, that’s interesting”
and then forget about it. If you actually have to go
through the process of looking for information
or data that fits with our message, which is pretty much everything, almost,
and reading it, commenting on it, finding out where the lies
and distortions are. If it’s a mainstream media article,
and correcting it by your own comments, which is usually pretty obvious because
the lies are usually pretty blatant. So that’s one thing
a lot of SOTT editors do, which is to add comments to articles
that are just bullshit and repetitions, the same lies repeated over and over again. They will publish the article on SOTT,
and put a SOTT editor comment in there, just to truthify it. I keep getting the image of a
blacksmith heating a piece of metal, or a sword in order to shape it. It’s the repeated applications of this. Looking for the truth in the world today
via the media and then writing about it, by essentially commenting on it
and putting up a SOTT article, is the process of instilling truth
within yourself, intensifying it or making it real, and getting an understanding, yourself,
of what’s really going on. Not just second hand hearsay. That’s important as well, but there’s
an opportunity for everyone here, to engage in this process which is more intense than
simply being a passive observer. Being an active part
of disseminating that truth, which is very different than
just being a receiver of it. So, if nobody else has any questions,
I think that’s going to be the end of what I’m going to say today because
I think that if anybody starts doing this, and starts having their life changed,
I think it’s a well spent hour. Is that it?  I think that’s it,
we are out of time. That’s it for today
and we will be back soon. To support our work please consider
making a donation by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button
at Thank you!

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