Knowing Your Professors

>>CAITLYN JONES: Miami does a great job of
being a school that is, you still get the feel of a big college experience, but the
classroom sizes are really small.>>ARISTOTLE KAYAFAS: The feel that I got walking
around campus was a lot different than a lot of the other colleges, and it had a really
unique feel of being large but also small at the same time.>>CONNOR DOLSON: I’ve been able to know professors
on a personal level since day one.>>DANIELLE LOTT: I feel like the faculty were
really passionate about getting students to be passionate about doing research and finding
career options that work for them.>>GAGE HUEY: Knowing how to talk to different
groups of people and how to have that cultural awareness and understanding is one of the
most important skills that I’ve gotten here.>>CAITLYN JONES: You actually get a real one-on-one
experience with all of the professors and even the other students, and that leads to
really good discussions.>>EDITH LUI: Being able to have a back-and-forth
questioning with my professor and other students in the class.>>KATHY SWERBENSKI: I’ve never met a professor
who doesn’t seem to want to make sure that I’m going to do amazing in my classes.>>LEXI SKOLARIS: Being able to work with graduate
students and professors and all types of different people to kind of get a wide variety of experience.>>MOLLY O’DONNELL: That ability to work
in a team that doesn’t always fit your expectations has served me incredibly well.>>CONNOR DOLSON: They’re trying to help me
every way they can and make sure I can be the best professional I can be once I leave
Miami.>>JOSIAH COLLINS: Immerse yourself in everything,
and then just jump right into it and learn as much as you can.

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