Knowing the Unknown | Ancient Secrets of Collective Consciousness & Psychic Abilities

For more than a hundred years scientists
have looked for a single principle to explain the functioning and balance of
the universe quantum research points to an astonishing conclusion that principle
is consciousness quantum research has found that consciousness alters how the
universe manifests and behaves Plato argues that in the beginning there was
consciousness one single universal field of consciousness it’s perfect unity
perfect love the visible material universe manifested he said in order for
that consciousness to express itself now what does that mean in material terms I
think as soon as you begin thinking about a mechanism for that you’re
talking about panspermia panspermia is a scientific theory which proposes that
the genetic coding for conscious intelligent life was deliberately
disseminated throughout the cosmos whenever that coding land and our
suitable environment it begins to produce the kinds of intelligent
conscious life forms with which we are familiar on planet earth the theories
proponents include maxima cool off vladimir sure back Leslie Orgel Francis
Crick and Carl Sagan in the 1960s all have argued strongly for this theory and
in the case of McAuliffe and sure back have produced solid data to support it
by the landing of probes on comets the European Space Agency has spent more
than 80 billion dollars testing the theory is planet Earth a vehicle for
conscious life as human beings what levels of consciousness are we capable
of when I was a boy my mum and dad had a washing machine now it was pre-digital
but it was an electronic washing machine so it had electrical circuits in it
obviously its function in our home was to wash our clothes although for our cat
it had another function it was a massage machine but it also had a third Ronna
unexpected feature somehow and as a boy I always thought this was quite
miraculous our washing machine could play radio 1 it wasn’t designed for it
it was entirely accidental but if there was no noise around and if the machine
was idling you could hear Radio 1 on it you could hear the songs and you could
hear the words Radio 1 broadcasts at a particular
frequency evidently there was an electrical circuit within our washing
machine that was just the perfect length so it had the exact frequency to match
to resonate with the frequency coming from Radio 1 when that happened the
circuit would translate that frequency into a kinetic energy and that’s how we
were getting the sound now our washing machine couldn’t do everything a radio
could do we could get Radio 1 on it but we couldn’t turn the volume up and down
and we couldn’t tune in to other stations and it was able to do that
because it had circuitry in it that could pick up this frequency from
somewhere else if I am a consciousness machine then I have circuitry designed
for a particular frequency a particular kind of consciousness it may be like
that washing machine I could pick up on the consciousness of others who resonate
with a particular frequency and maybe that’s why you or I might feel another’s
feelings even at a great distance and how often have you heard people say
things like I knew I had to call I knew something had happened I knew you had
passed or I knew you were gonna say that and maybe that’s why some of us
experience memories of other lives lives other than our own it may also be why we
sometimes feel a very strong connection with people from other times and places
without having any idea why we feel that connection but it may be we’re wired in
some way similar that something in us is mathematically similar to something in
them quantum research string theory unified
field theory may all offer objective frameworks for these subjective
experiences but from our knowledge at present where do these ideas take us and
what practical application might we find in the late 19th century a new
generation of esoteric writers began exploring the concept of the Akashic
record the word Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning space or ether russian
philosopher helena petrovna blavatsky described Akasha as an all-pervading
lifeforce with the imprint of all human thought and action encoded within it
Alfred Percy sunette and Henry steel Olcott drew on Buddhist ideas and
concepts to develop the idea further in 1889 Charles Webster Leadbeater put
forward the idea that in the right state of consciousness the Akashic record
could be read these Theosophical writers began to put
forward the idea that an Akashic record of all human activity can be found in
the unifying web of space-time which they called the etheric plane ancient
religions mystical and shamanic traditions also speak of a metaphysical
record of the human story Islam speaks of the preserved tablet Christianity
speaks of the Lamb’s Book of Life in the Hebrew Scriptures the psalmist writes
that all our days are written in the book of God these 19th century
philosophers and researchers began to ask of these religious concepts might be
a description of a real-world phenomenon open to a more scientific approach in
other words was this metaphysical archive referred to by Christianity
Judaism and Islam a closed book accessible only to esoteric elites and
priesthoods or was it a reality built into the fabric of the universe and
accessible to any who know how is it possible that the Akashic record
might be a natural property of the universe and that it holds a precise
record of human life ready to be accessed whether by appropriate tools or
an amenable state of consciousness but what might be the mechanism of such an
archive of conscious experience I grew up in a pre digital age and so when you
wanted to record sound or pictures you would use magnetic tape and that
technology was all about creating interference patterns in the
electromagnetic field of magnetized tape and then another machine could come
along and decode those interference patterns back into sound and images now
your body and my body each generates its own electromagnetic
field at every thought every intention every feeling emotion experience creates
an alteration or an interference pattern in that electromagnetic field planet
Earth has its own electromagnetic field and every human body on the planet
creates a minor adaptation or interference pattern in that
electromagnetic field now if we have been able to create machines that can
decode interference patterns in magnetic fields back into sound and images then
might the interference patterns in planet Earth’s electromagnetic field be
a mechanism of record might our planet itself be the field in which human
memory is contained early Theosophical writers proposed that
the Akashic record was encoded within the etheric plane some researchers today
suggests that the Unified Field which connects all the space energy and matter
of the universe may be the language of today’s science for the etheric plane
mystics and shamanic leaders have often found other language to explain their
ability to download a Kashuk information one such was Saint Seraphim of Sarov a
mystic who became renowned in 18th and 19th century Russia for his ability to
read people and download precise information about them people whom he
had never met before Seraphim would greet and give details
about their lives and careers on occasion information about their health
and any matter they had come to discuss on one occasion Seraphim told his
visitor precisely how much he had spent on doctors trying to fix the condition
he had now brought for healing seraphim’s approach was one rooted in
the eastern discipline of hey sarcasm a practice of Prayer and inner stillness in my book about st. Seraphim of Sarov
my dinner with Anton I talked about a moment where Seraphim is in conversation
with one of his council YZ and his counsel II Nicholas matalava asks him
seraphim how is it that you are so able to read a human being is so able to read
the human heart and seraphim said well when I start speaking I don’t know
what’s gonna come out of my mouth I simply submit my mind to the Spirit of
God and I say the first thing that comes into my mind and I begin speaking
believing that the Spirit of God will guide me from there now it wasn’t just
an in-the-moment skill because his was a mind that was really well prepared
through a discipline of silence and yet in that simple way
speaking the first thing and going from there he was able to download
phenomenally precise information about people time and time again just recently somebody show
this schematic and I thought oh my goodness that so describes my career and
it’s why for instance there was a time when I was working as a pastor and a
personal coach but Christmas was coming and I actually needed some cash so I
worked for a while at the mail sorting office on the night shift now on the
night shift everybody’s brainwaves are in a slightly
different place and it was fun working their eyes meeting people I’ve never met
before we had our lunch break usually about 2:00 in the morning and so one
morning we all went down into the canteen and I thought I’m gonna sit on a
different table today I’m gonna meet some new people so I sat on a table with
a number of young guys in their 20s all having a rather boisterous light-hearted
conversation and in the middle of that they said to me and what do you do and
somehow we got on to the topic of how sometimes a pastor or a coach may need
to be able to read a person and make some intuitive leaps and so one of the
guys said okay do it on me and I thought I’ll nope or you fool you’ve dug
yourself a hole here and so I said no it’s it’s not really something that you
can just you know play with or turn on like a switch and he said no no do it on
me he said because we might never meet again and I’m interested and in that
moment I could see he was interested he was sincere and his sincerity pulled me
into a different frame of mind and I thought I have to respond and so I just
allow myself to look at him and I began speaking what I believed I was
perceiving and I tried not to say too much because I didn’t want to embarrass
him and I certainly didn’t want to embarrass myself but I just tried to
focus on him and speak what I was coming into my mind
well his jaw dropped as I did this and then the bell rang and we all had to
leave and get back to our posts well I saw him again the next day and I was
very relieved that he wasn’t angry with me because I would away thinking what on
earth did I just do I have no idea if any of that was accurate or what
just happened but he came to me and he said Paul it was destiny that you sat on
our table yesterday because you were spot-on and you’re absolutely right I
need to make some changes so I’m actually serving my life purpose that’s
what I need to be doing thank you so much and I thought my goodness how did
that happen and it made me reflect on what some people call the Akashic record
this field of information that is beyond ourselves that we can sometimes draw
upon I’d heard it spoken of in terms that made it sound like the Akashic
record was very vague very remote maybe if you’re lucky if you’re a shaman or a
psychic or a clairvoyant you can get some information from there but it’s not
for ordinary folk in that moment I found that in the right frame of mind yes we
can access that information and it was in a moment when I had stilled myself
and put myself in a place of wanting to help the other person and I wonder if
that’s one of the keys to it perhaps the Akashic record is not something to be
toyed with or trivialized yet many shamans mystics and storytellers a test
that a playful heart a loving intent a desire to help and a creative spirit are
often the keys that open the doors to this transformational realm but what is
the dimension that holds this cosmic archive Theosophists talk about the akashic
record– being held in the etheric plane or what if the etheric plane is what
scientists today mean by the Unified Field in that case we’re talking about
the force that connects us all that binds us together perhaps then the
Akashic record isn’t something impossibly distant it’s something that
couldn’t possibly be closer to us if the Unified Field of today’s science truly
is the repository of all human experience and consciousness perhaps you
and I are in reality more conscious more aware and privileged with greater access
to this metaphysical treasure than we have ever imagined thank you for
watching the fifth kind we hope you enjoyed this thought-provoking program
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  12. Mr McBeardy

    February 1, 2020 at 9:16 am

    After studying the esoterics and cultivating an impassioned love of the Universe over the past 20 years, i can honestly and wholeheartedly tell you from personal experiences, that the Akasha is real, and is accessible. From my own personal experiences, i have only been able to enter via Meditation, and only whilst seeking an outcome or help for others. From my very humble understanding of quantum physics/mechanics, i have also arrived at the understanding that we are all connected to the Unified Field, which is in some way part of the same fabric that the Akasha is part of. The unified field would be more akin to accessing a data network like a universal internet. But the Uni-Field and Akasha, although part of a similar mechanism, are also not the entire mechanism in either case. They are parts of a larger whole.. more like an avenue of access, like a hallway into a library, or using a router to access the internet, so to speak. I would be happy to share my experiences and understandings with Paul sometime (or any other reasearcher in this field). Namaste โœŒ

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    My cultural beliefs and teachings taught me that The Great Mystery is that Primordial Light.
    I come to this conclusion as well when looking into quantum physics, and that thought has weight. If a thought generates an electric signal between 2 synoptic nerve endings.
    Now that electric signal nevertheless how minute has a heat signature, heat being a form of energy, energy has a mass.
    Getting back to the heat signature and the electrical charge between the two synoptic nerves. What's to say that the big bang wasn't a THOUGHT? Therefore giving truth to there being an actual Creator.

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