Knowing the UAV Drones of Venezuela [Arpía/Mohajer] || Venezuela/Irán

The “Arpía” is the Venezuelan version of the Mohajer 2 model, developed by the Iranian firm Qods Aeronautics Industries, during the war with Iraq in the 1980s. In January of 2007, within the military technical cooperation agreement signed between Venezuela and Iran, the construction in the country of unmanned aerial vehicles with Iranian technology was contemplated. Later, it was announced the acquisition in Iran of 12 Mohajer 2, locally called as Unmanned Aerial System [SANT] “Arpia” and the construction of a UAV plant in Maracay… for the local manufacture of these aircraft in the facilities of the Venezuelan Independent Company of Military Industries [CAVIM]. By June 2013 CAVIM reported having 15 “Arpía”. The SANT “Arpía” is used for reconnaissance missions, border surveillance and environmental monitoring, among other uses. Counting for it with video cameras and photography … …that allow high resolution images and transmit them in real time through the Simon Bolivar satellite.

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