Knowing the Bible Series: Psalms

The church Father, Athanasius,
called The Book of Psalms the epitome of the whole scriptures.
The Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, called the Psalter or
the Psalms a little Bible because it contains so much of
the Old Testament; Old Testament stories, old Testament
characters, and Old Testament theology. In this study guide
you have in your hands I’ve sought to bring balance, I want
you to understand that you’re reading poetry. The Psalms are
poems and so to read them as poems, to understand how Hebrew
poetry is put together and how to feel Hebrew poetry. I also wanted to bring the
balance of theological themes in understanding some of the themes
about God, ourselves, and the world around us. Also some of
the difficult themes such as what we do with our enemies and
how David can call him self innocent and themes like that.
But I’ve also tried to relate it to Jesus Christ, the Psalms are
so often quoted in The New Testament and so how do we
relate those songs to Jesus and his person and work? From that
how do we apply that to our lives as Christians, how do we
read the songs Christianly?

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