Knowing the Bible Series: John

I’m losing my voice so I don’t
normally sound like this but I’m gonna tell you about this guide
I wrote for Crossway’s new series, Knowing the Bible. I
wrote the volume on the Gospel of John, I love the Gospel of
John. It gives us this unmatched portrait of Jesus and of who he
is and what he’s doing in the world. As we follow the Jesus
that we see in the Gospel of John we learn about his mission
for the world and how he is still at work in our world. I
believe that this series is very helpful for people who have just
begun to follow Jesus, I wrote this book with those kind of
people in mind who are in my church and just believers for a
few years, as well as people who’ve been following Jesus for
decades. The study goes deep; it shows you how the whole Bible
fits together, it shows you how the Gospel personally applies to
your life, and there’s nothing else out there like it on the
market. I think that God’s going to use these guides in a very
helpful way to advance his gospel here in our world, it’s a
great guide.

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