Knowing the Bible Series: James

Of all the books of the Bible I
think James is one that gives Christians the most difficulty.
I mean on the one hand it’s just full of quotes that make their
way into Christian conversation all the time, “Resist the devil
and he will flee from you.”, “Endurance brings about
steadfastness.”, and “Faith without works is dead.” All of
those are things that James says in his book so it’s a precious
book to Christians. On the other hand the book is just full of
questions and they’re difficult questions that face Christians
every time they come to the book. So what is James talking about
when he says that you’re supposed to anoint a sick person
with oil? What’s he talking about when he says that faith
without works is dead? Is he disagreeing with what Paul says
in other books? And why doesn’t James talk much about the cross?
All of those questions are ones that we’re gonna discuss as we
go through this study on the Book of James. So I’m excited to
be able to lead you through the Book of James and show you what
James is talking about on all of those issues and many more. I think the main point of the
Book of James is that he is saying that once a person
believes the Gospel, it creates a change in their lives through
the power of the Holy Spirit so that they want to live a life of
obedience to Jesus Christ. James is one of the earliest books
that was written in the New Testament and it was written
just a few years after Jesus died and rose again from the
grave. So James is taking the truth of the Gospel and making
it relevant to Christian’s lives. He doesn’t spend a whole
lot of time on the theology but he spends a ton of time on what
it means in the Christian life to be and live as a Christian.

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