Knowing HOW to Walk is Important for Breast Cancer Patients

so I’ve broken this down into four
little steps to teach you the easy peasy way of learning what walking is all
about this is super important for breast cancer patients one of the things that I
want to bring to your attention is the first thing that surgeons and
oncologists and you can see it all over the websites that people are saying is
cancer patients need to get out and move and they need a hundred and fifty
minutes of exercise per week and the best way to do that and the easiest way
to do that is by walking and you know what walking may be an easy thing to do
but for breast cancer patients when you’re talking about going through
treatment when you’re talking about getting yourself motivated and moving
first of all that hundred and fifty minutes a week can seem extremely
daunting and what I’m looking at today and I want to talk to you about is if
you’re not walking properly you may find yourself in some serious risks for
injuries and for decreasing what you’re doing because it’s just too darn hard so
let’s take a look at the easy peasy walking lesson so we can become
empowered grab that knowledge and we know what we’re doing to literally move
forward so this first thing is the heel strike this is your first point of
contact with the ground and it is made with the heel of your foot that’s moving
forward first step done easy next phase is the stance face and that is that foot
that you’ve planted on the ground and it is what’s holding you up
as you’re moving forward with next phase the other leg it’s swinging through so
as one leg is in stance face holding you up that’s when you’re swinging that
other leg around and in front of the stance leg and then that last part of
the walking is the toe off that is the last part of your foot to leave the
ground so you’re gonna hit with your heel you’re gonna hold up your weight
swing the other leg through and then the toe comes off the ground

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