Knowing How to Sell is Key

Hi, I’m Paul Wheeler creator of Servant
Heart Selling. I was thinking back quite a while, 25 years ago when I first
started in the business. I remember everything I had to learn and it was the
marketing and lead generation and the systems and time management and
negotiation. I was so overwhelmed. I remember also learning those things
and getting pretty good at them and still not being really really successful.
And what was missing was the selling skills and so as we developed our
scripts and our systems and our model our language if you will for Servant
Heart Selling it became much more joyful. Back then, 25 years ago was the ABCs of
selling and that was always be closing. We turned that around to always be
contributing or always be connecting and it was such a joyful way to sell versus
awkward or high pressure or even slimy. What it did is it created raving
fans and it built trust with our clients and made them clients for life. We’re so excited about sharing the system for you or with you in our
upcoming January workshop so stay tuned and we’ll see you soon.

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