Knowing Growing Showing – the Knowing Stage

Gina Millgate: The knowing stage is the foundation of
knowing what money is about, about what financial literacy is about. About identifying what you see in
everyday transactions of notes and coins, and how students can recognise those and be
empowered to use those notes and coins. Julia Ruddock: I think the concepts covered in the
Knowing Stage are important for the learners because it’s all about recognising money and
understanding why money is used. Miss Caitlin: Deep understanding that immediacy, that
automaticity in understanding it, so that they know how much change they should be getting, how
much they should be paying, so that when they are out in the world doing practical things with money they
are powerful and they are responsible for their own money. So that’s something that we really try to embed in them all the time. How much change should you be getting?
How much money did you have when you started? Do you have the right amount now?
I think that’s a really essential skill.

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