Knowing Growing Showing – Overview

Tony Dreise: This resource was developed in recognition
of the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander young people and children, like all children and young
people need to increasingly become financially literate. Financial literacy is very much a 21st Century skill
and capability and all children and young people need to understand the basics of money, the traps of
money, how money operates in community context, and not necessarily to generate wealth per say,
but to generate well-being in communities. Darren Ball: This resource is structured in a way that
allows teachers the flexibility and the responsiveness that they need to address every childs learning. When units of work are written in an overly structured way, it can
eliminate the possibilities for teachers to use professional decision making and the understanding of Indigenous cultural priorities
and pedagogies that work for Indigenous kids, and if they have the scope within the unit of work structure then these things can be much more effectively
designed for the class the teacher has at the time.

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