Knowing Growing Showing – Cherry Picking Resources

Miss Dee: All of our students are working at varying levels. We have some children in my class, in my grade
1-2 class working below a prep level. So just identifying the coins is difficult and we have some who are up to counting coins, collections of coins and notes. I think you’ll find that in all classrooms.
Miss Caitlin: Oh absolutely. Miss Dee: So, yeah. It’s wonderful to be
able to cherry pick the resources and the things you want to use and tailor it specifically
to the children’s individual needs, rather than assuming that we’re all working at this level, because there are
deficits and strengths throughout the classroom, so it’s really good to be able to be flexible and choose.
Miss Caitlin: Absolutely. Miss Dee: Tailor it to where your children are at. Miss Caitlin: And I found it really helpful to have such
practical ideas and activities, often the curriculum tells you where you need to get to but doesn’t actually
give you the strategies and the ideas that you might need to get there and I felt that particularly the Knowing
section, which gave you ideas for games and activities and, art, you know, the rubbing of
the coins, which we’re going to do today. All of that stuff is just practical. It’s just when you’re stuck for an idea of what to
teach, it’s a really good resource to go to help. Darren Ball: We believe that the Knowing Growing and
Showing program will dovetail with our maths program that already exists, alongside the Australian Curriculum
and enrich what we do with money knowledge. It’ll provide an additional layer on top of both
content and pedagogy – the way we go about teaching about money, so that money starts to live for children. We all know that money is a difficult
concept to grasp when you’re not earning and when you’re not spending independently,
so starting in small ways, and starting to equip kids to respond to the kinds
of situations they’ll find themselves in financially right from the word “Go” is what we’re looking for. So this program will embed itself alongside
the other curriculum offerings we have. Knowing Growing and Showing provides three different
levels of work that can start with exposing children to simply what money looks like and can move
the child all the way through to the more complex uses of money through to
investment and entrepreneurial pursuits. It allows schools at either, you know, a prep level,
all the way through to a high school level to get their teeth into what money can actually do for you. Because it doesn’t matter how much money you earn
if it slips through your fingers every pay day. So the wise use of money, the long term use of money
and the short term use or gratification of money, or the survival aspects of money… those things are all
very different and this program, Knowing Growing and Showing really does have the scope for
communities to respond to where their kids are at and where their community experience is with money. Certainly the guiding ideas within each
of the sections give a nice, tidy structure to unpacking money and unpacking
the uses and the value around money. In terms of how it lines up, I’ve taken particular notice
around the curriculum links with the national curriculum and it sits fairly tidily in amongst the
essential learnings that are specified. You can certainly extract, and form parallels between the language and the Australian Curriculum and those
seven different elements of the programs. It isn’t discreet and outside of the Australian
Curriculum but really does sit nicely with it and in terms of planning and in terms of accountability
for staff, for principals there’s certainly adequate room to move.

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