Knowing God Personally: What is God’s will? (Simple Checklist) List of God’s Will – Apostle Michelle

hi everyone I am Apostle Michelle
Peterson and today I’m going to talk about something that is very important
and it’s about being in a relationship with the Heavenly Father and I will just
share with you some of the things that the Lord actually told me about us
Christians believers born-again believers actually having a relationship
with him and this is what he said we must have a relationship with him to
enter into his kingdom the only way to the Father
the only way basically to get to that relationship with the father is to go
through the son no man can get to the Father unless they go through through
the son which is the Lord Jesus Christ and the scripture talks about in John
3:16 that the Father God the Father actually sent his son he sent the Lord
Jesus to the surf so that people wouldn’t perish so that we actually
could have a relationship with the Heavenly Father to get access to the
kingdom of God when we come to we enter into the
covenant through the Lord Jesus a lot of Christians we just stay there with the
Lord Jesus we learn everything about the Lord Jesus but we don’t go the extra
mile or to the next step to learn about the father who was God the Father you
know how can I have a relationship with him you know how can I communicate with
him how can I get to know him and actually walk with him also in this
earth so but the Lord did tell me that it’s really important for us as
Christians to get to know him also and have a relationship with him because
without that relationship with the father we can’t get into his kingdom the cool thing about the Lord Jesus is
that his walk with the Father actually shows us what a relationship with the
Heavenly Father looks like Jesus everything that the Lord Jesus did he
did it with the father him and the father was one they were on one Accord
the Lord Jesus said that I only speak what I hear this father say and I only
do what I see the father do so he was on one accord with the father and him the
father had a very close relationship they were one the Heavenly Father wants to be one with
us also you know through his son he wants us to be one with him also the
same way the Lord Jesus was one with him and walked with him in this earth it’s walking with God as being
co-laborers with him it’s being a part of his will that is in this earth is
sacrificing our will if you look in the garden before the Lord Jesus was going
to the cross he actually did have a will he had a will but he did say not my will
but thy will be done he was telling the Heavenly Father that he did have a will
but he was going to push his will decide to do the will of the Father why would we sacrifice our own will for
God’s will and so I’m going to share with you some of the things that the
Lord has revealed to me about his will just so you can see his will is so good
like even if you sacrifice everything that you ever wanted to do on this earth
and you ask God for his will and you just do his will I’m telling you your
life you will be the most happiest your life will be so perfect your life would
be so good and pure just by doing his will because his will is so perfectly
pure and I’m going to share with you some of the things that the Lord has
revealed to me about his will for my life in situations that I actually
encounter okay so I’m going to share a list of
things with you that that I have written down that the Lord has spoken to me and
basically it’s my new lifestyle now because he has revealed his will to me
about certain situations that I was in bad situations different situations when
I was stressed out things that he has said to me that is his will for me in
that situation and really this world so I’m going to share that list with you
and also I’m going to attach a PDF if you want to download it and what you can
do there’s a checklist of his will that you can apply to your daily life so I’ll
go ahead and share with you what he revealed to me okay number one the first
thing about God that I have known about his will and who he is he is so 100%
focused on helping others he is so focused on helping others that whenever
you walk with Him and I’ve been walking with him he wants us also to focus on
helping others and that’s one of the things that I have known about him and
his heart is always on helping someone else and when you think about it you
read the scripture there’s a specific law about helping others about giving
you know doing something for someone else you know you actually receive
there’s a specific law about that you receive them whatever you give out you
get if you judge you get judged you know if you don’t forgive people you’re not
going to get forgiven this is certain things that you know the way you are
with others it comes back upon you and so the Lord is so focused on teaching us
teaching me since I’ve been walking with him is to focus on helping others too
now the second one one of the things the second one oh this is my little list and
one of the coolest things I have learned about the Lord is that
has told me and to focus on other people’s desires and so I remember the
first time he told me that I wasn’t focused on you know other people’s
desires and so I was like well you know what do you mean and so he started
sharing with me that he wanted me to focus on someone else’s desires what are
they what do they desire so I said okay let me try to test this out lord I want
to apply this to my life so let me go try to do it so what I did I went to a
park one day and so I went there and I was like Lord okay I would like for you
to tell me different people I saw an axle or what what were their desires and
so this man came in sat beside me and so I asked the Lord right when he said
beside me I said Lord what is his desire and I heard the Lord say that he wants
peace he wants peace and so what I did I just started talking to the guy said hey
you know I’m doing this new thing that I’m I’m going out
you know wanting to know what a person desires and I just have a question for
you what are what are your desires what’s something that you desire and he
just went I mean I mean he just went I was like well my ex-wife she I want her
to get a job you know she’s all of me she’s stressing me out this tonight this
and that and so he just went in I mean I wasn’t expecting him started singing all
this stuff so I said okay so what you’re saying is ultimately you want peace he
said yes I want peace because that’s why she didn’t have a job and he was raising
the child and so she was always on him trying to get money stressing him out
doing all this stuff just turning his whole life upside down so he wanted her
to get a job so that he can have that peace and so when he told me that I was
like oh Lord you’re so on point that’s what he wanted was peace and that was
his desire and so I got the opportunity to minister to him in a need that he had
and I remember praying for his ex-wife to get a job so that you know that’s
basically would bring more to his life so this is something that
you can actually apply to your life you know if you’re at the grocery store like
I used to do I was just going to grocery store get what I need it
you got out I didn’t want to focus on the people there I mean you know I was
just in my own little world but when you go out in public you can ask the Lord
what is that person’s desire you can even now go up to the person and say you
know is there something that you know you’re really struggling like a desire
that you have something that you may want prayer for for that desire and just
see what it is and minister to that person in their need their desire now
this is another thing that is God’s will is his heart like I was telling you his
heart is so good his will is so perfect you know if we’re doing his will trust
me this type of stuff that we will start doing if we were walking in God’s will
and doing what He desires I mean our life will just be so changed and other
people’s life will be changed also this is another thing that the Lord is a been
you know telling me is that whenever we had our ministry team and I was just get
so frustrated with a ministry team because some you know some of the things
I was teaching them and I’ve been teaching them for a long long time like
years and it was just like nothing wasn’t getting through and so I’ll just
get frustrated you know I was just said Lord what’s going on are mysterious you
know and so the Lord would tell me like if I would respond to them in a negative
way you know the Lord would tell me that I was too harsh the way I spoke to them
was too harsh and he wanted me to be gentle in my words he didn’t want me to
be harsh with his people whew and just speaking to them from a
bad place from a place of anger from a place of frustration the Lord does not
even want us to speak to his people from that bad place so to be gentle with them
when you’re speaking to them to be gentle with them to respect them with
your words and to honor them with your words
that is God’s heart so when he told me that to be not to be harsh to be gentle
try not to speak to them from a bad place try to calm myself down do
whatever I got to do to get whatever out of my heart towards them then speak to
him to speak to them so it will be coming from a good place and I can be
gentle I can do it in love you know and but it’s coming from a good place this
is God’s will this is a part of his heart and so when he has said that to me
I started trying to apply it all these things that I’m going to share with you
I applied these things to my life because he shared his heart and what he
desired his will was now here’s another thing that is God’s will that he
actually tells me all the time this is one of the but there’s a few that he
tells me all the time you know I apply it I apply it sometimes I may not be
able to apply it fast enough and I need God to help me but this one is think
positive think positive focus on positive things you know this is
something that the Lord is constantly telling me this because I may be in a
situation something may come up negative thoughts the enemy is planning negative
thoughts constantly about situations you know my body my health my family
relationships you know so many different things and so what I have to do I have
to take those negative thoughts and remove them quickly and start focusing
on positive start focusing on something positive and so that is God’s heart
think about it I mean he wants us to focus on positive things I mean that’s
totally good you know like I’m saying as well as everything I’m gonna share with
you his will is a hundred percent good every single thing that he has told me
is so perfect I so peer is like what I want to be like you I want to be like
this I’m gonna apply this in my life because this is something that makes my
life better and other people around me so but you can apply that to your life
also just start replacing those negative thoughts with something positive hi so
the next one is still in the same category as focus the Lord is really
really he cares about what we focus on because
focusing on something is so important and I’ll tell you the next one he
basically tells me this every day to focus on him this is the next thing that
is his heart and the reason why focusing on God is so good is that when we focus
on him what he revealed to me is will only focus on him let’s say if the enemy
is trying to attack you in a certain area let’s say he’s trying to attack you
when you shift your focus and you’re just focusing on the Lord the enemy
cannot attack you during that time while you’re focusing on the Lord he can’t
attack you now if you shift your focus you start focusing on something evil
something negative you’re on the Animas enemy’s territory because you’re
focusing on demonic things you’re not focusing on God so constantly the Lord
is always telling me try to focus on me as much as possible during your day so
I’m like okay lord I need you to help me focus on you as much you know as much as
I possibly can during a day because it’s so many distractions so many things you
have to do during the day and your focus goes to those things you know but you
know if if it’s negative things you need to try to get that back on Lord if you
have a job you know and but you can still try to include the Lord even and
the things that you’re doing in your job because that will still help you focus
on him – while you’re doing things but that’s this hard he wants us to focus on
him and like I was saying the reason is he wants to protect us and he knows that
when we focus on him the enemy can touch us at that time okay
so that’s another one of God’s wills now this one right here is another thing
that the Lord tells me almost every day basically I would say every day you know
multiple times a day he says relax relax his will is for us
to relax he doesn’t want us to be all you know like tensed up and stressed out
and and and just go and go and go I haven’t his busy wild crazy chaotic life
he wants us to relax that’s what peace is about peace is being relaxed peace is
being calm you know I have a teaching I’ll post it but I have a teaching about
peace how the Lord actually told me I’m gonna read I’m gonna redo it because
it’s an audio I’m going back and taking all of my audio teachings and redoing
them and making them video teachings like this and so but the Lord shares
that whenever his peace comes in everything comes down and all demonic
emotions leave so okay so relaxing he wants us to relax he wants us to become
him he wants us to be at peace in every kind of situation so that’s another
thing that’s another one in his wills is for us me and you to be relaxed okay so
here’s the fun one I am actually going to do a whole video on this one because
the Lord is opening up my eyes I’m seeing revelations new stuff that he’s
revealing to me about this one but another another one of God’s will is for
us to give giving is very important to God and like I said it’s a law like
these things we don’t understand why the Lord wants us to do these things but
there’s something actually happened in the Spirit RAM when we do it when he
tells us to do something is something actually happening in the spiritual
realm whether we are being protected from the enemy attacking us whether our
finances is being protected whether our relationships are being protected
whether something that’s being removed broken off of us it’s something actually
happening when the Lord tells you to do something there’s something on the other
end of it the reason why he’s telling you maybe he’s trying to get a blessing
to use trying to get something to you or maybe he’s trying to remove something
from you remove an attack we’re moving a legal right remove sin whatever it is
there’s always a purpose whenever the Lord tells us to do something giving us
the same exact way and so that is a part of his heart because he is a giver he
gives to us and he wants us to also give like I said I’m gonna do a whole
teaching on it and I’m gonna link it here once I get it done hopefully I’ll
do it this week and share with you guys about giving I mean it’s a very powerful
teaching okay so here’s another one of God’s his will
his will is for us to love people I mean he his heart is all about loving people
he loves people that don’t even love him you know he is all about loving other
people and he desires for us to love people too no matter how evil or there
are no matter if they love us you know that’s his focus that’s his heart and
he’s constantly you know wanting me to actually love people and I have to pray
an accident to give me that love to be able to do it because you know I have
minimum you know my love natural human love you know it’s conditional but when
the Lord gives me his love I can do it you know I can love someone this you
know treating me really really bad like the Lord Jesus when he was on the cross
you know he was able to love the people with God’s love the father’s love
because he was able to forgive them even though they were killing him and they
had tortured him you know think about that you know this that’s some serious
type of love but that’s the Lord for that type of love because he wants us to
love others actually that’s one of the commandments that’s one of the greatest
two Commandments there is so God will is for us to love people okay so another
one of God’s will this is basically Rhetta means in with everything like I
said God’s heart is for helping other people he desires for us to do
everything that whatever a person’s need is if they need prayer if they need
encouragement if they are struggling financially and they have a bill that
needs to be paid the Lord wants us to help them you know that’s his heart he’s
blessing you for a purpose to help someone else and so one of the things
that he actually told me specifically he said for me to minister to the people’s
need whatever their need is minister to it whatever it is you know and that’s a
lot you know especially if you have a lot of people around you and you
they all have different needs but that is God’s heart for us to minister to
their needs whatever need it is and another thing that the Lord also told me
a while back is that for me to give to everyone that has a need for me to give
to them and so I started doing periscope videos I started doing impartation
activating gifts releasing everything that I had inside of me to the people
you know because he said give everything and so I started doing that and I mean
it was pretty awesome I mean the Lord was like bless me with more and more and
more spiritual blessings because that’s what I was given out to the people and
but like I said there’s a reason when he’s asking us to do all of these things
he wants us to be blessed any wants others to be blessed so his will I’m
telling you there’s a hundred percent good it’s a hundred percent perfect I
mean you know if we are sacrificing our will for God’s will your life will be so
blessed your life will be so you will be filled with joy and peace and love for
others and all the people around you would be blessed because you’ll be
ministering and helping them and give in to them and letting on them and you know
and they’re gonna be happy you know because your blessing them also so a
second sacrificing our oil for God’s will I mean it’s like the best thing
that we can possibly do I mean we’re gonna enjoy our life way more better and
the thing about it is that the Lord Jesus did talk about it you know those
who want to save their lives we want to save our life which is our will
basically everything we want to do you know we’re gonna lose it we’re gonna be
depressed we’re gonna be miserable you know a lot of negative things we’re not
gonna have a great life you know but when we sacrifice that we sacrifice our
life we live you know our life is actually good we have a great life that
we actually enjoy living this abundant life you know and this is what the Lord
Jesus came to give us with the father we can have this great life we can have a
peaceful life a truly happy and loved life with God walking with you okay so
there’s one thing I do want to share with you guys about God’s will and this
is something that’s really really it’s really really great to know that the
Lord is really really like a so merciful so merciful and so loving to us even
when we don’t deserve it one of the things that the Lord has told
me whenever I am seeing someone actually you know act demonic or whatever you
know he said this to me a few times is to don’t focus on their
actions focus on their heart and so I remember the first time he told me that
I said Lord you know I can’t see their heart I don’t know what they have a good
heart or not no how am I gonna focus on their heart you know and so I said Lord
help me see their heart show me their heart and so he showed me the person’s
heart and he told me that the person had a good heart they were just being
controlled by demons and a lot of times that’s that’s what happens whenever
we’re snapping or flipping out like if we go out and we sin you know we someone
makes us mad and when we react we cut them out
we’re sinning – it’s not just then we’re both in the room so what’s happening is
demonic spirits are controlling that situation they’re controlling the person
that’s flipping out on you and then they get on you or they manifest and they
control you now you’re flipping out and you’re a born-again believer you know
and people will attack you they’ll say oh I thought you were a Christian you’re
acting worse than this person but the thing about it is that the demonic
spirits are controlling the situation you have the best heart and God sees
that heart he sees that he knows that you know those spirits are controlling
you and so that is what he told me to do with people when they’re acting now
they’re you know being controlled by these demons I don’t need to focus on
that part because I’ll be focusing on the demons but what I need to do is look
past that focus on the person’s heart you know it may be only one little tiny
good thing in there but try to focus on and so that is God’s heart he doesn’t
want his people now everything I’m telling you is stuff
that he is telling me for my life for me to apply it is his will and my will may
be something totally different I may not want to focus on the person’s heart I
may just want to focus on how they’re treating me if they’re not treating me
the way I want to be treated I may just want to I mean just want to
focus on that and you know and and react to the person because of the way they’re
reacting to me but when I hear God’s will and for me not to focus on not to
focus on the person’s heart and that they actually have a good heart you know
that’s something better for me to do because if I’m just focusing on the
negative and then I am going to be negative I’m gonna receive negative I’m
gonna feel hurt I’m gonna be offended you know there’s a lot of things I’m
gonna get angry there’s a lot of negative things that’s going to come
upon me when I focus on the negative and so God’s a way of doing it it’s better
for me I mean I get to just focus on positive things all the time
and my life becomes positive and my heart stays pure because I’m not letting
demonic things get in there and so also it’s good for the person because I’m not
flipping out on them I’m not you know snapping you know so all around it’s a
better pure you know way to do things is to apply what God wants to our life so I
hope you guys enjoyed this this is really really special because this is
God this is his will like I said as well as perfect as well as good if he desire
if he desire to sacrifice everything for God like the Lord Jesus did your life
will be great I promise you I promise you because everything that he will ask
you to do or share you that you know share you that’s his heart it will make
your life so much more freer you will prosper you will walk in love and
everything you do because everything the Lord
says everything that has to do with his will is wrapped in totally clothed in
love so that is what you will be walking in that’s the perfect life
welcome to love that’s a perfect life we can’t get no better than that love is
what it’s all about nothing else is more greater it doesn’t
matter how many gets you you know hat you can see dead people you know waking
up and you know you can see limbs growing back all of this stuff you can
see all these signs and wonders but it’s all about the love that’s what it’s all
about me and you walking in the love and the Lord will help us do it so I hope
you guys enjoyed this teaching about God’s will
god bless

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